Thursday, July 30, 2009

~Some New Re-Funked Junk Items Added!~

It has been a busy week, some of my thrifty goods have already made their way to the Sleepy Poet today, so I have just snapped a few pics of them for you to peek at. The Junk Scraps cabinet finally made it in, perfect display piece. I am tickled pink with it!! I came across that Old Striped Train Case yesterday. It was too darn cute to pass by and it still has the mirror attached to the lid on the inside as well as the key to work the lock!! Found that little chippy finial w/ hooks...Fit in perfectly to hold all of my Junk Jewels...I actually have Mannequin Betty to display them on but have once again been to darn lazy to get her up there!!

Junkity Clunk Clunk.... gotta love this Old Station Wagon (let me correct myself I have been told it's a Shaggin Waggin!!! You gotta love it!!) print I came across this week!!

Well the Chicken Wire Cupbord sold so quickly that I just had to nestle that old Chippy chair on top for the time being, remember that old farm table in the prev pic... that was the find that came right out of this market!! Those are the best finds of all... no extra miles or wasted gas to search them out!
This old Metal Chippy LOVE frame is one of my favorite finds of the week.....

Look at the Pillow.... I had to add to the old Rusty Chair, now it is complete....looks like its ready for the Island...I wish I was there with it !! And adorable Ms. Hat, she was a thrifty find this week as well!!
Crusty Rusty Metal Goods, just came across the Old metal grocers basket and Old white chippy pant stand this week ( good Lord, see I am pooped... a Pant stand!!!) It's Plant... and I know it husband is on his little hand held reading this as I posted
and had to let me know I mispelled it. It got me so darn tickled that I just left it!! I just turned around and Panted at him like an old dog!!
I had to throw another pic of this Love of mine in the blog again. This is one piece I would not mind putting right back in my home forever!!.

And here is all the Junk Re-Junked and back together ready for a SELL!!! A few more big pieces is all it needs, hopefully I can muster up the energy to work on that!! The older I get the mind wants to do it but the body doesn't!! If you see anything that flips your JUNK switch, just email me, I will be glad to make a sale to you!!!!

I will have to get the rest of my Weekly Thrifty goods posted over the weekend... and boy did I get some good ones..... and Oh the tarnished silver I found this week, just wait til you see it all... I have a day off from the day job and was hoping for a good Junkin retreat tomorrow but is looks as if we may have rain all weekend long...... that may not stop me, so keep a check back to see what I can drag or dig up!!
Blessings, Janna


common ground said...

Janna, you've got some really, really great JUNK. love it!! I could spend an hour in your space.
Have a fun junk filled weekend.
"Pant-stand", it's great to know there are others out there just like me. haha

Barking Dogs: Jennifer Burris said...

As always, you find the greatest junk!

Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

Thats no Station Wagon! Thats a Panel Van with surf boards just like the surfies would have here in Australia back in the 70's.
Also better known as a Shaggin Wagon! You can guess why!!!
:) Irene X

Barb said...

Great bunch of treasures.
Could just spend too much time looking to see every detail!!
Barbara Jean

misselaineous said...

Okay Jann...Irene told you what the station wagon really it's my turn. Your adorable little striped trunk with the mirror inside is actually the "old maid, blue-haired Great Auntie to the train case A.K.A the cosmetic case. I sold luggage in a previous life (LOL)...which may, or may not, explain my extreme obsess...fascination with vintage suitcases! Anyway, the trunk by any other name is still adorable...I heard it say it would like to come to live in Florida with Auntie *elaine*!!!

Theresa said...

I love the close-up look at all your goodies, but the view of the entire display makes me want to come shopping there:) Happy junkin!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Janna thanks for your comments. I just came over and am loving your blog, your great finds and your skills at display. I'll be here a while, I can tell. ~Mindy

lilsista said...

You have some super sweet finds girlie :0)! I don't know how you sell half of it!!! My house would be just loaded with all that great stuff....I'd love to see your home decorations if your little shop looks this good! Have a great one! Smiles:0)!

The Texas Woman said...

Great stuff you got there, partner!

UPON A HILL said...

you always have got some great stuff!!!

a little bit vintage said...

Fab finds, Janna! Hopefully, I will be buying that white kitchen scale from you next month....hope you still have it! :) I'll send you an e-mail. Have a great weekend!


June said...

Hi Janna,
That's so funny about the panel van. It would have been a station wagon to me too. This is the best junk ever, your space looks great.
Thanks for the sweet message.

delighted heart said...

Love all your new goodies! How much is the train case? Might have to have it for a wedding project!

Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

Well, I did covet that Make-up case too, I have a serious vintage luggage problem too!
Congratulations Janna, you are a winner in my 1st blogging Birthday giveaway so please contact me at and we can arrange postage. Yipppee!!!
Irene x

Angie said...

LOVE everything but I think my favorite might be the finial with the hooks!!! What a great way to display my necklaces!!

brendalou said...

Hey, thanks for the follow. I am a junk girl too but that side of me doesn't reflect on my jewelry blog. I love the "LOVE" picture frame. That caught my eye! Keep the great pictures coming.

Halliehoop said...

I so agree with the statement about the mind wanting to do it but the body doesn't. I used to own an antique/junkin' store and blew out my back haulin' furniture.
Enjoy doing it while you can. I am revisiting my previous life vicariously.

stagingworks2009 said...

Janna...I like the way you rework those junks. It is inspiring definitely for others. Thanks buddy and take care. Check this one Home Staging Photos