Thursday, March 25, 2010

~I love Little (or BIG) Chippy Rusty Finds!~

Finally a few seconds to share some good old JUNK finds!!! I spend all my days managing at the The Depot at Gibson Mill, if you haven't made your trip there you gotta get there soon. We have just expanded to beyond 88,000 sq feet!! Only a few days here and there to JUNK so here are the goodies! All it I am sure will make it to The Depot booths or my booths at the Sleepy Poet. Lots of old chippy Ironstone was found today...... LOVE... it is my favorite!
We are celebrating our Grand Opening at The Depot Saturday April 3rd, 9-9. There will be lots of fun and goodies to be had. If you are in the area be sure to stop in for the fun. We will have a live Bluegrass band on the porch along with a few givaways! My hubby has made and canned up a few Cinnamon Applesauces, DELICIOUS!! I am hoping or should I say begging to have him make some extra to have there to sale in the booth!

All of my Thrift store Ironstone finds for the day.... the more yellow and crazed the better.....

My splurge for the day, Large Ironstone Pitcher..... she is For Sale $38.95 plus shipping....

Old Ironstone crazed planter.... I especially loved this find!

OK... this Chippy Crib ... too die for. I stopped by a little shop in Asheboro today and it was in the store window. I commented to the shop owner that I LOVED it, she said $20 bucks and its yours. I ran to the car to grab the cash, on they way to the car I thought I wonder if I was excited and heard wrong and it was really $120.00.... I would be soooo embarassed for myself if she digs it out of the front window and I heard the price wrong, but I crossed my fingers and toes when she got it out, $20 bucks. I heard right!! I know you should not tell the prices of things but I just had to in this case..... she actually got it off the side of the road at the beach so she was glad for me to have if for the $20. Looks like it would make a perfect piece for the front porch, just add a nice pluffy cushion!
This piece will also be available at The Depot this week.
Bee Smoker...... just thought it was a cutie so it came home with me, available at The Depot $24.95!
The rustiest scale ever..... so much so it did not have a price... just said make an offer... I did and it came home with me!

This is a few pics of some of the new JUNK goods I have acquired and added to my booths at The Depot .
My JUNK Jewels have made their way in to my booths as well!

I had to have this old chippy pie safe the second I laid my eyes upon it! It has old layers of chippy cream, yellow and turquoise paint! Available at The Depot $365.00.
Self Service..... I am running behind on this for myself lately, I hope I will be back to share more of my JUNK with you gals soon!! Off to bed I work the 9-9 shift at The Depot Friday... hope to see you all there!!

Blessings, Janna


Unknown said...

Everything is to die for...I want to go much for the dress thingy? Just let me know asap.
I am always going nuts when I see what you find, you have a wonderful eye for things. Are you going to be able to keep up with all that. My my...
Love your blog.

Vanessa Greenway said...

Beautiful finds!!! Love the pitcher!

Theresa said...

WooHoo it is good to hear from you:) Beautiful little, big and chippy rusty finds! Have a blessed day my friend!

The Shepherds Fold said...

you we're right.....I LOVE the baby bed! This would be a awesome bench :)

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

OH- these are just the best finds...I LOVE them all!

Sheila said...

Janna, Janna, JANNNA... it is nice to see ur still blogging Sweets. I love everything, I hope you have a great weekend.

Blessings and smiles,

Amy'svintagecottage said...

Great finds! Omg I cant believe there is an antique mall that is 88,ooo sq. feet! WOW! Would love to come see it someday!
Don't work too hard and K O J! (keep on junkin)

Maison Douce said...

Your finds are always the best, Janna!!!!! Love them all, but that crib... Oh my!!
Isabel said...

Very nice picturs.i like it...

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Unknown said...

I like the bee puffer, is that what its called/
All of it looks good, you are so busy now, arent you glad you work there now!

Chickens in the Basement said...

Fun stuff! Ironstone makes me happy!

Lisa Johnson said...

So glad to see you blogging again, Janna. I've missed you. I second Isabel, that crib is awesome! You do always find the best stuff.



Anonymous said...

I have a find I'd like to share! It's your blog!!! so glad to be here, I'm your newest follower!

great vintage items the dressmakers form and all of your crochet laces and doilies!

come by and see me sometime
ciao bella
creative carmelina

red.neck chic said...

Janna - everything EVERYTHING is fantastic! My favorite would HAVE to be the rustiest scale ever! LOLOL It is SUPER fantastic!!!

Have a GREAT week-end and don't work too hard!!!

;-) robelyn

Anonymous said...

Everything is great!! I love the ironstone, and i love your blog...Kathy

countrycharisma said...

Great finds. Love the ironstone and the yellowware bowl with white band. How much on the bowl? Your displays are really nice. Would love to visit sometime.

decorator to the stars said...


Mary said...

Janna, I'd love to get some gals from Raleigh to come down there to the Depot with me before I leave on safari! Tell me the days you work please?

The ironstone is awesome - love everything you find!

I wear my Junk Gypsy necklace so often I can never not think of you! I love it so much - comfy, cute, and coveted by all who see it!

I have opened a new blog due to problems continuing Across The Pond - visit me at A Breath of Fresh Air (

Hope to see you in April!
Mary X

Lisa said...

I love it all! I'm with you re: the crackle on china & ironstone. Do you know I read a blog once where the person was asking advice on how to remove it? I commented 'send it to me'! Wish I could jump in the car & come shop at the Depot. The crib is an outstanding buy...I would have bragged too! Lisa

creekside rummager said...

I loved so many things. I wish I could travel like they use to in Star Trek. I'd be there at opening tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Super gorgeous finds, Janna!
LOVE that chippy crib, too!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Mary said...

Janna, I just can't wait any longer so have talked Bob into bringing me down - we're planning to attend the Grand Opening on Saturday, yippeeeeee!!!!!

Looking forward to seeing you - should arrive around noon. Also hope Vanessa of Vanilla Lavender can come with us.

Anyone selling French grain sacks? Will you have some of your jewelry for sale? I know I will be in heaven searching through 88,000 sq.ft.

Hugs - Mary

Its So Very Cheri said...

Cheri from Its So Very Cheri--
You have some gorgeous stuff--you find the best junk.
I am trying to get through all of my old follower list and contact everyone letting them know --begging--asking PRETTY PLEASE , if you haven't come over to RESIGN up to follow me at the new site please do so my followers didn't get to go with me--Google swipes your followers--\

Jeannies Bottle said...

How I wish I could visit your booth! We have the same love of junk. Please stop by my blog

Happy Junkin!

Mary said...

Janna - so great to meet you at last. Vanessa and I had such a good time and were overcome at the size of the Depot - would need at least two days to really look at everything! Several friends (Raleigh-Asheville-Charlotte) envied us for getting there first - they all want to come and see what you have to offer.

Know you were busy but that's a good thing! Hope to be back again after I return from Africa - and bring more friends of course.

Blessings - Mary

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Hello Janna....!

I am SO glad to have found you.....I think you may be my long lost Junk Sista.... :o) !!

I've read back through to the start of your blog & am GOBSMACKED at the amount of energy you have....!!!

I would LOVE to hear how you organise your time....!! SERIOUSLY....!!

If you have a moment to stop by, I think you may be surprised at how much we have in common....!!

Warm wishes from Australia,
Tamarah :o)

PS: I can 'hear' your lovely Southern Twang through your words....!!!!

kanishk said...

Love the pitcher!
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