Sunday, December 13, 2009

~Dear Gosh... do I LOVE the Thrift Stores!!~

I do, I do, I do.....LOVE the Thrift store finds!!! I have to tell you my heart is racing with excitement from all of the good goodies I have got my paws into this go round! I know some say NEVER tell where you got your goods or what you paid for it....Heck with that, I am too excited this go round! Everything packed into my cupboard here was a Thrift Store goodie this past week.....Every single last thing!! It can be just gotta be at the right place at the right time. I think everyone around this side of the world must be doing Christmas cleaning and depositing it at every Thrift Store around! There are deals to be had!! Even in this tough economy you can definitely make trash into treasures when the $$ is running low for gift giving! I try to hit a few stops everyday on my way in from work and on and Scott did hit a few this afternoon on our Sunday stroll to the Poet, and I am glad we made the stops! More goodies to come this week... I have loaded all the pics this evening that my heart can stand!
A peek into my Thrift Store Cupboard.....I accidentally deleated the upclose pic of the Turquoise McCoy from this post...CRAP.... the pic above will have to do for now...anywho I think it is going to be a keeper!

Old Yellow ware Bowls, Vintage Linens.......

Frilly, Shabby old Lamps......

Vintage Silver Plates, Glass Domes & Old worn Christmas Balls....

More Ironstone.......too beautiful for words!
Tarnished Silver & old Glass bottles.....I just never get enough of!
Anything old with some crazing I am a sucker for....

Todays Thrift Store finds , Old Ironstone little plates... I was surprised there aren't any chips or cracks, just the old crazing which is perfect...and at $.40 cents each you could not have left those sitting on the shelf!

Last but not least.... Thrift store/Vintage Gift giving for Christmas.... I sure hope they like it. My sister-in-law just had a new little girl. They live out of town and me or my hubby have yet to see her. Just did not know what to give....but we found it. Old Bassinet & Vintage Quilt..... Sleepy Poet under $55 bucks for the both. I actually missed the quilt and Scott came up and said he just found a quilt for $25 response "Good gosh, why did you not pick it up?" So he took me back to where he thought it was ...20 mins later of searching we found it, little did I know it would be a perfect little girls quilt!!
Adorable little Furry Wooly thingy (you can tell we have no kids!) was too adorable...THRIFT STORE $3.25. Old Navy New w/ tags. It is sooooo lamb soft!

Vintage Tarnished Silver Baby Bank...$.80 cents. ADORABLE!

Vintage Tarnished Silver Baby Cup.... with the little Ducky...$3.00!
So let's keep our fingers & toes crossed that she likes it all!!! And good Lord let's hope she doen't take it to the Goodwill if she don't!!

Part II of the Thrift Store goodies to come this week.... I have saved the bigger pieces for last!! Thanks for stopping in for the Thrift Store tour. What all did you find at the Thrift Stores this week???
Blessings and Hugs, Janna


Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

Wow! Love it all! The baby gear is just fabulous!

Chickens in the Basement said...

Looks like you had fun! The ironstone is my favorite!

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

You hit the jackpot!! I am drooling over that sweet little lamp. Great finds!

Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

I just about never end up with a load like yours!! (though I have on the rare occasion found old linen)
Found a plastic bag full of vintage wooden cotton reels today with just about all the cotton never used! Thats a find for me. Our Thrift stores are starting to close for the holiday season. So all quiet until the new year and then the big 'what has everyone discarded over the holidays' rush!!
I love love love that turquoise Vase!!
Irene x

Theresa said...

Janna, You really made a haul! Love all of the baby goodies. Great finds. Those little blue plates are just PRECIOUS! Enjoy your week and can't wait to see more!

junkermidge said...

Oh, you did get quite a good haul of goodies. Thrift stores are definitely FUN!

CC said...

Oh my!!!!!!! You did well, really well. I love it all, specially that little Sunbonnet Sue quilt. Oh,how I love that. She is my all time favorite pattern..all little girls should have one. Can't wait to see what you find next..

Wizard of Was said...

I just gotta say..."Jackpot"!! You really scored girl! Good goin'!


Hi Janna,
LOVE the blue plates :) You did very well thrifting. I need to go..and I think the baby gifts are perfect:)
You scored!!!
Merry Christmas.
Deb :)

Faded Charm said...

I think they will love it! What a nice and thought ful gift. You always find the "good stuff" Lucky girl.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend.


Tattered Goods said...

Oh Janna... I love the vintage baby goodies, when I had my first baby everything had to be as vintage as possible... I just love the items you found so, so precious. I hope you have a WONDERFUL week!


Rachel Knoblich said...

I also had an awesome weekend at the thrift stores. I will post about it soon. I wish I had someone who got me in my family. When I had my son McKale this past April I only got one vintage gift. How does my family not get that I love vintage...and so will my baby? Great gift idea! Love it!

Marie Antionette said...

You lucky dog you...LOL What wonderful finds.And you can't beat them prices.I love the thrift stores too.But we don't have many here.Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed my visit.
Merry Christmas and May God Bless you,
XXOO Marie Antionette

June said...

Anything old with some crazing...oh, then you would just adore me!lol I don't know how you keep coming up with such great 'stuff'! I LOVE your banner photo!

Signs and Salvage said...

LOVE it ALL!!! What a lucky thrift store week!!! I think where and how much ytou paid for it is the BEST part!!!

delighted heart said...

Hi five girl! You did good! Love all the baby stuff. Our goodwill has good stuff sometimes. Other time it's more will than good!

English Cottage in Georgia said...

