Saturday, June 6, 2009

~Too Much Junk I Found For My Trunk!!~

I set out on my junkin' journey early this morning... I had $248 bucks on me, that was my limit, was not going over it...and 11 hours later I came home with all of this and $12 dollars in the pocket!! This little turquoise cabinet is my favorite thingy of the day. The man I got it from said it was just the old natural wood when he got it and he knew no one would want it that way, so take a look at his paint job.... lucky me I don't think anyone could get passed his paint job to see the potential!! It will need a little makeover but I think it will turn out fabulous!! I will hopefully get most of these things to The Sleepy Poet this week. ~As always if you see anything that cathches your eye and won't let go, email me , it is all FOR SALE, I accept paypal and will ship almost anywhere!!~
*White Metal Rack, SOLD, Chippy Window Box, SOLD*

Of course I came across another old wicker chair first thing, you know I had to get it. The little grey chippy box is a cutie, it works fabulous as a bench with a little storage area underneath. The little Primitive dresser was the one thing I could not decide yes or no on but I just went ahead and grabbed it up is a little stinky so I gotta get it in the sunshine tomorrow and air it out!! Might be perfect chippied up a little more then maybe used as a jewelry box!

This old desk was practically a steal for $5!! And the person that had it already did the hard job and stripped it, now I just have to decide on the Color it will end up and do a little distressing....Any sugestions??

These are a few of this weeks thrifty finds that I gathered up to post for ya to see.

This little thing I have had my eye on for a while now and at the Antique Show today I just went ahead and got it!! ** Cabinet SOLD**
My Yard Sale Old China, just has started to have a little crazing, perfect for $3.00 for all of it!!
*Update, Green Primitive SOLD * I loved this little Old Cupboard when I saw it today, so I had to get it!! It was my last purchase of the day. It does have more of a rustic feel to it, but I think it goes well in this particular booth I have at The Curious Cat. It is so hard having several booths with different themes, this particular market tends to cater more to the Rustic Darker Primitives, so it can become challanging.....And of course I had to take it right to my booth today, the garage is packed, I knew when my honey gets home from work he is going to flip when he opens the garage!! One less piece inside the better!!

Now I gotta get myself and the sander in gear, I have so many redos to get done, Thanks for stopping by to check my junk out!! Let me know if you have came across any good junk this weekend!! Blessings, Janna


cityfarmer said...

5 DOLLARS??????

~Caro~ said...

Oh droooool

I love everything you got!
And yknow, that turquoise cabinet, just the COLOUR would've drawn me to it, badly painted or not! teehee!!

The Whistle Stop said...

Looks like it was a good day! I so wanted to be out junkin' today, but some days you just have to work on the "stuff"!! Our goal is to have our garage almost cleaned out by our next show so we can give it a good cleaning and organizing. Then we can go fill it up again.
Happy sanding!

OldeAnnie said...

What great finds! Can't wait to see your redos!! ~~Annie

Nadine said...

Wow - lots of great goodies! I have a sick little one, so no "tresure hunting" for me this weekend!
Have a blessed weekend Janna!

donna baker said...

Great finds. I love the little turquoise cabinet and the gray one too. Your good girl!

trash talk said...

That china would set a beautiful Thanksgiving table! You did good, sweetie! Pat yourself on the back.

Joan said...

You done good girl!!! xo Joan

Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

I love those glass domes ..those are so great anywhere in the house ..and I'm sure you'll make over that cupboard and desk to perfection ..So fun !!!

Got me some cool finds this week too ..a whole stash of antique books from the late 1800's and even one dated 1787 ...Totally awesome ..stop by my blog if you get a chance and check them out.

Can't wait to see what ya find next week !


Cher said...

The turquoise is to die for. And I love your fine china! hehehe

The Texas Woman

Pots 'n Prims said...

Love all the finds Janna!!! And can't wait to pick up my cabinet!! :)