Saturday, September 10, 2011

Shades of  GREEN JUNK...have ya ever noticed when u find one thing of a particular color there are always like a GA-Zillion more that follow in that same color...aka my booth at The Sleepy Poet ,  and that green table ....too adorable & I am passing it along super cheap cuz I got it super cheap! Get it before it is gone only $43 buckos!  And that chippy green rocker to go w/ it only $17! Yep..... I am a cheap girl!  Al these goodies I dropped by at the roosters crow this morning to the booth!

 And these Chippy Crusted Peely Scales are a keeper for my least for a while anyway! 

Are these old porcelain numbers not the cutest??  Trying to decide ...To sell or keep for projects???

Now these old lookin' feedsack style dish towels....I read Teresa's blog over at Time Worn Interiors about these "dolls" ( I watch too much of Keeping up w/ the Kardasians, their fav saying!) When I found them I bought all that was available from the surrounding two counties, ha! Aren't they adorable???  I was doing a happy dance all over em'!

This old small leather suitcase was one of my fav ETSY purchases, there is some good Vintage JUNK on their site, best of all I cando it right from the bed!  LOL!  That sounds lazy, and I am some days!!!!

These adorable metal drawered cases are my newest love!  I cant seem to get enough of em'.......this one was described as WONKY???

.....And my 3 FAVORITE Junk finds of the week...a BIG OL THANKS to my friend Shellee at The Silver Lining!  The cabinet is absolutely too die for....and is going somewhere in my house! 

......Remember that green table from the beginning of post???  Well she went on in this trunk, she (the car) may be a keeper afterall!

Until the next Junkin expedition, Hugs, Janna


Gracefully Vintage said...

Love the newest finds.. The Metal bins are just darling and love the medicine cabinet...

Nest said...

MUST MUST MUST get to my Target before you do, lol!!! Great stuff as usual. Heather

time worn interiors said...

Thanks for the shout out girl!

Theresa said...

Sweet finds! Love the green table:) Have a blessed day dear Janna, HUGS!

Barbara Jean said...

What is the ETSY site you purchase at?? your 'fave' where you got your little suitcase.

great finds.
thanks and blessings
barbara jean

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi Janna, love seeing you post! we all miss our great doses of junk love when you're not around!! so glad you came by to say "Hey"!!! xo Debra

outjunking said...

Love all your great fines. Wish I lived close to your booth.

Cathy said...

Now THAT is a Great Day of the letters and metal bins! Can't wait to see what you discover on your next trip!
Happy Junkin...Cathy aka GGJ

Debbi Beverage said...
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Debbi Beverage said...

I love your finds! The green is so great! The same thing happens to me too. Ive been in an all shades of aqua mode this summer, but have started adding some green too:)
Debbi @ the beach

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Janna that's INSANE....I would SO SNAP that GORGEOUS table up at your CRAZY CHEAP price of $43-....SERIOUSLY....!!

LOVE those little metal drawers....TOO cutiful for sure....!!

Tamarah :o)

Erica said...

The Metal bins are just darling and love the medicine cabinet.

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gogo grrrls said...

So glad you posted the WONKY green metal file cabinet from our's so great to find someone else out there in the world who loves the same stuff I do. And yes, WONKY is a word in Junquese! ;-)

Anne said...

Just found your lovely blog...and am your newest follower!

Buy Salvage Vehicles said...

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