Love all the pics from your thrifting experience....lucky are the friends and family on your shopping list:-)

red.neck chic said...

You had me with the glass domes and baby cup!!! LOL

GREAT FINDS!!!!!! Lucky LUCKY you!!!

;-) Robelyn

vintagesue said...

i'm always, always, always the one in the thrift shop that buys and ENTIRE buggy full and looks like a total hoarder when i leave!!!! lol. i LOVE the t.shops too!!! i can't help it!!
when hauls are as good as what you found, THE MORE THE BETTER!! you always find the best stuff.

sissie said...

I know what you mean about the Thrift Store addiction. I just posted about my Saturday finds on my blog.
I love all your goodies. The baby things are so wonderful. I think in this day and time shopping the thrifts has become very "in vogue."

Junk Girl said...

Hey girlie! I haven't fallen off the face of the earth and neither have you evidently! Great post!

LOVE your finds! FAB! I swear I was as excited reading this as you were being there! Your heart was pumping a million miles an hour, wasn't it? See! I was right! HA!

Hope your December continues to go well! I just got picked for jury duty today so the trial will now take up this week for me! I don't even have our big tree up yet...yikers!! Hope all is well, Andrea

Angie @ Ranch Dressing said...

All I can say is WOW!

CeCe said...

Looking at all your treasures is a Christmas smile in and of itself!

sweetpea said...

wow, did you score! love that some people think to pass it on so others can love it, don't you? we would all probably die to know what fabulosities go into the landfill. and even i won't pick through that!



summersundays-jw said...

I must be going to the wrong places. I just don't have much luck in our thrift stores. You really made a haul. Love the glass dome. Jan

Anne~fiona and twig said...

I absolutely have to go junkin' with you just once before I die! That, and see the temples in Angkor Wat, then my life will be complete.

I have the best luck at thrift stores, too. Especially St. Vincent de Paul.

So where's your bestest store? Goodwill? Salvation Army? Spill it! ;-)

Love your junk!

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hey Janna, love that ironstone and all the vintage ornaments. Your header photo is wonderful AND your cupboard is so cool. Hope you're having a great week.

Mary said...

You find the best stuff! Seriously! I am heading your way on a vacation this summer, so get that booth stocked up! ;o) I will be empty when I leave! ~mary~

Anita said...

Hey- you are SCORING big time! Hope all is well there. I have been swamped with grad school- but I had to tell you, I am overrun with compliments on the necklace you made me...I'll be back with some Christmas dinero in a few weeks to get something else wonderful :)

Jill said...

I never find that kind of stuff at the thrift stores! Good for you!

Jenns Three Graces said...

I love the look of the golden balls under the glass - it's perfect! Jennifer

creekside rummager said...

Oh Yes! I would say you did really, really well on your buying spree. How much fun.

Its So Very Cheri said...

Girl-you did load up on the treasures.
What a crazy month--Sorry I haven't been by much-I have had so many Google problems-and it isn't over-Google has no idea how to solve the problem.
After weeks and weeks of non-stop Google issues, I am throwing my hands up and making much needed visits.
I hope you have a Very Merry Christmas and hope you can come by for a visit.

Mahek said...

I am new to your site and love it i promise to read your site everyday
I am from India and we never have garage sales or other thrifty shops , i would love to visit such stores i love vintage kitchen ware and other kitchen items . Thanks for giving people like me the pleasure of viewing your finds..KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK..

Anonymous said...

You founds some amazing finds at the thrift store. I have a few by me that I haunt and it always amazes me what people will donate...the gift is just precious and I am sure she will love it!

The Green Pea said...

Hello Janna, I have been busy with the store and the Season. I have not blogged or read to much lately. (I also miss it too.) Anyway I love your style and you always have the cutest finds. Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year. sandi

Lanette of Cottage Elements said...

Okay, Janna, I'm coming shopping! LOL! Just wish it wasn't oh so far. Also stopping by to wish you a Merry Christmas. Thanks, too, for the amazing necklace. Love, love, love it!


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas , Janna!
I love seeing all your junkin' finds

Junk Girl said...

Merry Christmas Janna! Perhaps in 2010 we can meet in person - wouldn't that be grand!?!

Have a Happy Holiday season!!


Mary said...

Thanks for the e-mail about the new venue - will be anxious to visit there asap.

NYC was wonderful - even the snow was welcome and we had no problems traveling.

Waiting for later today when Jasmin opens the box and finds your necklace!! Know she's going love it!

Happy Christmas dear.

Welcome to Yaya Chique! said...

Merry Christmas sweetie! Looks like you have struck the Mother load! :) Gosh look how many followers you got going now...gosh I remember when you first started this've come a looong way baby! :)

Take care and have a GREAT new year! love and smooches...deb

Tardevil said...

Coming by to wish you a Happy New Year! Looks like I need to make a trip to Charlotte! I like the snowflake basket. You're a lucky shopper. Like the baby gifts you found too!

red.neck chic said...

I had to come back and look at the baby cup. LOLOL I got one for Christmas and I was so excited!!!

I'm luvin' the red truck!!!!! Good grief - we don't get snow like that in these parts... I'm living vicariously through the truck. HA!

;-) Hope you had a MERRY Christmas and are getting ready for a FANTASTIC New Year!!!

cityfarmer said...

I suppose it's all gone by now

...the motherload!!!!

ya done good honey

Sharon@Sharon at Home said...

Fabulous finds ... the little quilt and baby gifts are perfect.

Micah Holden said...

Chock FULL of inspiration!! What wonderful treasures, I have chills!! ha!
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...