Saturday, November 6, 2010

~North Carolina JUNK...we got it!~

I hit the Junk trail early this morning to make a few deliveries and pay a few visits on my day off.... It did not take me long for the JUNK to start oooozing out of my packed car!! I had intentions of being back home in 3 hours (yeah right)... well that quickly turned into 7 hours of JUNK COLLECTING! I decided to pass on the Big Antique Expo that everyone came to town for, in return I hit the little shops out in the middle of no where land that no one knows about (and I did not know about until today)! Keep in mind I spent a whopping $126 bucks on this load of goodies! The pics are quickies, I am sooo embarrased to pull it all out in the drive, I know the neighbors think I am a nutcase! Not only does she hoard it but now she is taking pics of it all, I can hear them now!!

Those Old Signs... I am in LOVE with them all.... keep or sell??? Tough decision!

Vintage sacks, Vintage Jewels... Love it all!

Little Chippy stool...a must have!

This was not a today find .....but is this a great old sign or what??? Yep from the Sleepy Poet. It is still in the garage because it weights a zillion pounds, no dragging this baby out for the pics!! She stands about 5 ft tall!

OMG...loads of old numbers.... the little on man on the side of the road gave them to me for a steal!!

And more #'s and signs... I think I may have to pay him another visit. You know I got 30 mins down the road and wished I had not left a few of them behind, does this happen to you?

Well enough Junk until next time. I have ventured out and opened a 3rd booth at The Depot, so new booth pics coming soon! Blessings, Janna


madge1967 said...

Hey Janna!
I would love for you to fix up the old vintage signs and put a couple on ETSY site!!!
I would pay you for sure!
I love the Vintage 'Parking' sign! That's my fav!!!
Good job!!!
Happy Junking

time worn interiors said...

Wow girl, you hit the mother load of numbers and signs! Looks like you had a great day!
Happy Sunday!

Tammy said...

Looks like you had a terrific junkin day! and you are right...North Carolina has got some cool little junkin spots!!
I gotta get back over to Sleepy Poet soon! 3 spots!!! Wow Girl!
Tammy :-)

Sylvia said... found some really cool stuff during your junking trip...especially like those old red and white sacks.


Vintage Market Place said...

I am with you skip the expected to find the unexpected.
What great finds you came upon, I would be peering out the window at your finds saying I want that, that ohh and that. LOL!

Unknown said...

Great Haul!!!! Can I follow behind you, from now on, in my truck? lol

Lisascraftiques said...

Great Finds! Looks like you had a fun and successful trip!

Kathy said...

Janna - you found some great stuff...and for a bargain too - woohoo! So sorry to have missed you this weekend - but planning on a Charlotte trip for next year already. Loved The Depot and Sleepy Poet.

I know what you mean about wondering what the neighbors think... Photo shoots in my driveway are a common occurence too! (I guess I'm "cheap" entertainment!)

Have a wonderfully junky week!


Tammy said...

Wow you did haul it in didn't you. A third booth- I am jealous. I'd love to be able to afford a second booth so I could move in there..maybe later though.
Love it all - tammy

sweetpea said...

what a haul! great finds girl!



Cici said...

I just found your blog...and was astonished how great junk you have found. I really like the signs and the sacks...and everything. Greetings from Finland!

Mary said...

Janna, great finds - you are the true Junk Gypsy!! Still my favorite necklace - wearing it as I write!

OK, plans are made, I'll be at the Depot on the Friday after T-giving and Sleepy Poet on Saturday!! Hope so much to see you, Rachel, and meet Beth at one of the two places!
Can't wait!!!!

Hugs - Mary

Unknown said...

I would think that going junking with you is an absolute blast!

That's some amazing junk there, girl!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Margo said...

Very nice junk.


Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Oh be still my junkin' heart Janna....These numbers are AWESOME....I was VERY fortunate to have scored around 40 during my September visit to the US....The red ones are my FAVES....!

GREAT junkin' minds think alike I reckon.... :o) !!

Cheers from Oz,
Tamarah :o)