Monday, August 10, 2009

~Ths 650 Miler & all the Fabulous Junk!!!~

Before we get to the story of the 650 Mile Yardsale Spectacular and my goof up of the century I have to show you all my Monday finds... I never knew Monday could be this good to a girl!! I was sooo happy I didn't know what to do with myself!! I had the day off to recoupe from the 650 but I ended up going to the booth over at The Sleepy Poet, then as always hitting all of the thrift stores high and low!! But amazingly most of my goodies came right out of the place where my booth is!!! Love it when that happens! I fell in love with the Old Rusty Tricycle Planter. Yes those are old ping pong padels, have an idea so hang on! My husband was wondering what I may have gotten those for...... I promised him there was no need to get excited, and I meant that!! As always all this JUNK is For Sale, if you dont get it someone will , shoot me an email if there is somthing u see that catches your Junker eye, .

I came across this Old Oak Cupboard today when I was on my way out of the Market. Normally I don't go for pieces like this but for some reason it caught my eye, may have been the $35 price tag!!! Yep that is correct $35 bucks! Took two of us to get it in the car, it's a keeper too, I think I will put it in the house with me, I have not kept to many thing lately!! ~Pillow SOLD~

I came across this adorable little green chippy metal chair today, a definite keeper along with several dirty pieces of Ironstone and Homer Laughlin plates! Loved them.

Finds from the trails of the 650 Miler:

Well you would know it, I always forget to take pics when me and Hubby take a junk trip... Well I blew it big this time... I took a ton of pics, was soooo excited to get them posted. Well we got in after midnight last night, beat to death, felt like I had walked home from Tennessee instead of riding. I got up bright and early this morning to take some pics of the junk I got and guess what???? I deleated ALL of the trip pics, we even played tourists and stopped at some cool places, all pics GONE!! All it toook was one wrong button...only memories of the fun and Junk!! I am sick at myself, if I could get my foot up there I would kick my rear but my legs are too tired from all the walking to get them anywhere near it!!! But it was more than what I expected, it was fabulous and I would encourage all you junkers to put it on your calender for next year!! The prices dirt cheap, you can bargin like it ain't nobody's business!! I do think Saturday would have been better than going on a Sunday. It was a little stormy and everyone was beginning to pack up and we got there at 10am!! So below is all the pics I have, just of the loot I got a hold of. I promise my next trip I will be more careful with my fingers and the camera!!

These little # Pins I had to grab along with a few little flat keys while I was there, all great for my Junk Jewles! It had started to rain so you know they were a deal!!!

Too cute Little Cream Chippy Pitcher and Bowl also from Crossmore sale. Wasn't going to get it but once you ask price and turn it down they keep going lower and lower until you say you'll take it!!
Now, I dont know why but I fell in love with this pic..... The frame is too die for cream, but the price was too die for as well, yep it was from the 650 miler too!

Could not pass by this Old Chippy baby scales, this was a find at the first stop in Crossmore, TN.... dirt cheap too!! If she would have had 50 of them I would have bought them all!!

Some fabulous pocketwatches I found on the 650 trail, the one on the far right still works and keeps good time, these will make some great Junk Pendants!! spent on ALL the 650 loot= $37 !!!!! That is it, shut up $37 bucks!!!

I made over the booth today over at The Sleepy Poet, I will hopefully have a post tomorrow or sometime this week on the makeover for you all to take a peek at... I did load ths pics of it to my hard drive incase my finger gets deleate happy again!! I am still in recovery from the deleating of all of those pics, I am just sooo proud of myself!!! Tomorrow will be a better day! It has too! Blessings, thanks for stopping by to take a peek , Janna


Theresa said...

Sounds like my kinda fun! I told my husband that I wished I could go to the 650 mile yard sale. He said where is it? I said I don't even know but I wanna go:) Perhaps next year.... Love all your finds, you really have an eye for good stuff! Have a blessed day!

The Whistle Stop said...

Wow, what bargains! Love the old watches and the picture too! Sounds like you had a good time!
P.S. about the pictures... I've done things like that! So, know you're not alone!

Sweet Repose said...

SHUT UP!!! you did dern good!!! Great stuff, Lorie and I have vowed that next year we're gonna empty the truck and head out for the yard just get the best stuff at 'em...keep up the good hunting!

trash talk said...

No, you shut up! What great finds again!!! I love the pocket watches...will they be for sale of for keeps?

Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

OOOOOOOOOOO! Damn modern cameras and their technology!!! Should not be so easy to do something like that! Lord knows I've done it too.....
I'm with you on that cabinet and green chair. I would not let both out of my sight!
ALL of it sounds like my kind of fun!!
One day!
Irene x

Jacque said...

Great Deals...AGAIN!

Polly said...

Oh Janna! We went to the World's Longest Yard Sale on Friday and our quote of the day was "I wish I had the camera!". We forgot ours! We're thinking of going on Thursday next year. Many people said a lot of their stuff was sold on Thursday. Glad you had fun! Great junk!

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Great junk! I always like to see your finds... sort of junkin' vicariously through you. :)

The Green Pea said...

Glad you had a good time, that would be fun to start of Friday when people are setting up and drive all day Saturday too! Maybe next year. Sandi

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

That cow pic is awesome as is all your finds! Good job in finding the cool stuff. You must have had your GPS tracker set on finding "cool" stuff only.

summersundays-jw said...

What fun!!! I'm putting it on the calendar for next year. I'm lovin' those watches too. Jan

junkgarden said...

You know I want those numbered pins!

Lou Cinda said...

Totally shut up!! I WANT that picture! I LOVE it! You were lucky! I was at the bottom end of that sale and could not find a thing! All I saw was tires and junk! I told my husband next year we are going to start in Tennessee and go that route!

Love what you got!

Lou Cinda :)

Rachel said...

Great finds! I was in TN too and have posted some pictures from the road on my blog... you can come and look if you feel like being nostalgic!

Embellish-Vintage Home Embellishments said...

I wanted to badly to make that trip but it wasn't feasable. I love everything you purchased. Especially the numbers and I just gave my sister that exact yellow scale. That's a hoot. We junkers will just have to live vicariously through you! Take care.

The DIY Show Off said...

So many treasures - lucky you! I love the # pins and watches...but great bargains on everything!

a little bit vintage said...

I'm totally coveting the metal chair! :)Love the numbers too! Great finds, as usual.


Lea said...

I'm so happy yall had so much fun!
But then again... 650 miles of sales... who wouldn't love that right? Bet you were tuckered smooth out! Have you recuped yet?
Love that chair so much! The creamy carved frame is the BOMB! gO GIRL!
Can't wait to see the sleepy poet booth pics!
Love that name.. sleepy poet.

bella shabby said...

I think you are the Junk Magnet - you find the best stuff. It looks like tons of fun! Sue

chickie said...

It was so good to hear that your back safe and There will be a next time of course for you.We are always out on the prowl for finds.I hope your week is good and full of fun finds...Chickie

Aimee said...

I love the pins and the little stool! You really found some great treasures...

If you get a chance, come by my Blog for a visit. I did a post on the San Francisco Gift Show where my Pillows were featured.
Have a great day,

Room to Inspire said...

Great deals...I love the number pins!


The Attic said...

Wow, what a lucky gal! I've always wanted to go to that sale. Fun hard to part with some things, huh? If you ever make it to San Diego, look me up!

The ATtic

One Vintage Hag said...

$37 bucks.... amazing, you did very well. stopping by the sleepy poet this weekend while we are in charlotte for a wedding.

can't wait to see your spot.

~one vintage hag

Cheri Peoples said...

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and it's the last day for entering the give-a-way--and it's Photography art-Check it out!!

Its So Very Cheri

lilsista said...

You amaze me! I just love your finds! I delete things too....I'm a deleter!.....It's hard living the deletes in life down....I once accidentally deleted the birth and pregnancy of my twins!!!!! Ouch! That hurt way more than the birth! Thankfully we were able to restore some of the pics! So....don't feel too bad about deleting your trip.....although I'd have loved to see the pics! have a great day!


cityfarmer said...

I would love to purchase the numbers if you please!!!
can u email info

Girl, you do have a way!!

check out the crown we were talking about ..
http://stuffintheburbs.blogspot .com

actually I posted finds on both blogs, silly me

Barb said...

I think maybe you win in the junkin' department. I thought i got great things at great prizes.
I might get great things, but you get even greater!!!!
I would not know where to start to tell you what i love most, so will just say, love it all!!
and now, my junkin' friend, I'm off for a walk (no not 650 miles), and then junkin' here in Eugene.

blessings and have a fun weekend.

barbara jean

Rebecca said...

Wow you really did good! Great stuff especially the pins and watches. OK, where is this 650 mile yard sale? Just TN ?
Wondering how far north it starts.
Hope you have a nice evening and forget about the pics there will be others :)