Thursday, June 10, 2010

~Ahhh...New JUNK to the Poet, Finally!~

Finally... a stale booth rejuventated!!! It's about time that I got myself into gear and fixed this booth back. I think incredibly small and boy do I mean small check I received this month put me back into booth mood. I have pretty much took all the littles out, deposoited them to the trash and started over. The gorgeous chippy Turquoise table was a quick little find on Wednesday... right to the booth she went!
Old really chippy basket tray...LOVE...

More creations by Heather Wynn.

A peek inside my cabinet... *Kiss often lips, SOLD*

The little Scottir tray and Basket were Depot finds!

Scales , scales and more scales... I can never get enough of them...*Red Scales SOLD*

I did manage to come across a few chippy treats today...I have wanted this bucket from The Poet for months now, today it was 50% off!!! Yippee!

Another Poet find today, when my friend Karen surfaced with this chippy goodie, I knew it had to leave with me!
Ok... the old cabinet not that great in it's natural wood but this will be a makeover project for sure!

Thanks for stopping in, I am sure to be back soon with some makeovers! Bleassings and Hugs, Janna


Sylvia said...

I think the green cabinet is pretty as is...good score!



Your booth looks GREAT!! I'm working on my room for the sale that starts new Thursday...I could use your help :) !!
I have a wicker baskets like yours for sale too! I hope it doesn't sell them it could come home ~ wait ~ I'm supposed to be making $$.
Deb :)

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

You ALWAYS have the most primo junk! :-)

Theresa said...

Love seeing all of your goodies! I think you have the best finds, wish I lived closer. I would help you get a bigger check:) hehe!

Have a blessed day dear Janna!

HUGS! said...

Great pics! Glad you got yourself in gear! :)
I just wanted to let you know that I am featuring your blog Friday on my Featured Followers Friday. Thanks for following my blog!

The Shepherds Fold said...

Ah!! So cute!! Looks fabulous! I'm glad you are getting back in your "junkin" mood! Our job can't consume us :). I'll talk to ya in the morning! Hugs....Rach

Tamarah said...

Yayyyyyyy Janna ANOTHER new post in my reader to savour.... :o) !!

You already KNOW I love your stuff & I'm LOVIN the mini makeover....Makes everything look very fresh & inviting....!!

I'm planning on being in the US in September as I'm attending the Junk Bonanza....It would be AWESOME if I could come down your way but it might be a stretch....I think we'd talk up a BIG OLE junk storm....hahahahaha....!!

Take care lovey & have a FAB weekend....!!

Tamarah :o)

Anonymous said...

I think the bucket with the little lamb is so sweet. I REALLY like the necklace and the saying about standing in your own sunshine. It's so true. Hope business picks up at your booth. Looks great!

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

Love the scottie tray!

Rose said...

Oh my gosh, I love the green breadbox! And the scales, every one of them.
I wish i lived near your booth, you would get a big check if I were there!
I just found you thru Gail's post on Featured Followers Friday.
Glad I did!

Elisa and Dusty said...

Love your booth, looks great! I once found a wooden cabinet like the one you have pictured. I actually painted over the glass with chalkboard paint and sold it rather quickly. Keep in mind however I was on a chalkboard paint kick at the time:) Best wishes, love your stuff!

Weavin' Wicker Woman said...

Aren't those Harry & David wicker baskets wonderful? I have one exactly like the one in your post, except it's painted gold! Great finds in your last post, love the green cabinet and the wicker rocker, too.

The Flying Bee said...

Hey Janna!

I have been sitting here just reading through your last few posts....I love it all! I couldn't stop laughing about the Kymaro in Walgreens! LOL!
After seeing all your pics, I want to plan a trip to NC and go to the Depot! It looks like my kinda place!

Have a great day!

Junk Girl said...

Looks like you're still finding the cool stuff! Hope all is well with you! We finally had some nice weather this weekend here in ND, so going to start working on my junk for our fall sale.

Have a great week!

take care, Andrea

time-worn interiors said...

Your killing me girl! Everything looks fabulous!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

You have some wonderful finds there! Your booth looks great too...wish I was closer! Maybe a road trip is in order!

Tamarah said...

Hey Janna....I just realised it's the 8th July almost a WHOLE month since your last post....I know you are as busy as a bee at the moment but I just wanted to let you know I hope everything is AOK....!

Cheers from Australia,
Tamarah :o)

Tabbyroo said...

That has to be some of the most beautiful junk I've seen:)

Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

Wow, your pictures are just beautiful!
Thank you for sharing!
Have a good evening!