Saturday, September 5, 2009

~The JUNK......& the JEWELS are in!!~.

My goodness this has been a weekend and we are only half the way through!!! I think I would have lost myself today if I blinked for a split second....let's see, I lost the keys before I got out the door this morning, lost an entire new book of checks..... still not found...then the last stop of the day McDonalds for some fries, my friend Amys little one was in the back seat, you know the age where they are always playing jokes, well she said , " Ms Janna I am going to throw up" I said yeah right, she was acting just normal as could be, guess what she was for real... not one but two times!!! We got it all up, she had just got a little to hot out in the JUNK with us, all I had was a little zip lock bag in the car for the emergency bag for the rest of the trip... always some excitement... and YES I learned my lesson ... I will heed to those words if EVER spoken again...HINT HINT Amy ... you thought she was not for real too....but all in all we had a great day... I finally had a buddie with me, heck I could drive in the HOV lane on the interstate (lane if more than two peps are in the car, supposed to be faster) I was so excited to be in the lane that we almost mixed the exit!! Now on with the NEW JUNK... first up Gargae Sale Pendants just in..... Make sure to hop over to my Re-Funked Junk For Sale blog for more Junkin Jewels!! Also everything you see on any blog of mine is always for sale, just email me for availability .

I think I have two of the beauties left at the shop, first come first get..... $28.95 on a Rustic Link chain.... All pendants available here or if you are local you can pick one up at The Sleepy Poet, and yes they are OPEN Labor day!!

Adorable old Old Primitive Chippy white shelf, this one was an oldie.. $38.95

My FAV of the weekend, this was a Sleepy Poet find... see you all have to get out there if you live close!!! I grabbed this up as the dealer rolled it through the door... Not a thing to do to it but put it in in the booth... and that is where it landed Saturday night right before closing! I knew it was coming...~UPDATE BEAUTIFUL Chippy Dresser, SOLD, it is being picked up and loaded up tomorrow, It was a beauty while it was there, but I know the home it is ging to and it will be loved!! Thanks Cathy and Summer... my two best Sleepy Poet customers!
Some Saturday Junk... loved the Old Black frame....a little chicken wire and a memo board will be complete... hopefully hubby will get on this project and it will be available at The Poet soon!! Had to have the old iron wagon wheel just because it was so darn cute!!
Super Duper Chippy find of the day..... Is this the best Chippy White Old Trunk or what??? I just don't know what else to say!! L-O-V-E- Available soon at The Poet.
Little white Chippy Farmhouse side cupboard, new little find!
I just got in the Large Old Base Cupboard.... and it Sold today...
More Vintage Junk I just completed, I love the old big pocketwatch...Hubby says it looks like Flav-o-Flav, Pleeeease tell me he is so wrong for that!!! And pleeease tell me it does not look like that!! He has been running around the market tonight chanting Flav-O-Flav...can u just hear it??? I heard it along with the other shoppers, I could just die!! Available $36.95 on long Rustic large link brass chain. $3.50 to ship.
This is sooo me today, the brain was lost, I swear I wanted to sit and cry on mone than one ocassion, if I was a dog I would have chewed my tail all day today!! Sometimes there was a storm in her brain. $28.95 on Rustic Link Silver Link Chain. Email me for availability. Paypal or money order accepted. ~SOLD~
My favorite Junk Scraps File Cabinet Sold, the one I had priced high because I had so much love for it to stay...well I guess someone else loved it as much today!! I was so sad to see it gone. Big old chippy spool found its new place in the old spot! Doesn't look quite the same!! ~Glass Cloche W/ Silver Base- SOLD~
Old Chippy crazed bowl and pitcher.... straight to my heart!!

This is what I need to find...... SERENE!!! My friend Karen over at Kool Yukie Stuff made this up and I had to have it today!! This is the best old chippy white and Turquoise wood from the walls of her old farmhouse, isn't it great?? She makes these up in any saying you can think up. Hop over to her blog if you need a few for your shops...HINT.... I think she is doing some Junk Girl ones now.... You know I have gotta have one of those!! Nothing beats this cool old chippy wood she is making these out of, looks fabs on the wall, just like true JUNK should, thanks Karen!!
Thanks for stopping by to check out ALL the pics, I know it was alot of em, but Deb over at Talking Trash told me the last time the more pics the better, so if any complaints get on over to her blog and give her some sass, she loves to hear every last word, Love ya Deb, you always make me laugh!! Got you a shout out on over to you!! I hope everyone has a safe and Blessed holiday weekend, more JUNK is to come!! Blessings and Hugs, Janna


common ground said...

