Monday, July 19, 2010


I can't believe it, I was able to escape and JUNK for a day, well not a whole day because I was to darn tired, but I managed to stay alive for a few good finds! After 8 days that felt like 80, I have never been so glad to see my assistant manager at The Depot return from the beach (yes, I am telling the world that Ms Rachel, over at The Shepherds Fold Designs just turned 21 and took her first trip to the beach w/o her parents!!!). For all of you who have not visited her blog and read her posts... get over there, she is a true old soul inside a young persons body, very wise for her age!!! Anyway ... it was the busiest 8 days ever without her, it always happens that way!

LOVE this chair, its all I can say. I was driving through downtown yapping with my friend Beth, (aka...Ms Olde Tyme Marketplace) on the phone today when I passed it sitting out in front of a little designer shop all by it's lonesome. She said well you gotta go back and ask about it, we always have to go back. And yes I turned the next left right onto a one way street.... going the wrong way, a little overly excited, I have not been out to JUNK in sooo long that one chair about sent me into a fit!! To say the least it was outside because they "normally don't house old furniture" I was told. We'll in less than 5 mins it was loaded up at a super duper deal!! Honsetly I liked it better than any of the top notch stuff inside! Now will I keep it or sell??

I wonder what this old sign went to, any ideas?? Had to have it either way.....

Mounds of old linens, you can never go wrong.

I loved the Old Beveled Glass and glass knob in this rusty beauty!

After a few short stops I am pooped!! So much so that I found myself trying to get into the hatch (of the wrong Nissan Murrano) today at Harris Teeter. I just could not believe my keyfob was not working, after many jerks to the latch..... wrong car!!! ....It took me a little too long to realize that it looked like my car but was certainly the wrong one... yep mine was 4 down. Oh yeah, there were people staring and alot of them!!!!! Finally I am back home safe and secure and ready to watch American Pickers with my hubby. I have a few more goodies that have already made there way to the Depot, I will be back soon with a peek at it all. If you are local and have not made it out to The Depot at Gibson Mill you have to get here!! We are seeing droves of travelers near and far every weekend. It is guaranteed to please!!! Make sure to tell me hello if you make it by, I am always there!!! Blessings, Janna