Wednesday, September 9, 2009

~OK....I was holding out ...on the JUNK!~

Holding out on the JUNK......... Here is a peek into some of this weeks JUNK finds! We had been planning on hitting Hillsville Va this past Monday for their big antique show.... however the Zoo sounded like alot of fun, besides me and hubby decided to get a little break in.... yeah right.... never works out that way. We did go to the Zoo but..... had to make about a zillion junk stops on the way home! How about I scored 4 more of those chippy yellow screens. And they were just as cheap as the first load I found!! Loved the chippy white metal baby scales... they were on SALE 40% off, had to have them!!

Ok this is me and my hubbys two trash pulls for this past Monday, he is learning the ropes well... he whipped the truck right around when he saw the pile, not sure what we will do with them, but there is some great Turquoise paint under the white door along with some pretty cool old hinges.
My friend Karen over at Kool Yukie Stuff made me this fabulous JUNK GIRL sign on that great old chippy beadboard!! If you gotta have one click on the link above she will be glad to make you one and ship it out to ya!

I bet this old thing has seen many of places, this has found a spot in my living room!
Ok.... had to have this door, we were on our way to the Zoo Monday and my heart just stopped when I saw it leaning on the old barn next to the road, I immediatelty had a fit to TURN Around... knocked on the door and asked could I have it and the old lady said to load it up! Only thing when we got to my friends shop it was determined that she has termites... still not giving up on it, just too beautiful, it is going to be treated and she will be good as new!! LOVE!
New Junk Jewels, Blessed compliments of Hubby, he has been in the garage cutting, hammering... the works, he is getting pretty good at this stuff!! Blessed $24.95 on Rustic link chain, Follow your Bliss on Vintage key. Also on Rustic Link Chain. $3.50 to ship. ~BLESSED- SOLD ~ more on the way, email me for special order!
These were some of the cutest old rusty little tags I found at our local antique sale this past Saturday. They will be perfect for old boxes, cabinet doors etc.... $1 buck a piece!! LOVE the old brass tags, I buy those little suckers up whenever I come across them!
Check these out....more Junk Girl Pendants compliments of Hubby Scott!! He has done a fab job. $27.95 on Rustic Link Chain, $3.50 shipping. ~Both Sold~ More are on the way! Vintage Stamped Angel Key on Rustic Link $18.95.
I loved the old mailboxes, had to have them, don't know what caught my eye about them but I sure like em!
Gorgeous Old Chippy Pink Farmhouse cabinet!! Just too cute for words, just needs a back and she will be ready for my booth at The Sleepy Poet!
As always it is all for sale, More JUNK Jewels coming!! Thanks for stopping by to check out all my JUNK!! Hugs and Blessings, Janna

~God.... works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose~
Philippians 2:13


Theresa said...

As usual... you got the best junk:) Love it all! Have a blessed day!

The Green Pea said...

Hello Jenna, I have a great idea for the first door and the little cubby at the end of you photos. Make chalk boards out of them. I did it with an old medicine cubby, it is to cute! Great finds.....sandi

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

An award for you on my Junkologie blog!

trash talk said...

I swear up and down I had to go back and reread your post. I was so distracted by all the good stuff you found, I couldn't remember if you actually ever made it to the zoo!
Love, love, triple love the tall screens. Those will be so much fun to work with. So now you're corrupting your poor husband too! Aren't you ashamed?
P.S. Remind me when I get back from Warrenton that I think I need that Blessed necklace. All my money is tied up in the commodities market right rust!

Gretchen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Janna and for sharing my blog with others. I appreciate you, your blog, and your kindness.
Always fun and a joy to read your blog posts when I stop on by, and love the fact that Jesus is important to you too.

Margo said...

Are your brass tags for sale? If so , how much each?

The Shepherds Fold said...

Oh my gosh, look at the old rusty plate still attached to that BEAUTIFUL old barn door!!! You guys had a good day "at the zoo" :) Awesome finds, lady!

maryboys said...

wow...such wonderful finds! i just love the mailboxes with the numbers on. and everything.


karen said...


lulu said...

OK, so I am new here, are those little tags and metal signs for sale? If they are I am so interested in the pile. Let me know. Lulu

Anonymous said...

You are such a brave junker! I need to start knocking on some doors for junk. The little cabinet is a great find. Sue

common ground said...

Your little pink cabinet is just so adorable, gotta tell you the best is your scripture at the end!
Thanks for always having a crazy, fun, post full of energy!

Caro @ Thrifty n Curbside Treasures said...

curbside shopping seriously IS the best kind of shopping! People might roll their eyes at that, but dang, just LOOK at the stuff you can find!!

Angie said...

Ummm I'd say YES you were holding out on us!! Great finds!!! I love the Junk Girl sign and I MUST own the Follow your Bliss/key necklace!!!!!

donna baker said...

Your husband sounds like an angel. Mine wouldn't go junking with me if I paid him, much less, have to mess with the stuff.

decorator to the stars said...

hey there :) i was going to hillsville also but got sidetracked, it was a toss up between that or ct again :) love the stuff, great as usual :) gio

LillySue said...

Just popped in to say "Howdy"!
Looks like things are as good as usual in Junk Heaven! Love the pinky little cupboard!

My verification word was:
Fartucto ....Heehee!

a little bit vintage said...

Oh, swoon!!! ;) LOVE is all, as usual! If I ever get to your neck of the woods I'll have to join you for one of your junkin expeditions! ;)


Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

Love'n your junk and wishing it were mine!

All of your finds are terrific...keep on junkin :)

Me & My House said...

Okay do I buy if I am not in your local area? You have some rockin' stuff! Great finds!

The Whispering Creek House said...

o man you struck it good!I like that you are not afraid to stop and ask..I do that to my husband and kids! They hate it when I do that!LOL

Signs and Salvage said...

Oh sheesh...another heap of wonderful treasures! Your "finds" make me HAPPY to look at:) I am going to have to treat myself to one of your wonderful necklaces at some point here:)

Signs and Salvage said...

Oh sheesh...another heap of wonderful treasures! Your "finds" make me HAPPY to look at:) I am going to have to treat myself to one of your wonderful necklaces at some point here:)

Anonymous said...