Oh My Gosh, I really needed a good laugh tonight. Sometimes while I'm hiding in here after my husband goes to sleep he hears me laughing on the computer. (is that strange? no!)LOVE the FLAV-o-FLAV watch! What a SCREAM!!! Hope you find your checks and you may need a new fresh air scent to hang on your rearview mirror tomorrow!

Jo Archer said...

You can never have too many pics! These are great, some fabulous finds. (By the way what is Flav-O Flav? I feel out of the loop)

sassytrash said...

Well, I say Flav-o-Flav never looked so good!! That is a great pocketwatch!! You really have the best cool junk radar ever...what a great eye--it's all so cool.

(note to Jo: be proud to be out of the don't WANT to know!)

Theresa said...

Kids say the darndest things ang sometimes they mean it:) Love all you goodies! Have a blessed day!

Six in One Hand said...

I totally understand your day.
It's been like that for me too.

Love your finds...especially the Flav-o-Flav watch!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

We don't know what to pick as a favorite, so we're glad we don't have to!!Everything is fab!!! From the jewelry to the treasures and yes! the old watch! You should make a necklace for your husband:
"Sometimes he looked like Flav-o-flav" LOL!!!!
If you have time and energy, we are hosting Junkin' Mondays...stop by and link! Have a great rest of the weekend!

Peanut-Butter Kitty said...

I love the pictures! You have such great finds, always enjoy visiting your site. As for keys, I have a little basket that is hung on the inside of the entrance door, as soon as I walk in they go there. The only problem is that when I come home, Puppy, a 96 lb Lab, jumps on the door and knocks the basket down. But when I come in, he is just so glad to see me, it looks like he is smiling! Shelley

The Green Pea said...

Oh my! you found a lot of new things. I am glad you must be selling a lot out of your booth. I like the chippy dresser. Sandi

Rebecca said...

hey Janna
Looks like you made a haul...great stuff--fun fun.
I love all the pictures too...never too many I say also.

Rebecca said...

PS Say Janna on your post prior there is a wooden cross or maybe it is iron??? Is that for sale and if it is could you email a price to me

trash talk said...

I love that white primitive trunk. the patina is wonderful.
I'm trying to picture your hubs rapping...that had to be quite a show.
Thanks for the props! It got me to thinking...could you imagine if we did a blog post together...all your great photos and my windy "over 250 words" talking! Girl, we could publish a coffee table book just with one post and you'd be the go/to girl to find the right coffee table to put it on!

stefanie said...

oh, my, you have a gorgeous blog, i just found you and will definitly be back!

The Shepherds Fold said...

I think the chippy trunk is my favorite piece you've gotten so far! LOVE love it! Doin' good, lady :)

Jenny S said...

OH my goodness! I AM COMING TO YOUR SHOP!!! I own a shop in Raleigh and your spot is sooo cute! You come see us and we will come see you!!

Anne~fiona and twig said...

GORGEOUS black frame! I think I needz it! Your space is always so well put together, I'm taking notes for MY space! ~ Anne

Angie at Free Rein said...

So great to find your blog. We are not far from you in Thomasville. I look forward to following along.

maría cecilia said...

Janna, I would love to live near you and go to see and take what you have found. I love junk and flea market finds. I live in Chile, southamerica.
María Cecilia

Amy'svintagecottage said...

Great pic! Love it all!
Sorry about the puke! OOh been there with my little darlings, they never give too much warning!

Leslie said...

Thanks for stopping by. I LOVE your blog!! And all your JUNK!!!

Found Around said...

You have found some great Junk! You must also have a spot in a great mall. Wish I could find a good one!

UPON A HILL said...

Cool stuff as usual!

Kathy said...

Janna - I love all your junk! And your necklaces are super cool - (love the "garage sale" piece - and I know Sue does too!)!

Thanks for stopping by my blog - and congrats on surviving your day! It all works out at the end of the day, right?

Take care! Kathy

Anne Marie said...

your booth looks awesome lately....I can see your style is changing a bit....the way you put things out....really great!!

like a bit of BH to me (total compliment)

lovin' the dog tag - that's hilarious!!!

Its So Very Cheri said...

I love all your stuff.

Puke in the car is the worst-and I speak from experience.

Come for a visit and see both new parties for the week.

Its So Very Cheri

Anonymous said...