Saturday, August 8, 2009

~Country Junkin..... I got MORE JUNK!~

Well, I drove out to the county today and did a little Country Junkin', I was all by myself on this trip.... and I was thrilled with the Thrift store and Yard Sale finds!! And I ain't even made it to the Big 650 Mile Longest Yardsale in America, thats tomorrow morning, 4 am!! I can 't wait but for now..... Nothing like a country Yardsale, you know the one in the middle of no where that hardly anyone goes to because its just to far out, well..... I went to em today!! Those screened cupboard doors, perfect chippiness and they were so cheap you would just die if you knew! The little old man and woman I got them from were as sweet as pie!! ~ EVERYTHING IN PICS IS FOR SALE.... JUST SHOOT ME OVER AN EMAIL FOR PRICE AND AVAILABILITY, I WILL SHIP ALMOST ANYWHERE~I WILL BE BRINGING IN ALOT OF GOODIES FOR SALE FROM THE 650 SALE SO KEEP A CHECK BACK ON MONDAY FOR NEW STUFF ON BOTH BLOGS!!~

I was soooo excited when I found this old chippy metal Icebox until I got it home. It was a Thrift store Goodie but had a dent in the top. Little did I pay attention that the dent can't be knocked out with a hammer because the box is insulated.... CRAPO!! I was over excited and missed that!!! I may just have to remove the cute door and use it for a magnet memo board and trash the rest, we'll see!! And look at the heavy silver Cloche, hehehe, that's what I am calling it, boy is it heavy, has some old Hotel name on it, I believe it is solid silver!!! ~UPDATE SILVER COVER AND TRAY, SOLD~ ~CANDELABRA STILL AVAILABLE, $25.00!! ~

Love of the day, perfect white chippy side table, thank goodness this piece was ok when I got it home, no flaws here!! This post looks like White Saturday!!

Two little old pieces I came across perfect for Junk Jewel creations!

Some of the New Littles for the week..... And as you can tell more of my favorite... Tarnished Silver.

Oh la laaaa, New Junk Girl Pendant...only 1 available$28.95, hop over to my Refunked Junk Blog for other new pieces I will have for sale soon!!
Now if this just doesn't get your junk curiosity up I don't know what will..... Don't you hate to see things like this wasting away. I was by myself today so no going inside to peek!! Just a camera shot from the car!!
Wanna go inside and take a peak???

This is a old house I pass by alot, there is tons of stuff piled on the porch, I swear my heart skips a beat evrytime I go by there. One day I am going to pull in and ask if they want me to haul any of it off for them!! Make sure you click on the pic to see upclose all the stuff on that front porch!! And I tell you, that stuff has been sitting right there for years, darn it, I just want to go sift through it!!
Look at those Old Chippy Mantles......Yep they have been sitting there rotting away for years, along with the old pews, columns, the works. There is no name, no sign, no way to contact a sole to even ask.

One of the most pretty sites of the day today!!

Ok, we are off Bright and early to the 650 mile of a Yardsale!!! I am excited, I hope it will be all I want it to be!! You know I will have some pics up and running by Monday of all the good Junk and stuff there!!
Blessings for a safe weekend to all my junking buddies, thanks for stopping by!


glenda said...

Ya know what, I might risk jail to rescue those old mantles,and all the other things...what in the world is wrongs with folks, leaving all that gorgeous junk just laying out there to ruin in the sun and the rain...Just kidding, I ain't seen anything I would risk going to jail for...
I like what you got today, tho.
and have fun on the big sale highway....

Nancy said...

Oh, wow! You scored! I love that little side table; really, I love it all! I went junkin today, too! Isn't it fuuuuun???

Run, don't walk to that church and grab those mantels! It's a sin they are laying there rotting away!


Theresa said...

Wonderful day you had! I sure wish I could tag along to that 650 mile sale:( Sounds like heaven to me! Have a great time tomorrow! Hey, check the tax records and see who owns the property with the mantels, they would probably sell them!

Tami said...

Looks like you are in for the roadtrip of my dreams....have FUN! Tami E.

Renee' said...

Have u thought to go to county dist appr. (tax) and look up maybe the closest neighbors address and u can get the address.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I cannot believe those mantels would just be sitting there. You can actually go to the Tax Office and find out who the owner is and contact them that way. Also, I love the silver dome. Is it possibly for sale? If so, will you email me with the price. Thanks, Theresa (

Susie said...

I sure wish I lived near you and could junk away with you! What fun! What treasures! Definitely check with the local registrar's office to see who owns that "pile of junk" so you can clean it up. :)
I love your blog!
Susie of The Polka Dot Rose

The Green Pea said...

Janna, I wish I could ride along with you on you NC trips, you see the prettiest sights. You have fun at the long yard sale.

If I were you I would just put a piece of clear glass on the little ice box and make a table of it. It is sooooo cute. Have a safe trip. Blessings, Sandi

Pots 'n Prims said...

Great goodies Miss Jana!! Oh how I wish I could go with ya to the yard sale!
And that house with all the junk & church with all the cool stuff? I DROOL EVERY TIME we pass it on the way to Beth's!! We DO need to go see if those people want us to haul anything away!!

As for the church, I told David we should just take those mantles & stuff from there BUT I don't think that would be good karma!(taking from a church)... And I don't wanna be haunted!! (I'm thinking that's why all that stuff has been sitting there at that church for YEARS!)...
Have fun at the yard sale!!

Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

What great stuff!!! I can't believe that stuff is sitting outside... GASP!

common ground said...

I'm so jealous to go on that loooonnng garage sale. I know you'll be having a blast!

Cheri Peoples said...

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Its So Very Cheri

trash talk said...

Wonderful old hotel meat dome! Wish I had seen it sooner.
Try a bathroom plunger on that dent and see if that will pull it out. It's worth a shot, right? I know that car repair shops use something like that for pulling dents out of doors, etc.
Let me know if it works.

lilsista said...

Oh how I love to see all the great stuff you find! I always look forward to every blog! I wish I could get my hands on one of those old chippy mantles!!! Too bad you can't look up who owns the property on a county map or something to see if you can loot the place or not :0)! Ha! Hope to see more of your great finds soon!
Smiles :0)

UPON A HILL said...

Neat stuff! That would be won a dangerous trip for me; all 650 miles.

Wizard of Was said...

For those mantles, I fly there and be your best buddy!! There a few places like that I have found over the years and wish I could have the nerve to go to the door, but I'm usually junkin alone and that just wouldn't be too smart...darn!My dream is to hit the 650 mile sale one day. My daughter says next year for her birthday we should try...hope have so much fun!!

junkermidge said...

Wow. Wow. Wow. Ditto on what everyone already said. I have some dented things too and have been meaning to try that car repair suction thingy. I think my husband has one in his tool box. It's not a big, expensive tool, just a little suction thing. I think a few years ago it was on one of those tacky infomercials.
Good luck on that and on getting those mantels (you HAVE to, but with permission).

countrynesters said...

Love the barn by your house! What cool treasures you have!

Happy Junking,

Chrissy said...

I think every single person in blog land wanted that silver tray!!! Wonderful post,all the best,Chrissy

Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

You certainly live in the best place for Junkin! How jealous am I! AND hundreds of stalls over miles and miles of it. I will have to put that in my 'One day I will...' list. I hope you will post photos so I can live vicariously!!!
Irene x

Bella said...

I do believe I'd resuce them mantles myself! I am a junk junkie myself, living in appalachia and I look forward to making your acquaintenance!

1237223853s5677 said...

hey janna! so nice of you to stop by my blog which led me to your wonderful little world! love love love your junk jewels and your amazing finds! i am always thrilled to have meet new junk'n friends! happy day!

disa said...