Saturday, October 3, 2009

~Saturday's Thrifty Chippy Goodness!~

Well I set out early this morning on my search for some good Junk.... I am opening up a second booth inside The Sleepy Poet tomorrow. I am still undecided on the the type of booth I am going to design up for this spot.... but I am thinking maybe more dark colors tied in with a little white. We will see tomorrow I guess....I never know until the last minute. I have not really even decided on the pieces I am going to take..... Boy I am flying by the seat of my pants on this one! Anywho I did cone across a few good treasures on my hunt today. My rear is definitely numb from driving! Odometer reading 232 miles when I pulled back in the drive a little bit ago! However, I did come across a new Antique Mall and it was awesome... packed full of vendors and super cheap prices... that will be another secret spot that I share only with myself!! Good Junk is getting harder and harder to come by, I am finding that straying a little farther from home reaps good STUFF!!

Lots of chippy white on the path today.... the old Farm Table was a great find... not dinner table sized.... so I am thinking a great piece for the Bed or Bath room.... The old little wire mail baskets were one of my favorite finds! Kathy, this table may be one you are looking for!!

The most adorable ever chippy child's rocker..... Normally I don't buy these but this one was too cute to leave behind!!
Awesome big old tool box... Amazing condition, the old saw tucked inside is in perfect condition. Even complete with it's on little removal tool tray!
I hope everyone has had a great Saturday.. the drive today was beautiful... Fall was in the air today for sure!! My Hubby works every Saturday so my Junk trips I usually make alone... but....a good country drive clears the mind! Glad you stopped by to peek at my Saturday Yummy goods!! If I survive the booth move in tomorrow I will be sure to post some pics for everyone to take a peek at. I have a few goodies that I junked up on Friday but they have already made their way over to the booth, I will grab a pic or two!! Blessings and Hugs, Janna


Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

The Empress of Junk has amassed some more fabulous finds! Love the little childs rocker too. I could not have left that behind either
:)Irene x

Theresa said...

You just find the bestest stuff ever:) I can't believe you drove that many miles in one day! Sounds like something I would do. I have been thinking about opening a booth at our local antique mall but still not sure. It just seems like so much fun. Since my Sister's house got flooded a week ago.. I haven't had time to think about anything but helping there. Love all your goodies and have a blessed day!

Jenny said... the table, no way to ship it to AZ. But it's always fun "shopping" vicariously on your blog!

Beth E-R said...

You did some mighty fine shopping today! Found, bought, photographed and blogged about - all in a mere day! You are an efficient junker.

Beth of Salvage Studio

Unknown said...

Great finds, and it takes a dedicated junker to travel the distance, and isnt it worth it!!
Im starting to have withdrawals, I havent been for a while, you found some great stuff!Would love to see more photos.
Sue @ Junkit

Leaon Mary said...


I love the chippy white table. It's beautiful! Love the wire baskets too. They are gettin tuff to find!
Hey, guess what? I think I have a perfect match to your lamp. That metal one on the table? Mine is original I believe; Unpainted, it's more of a brown, but says aladdin on the bottom. Does yours say aladdin?

Great finds!

Carole said...

I guess it did pay off to get out of town. Good for you! I find it very hard to find anything around here in white.

debi lynn mattingly said...

Lovin' it!!! Maybe its time for another mendor call? hehehe (I am assuming your garage is filling up again? just kiddin')

With all these great treasures, I am sure that they are selling as soon as you get them into your booth!

Have a beautiful week! xo...deb

The Shepherds Fold said...

Now you know I love the old tool box! Gosh, I have been going all day long! I had a yard sale today, but just a hand full of people came :-/. I cleaned out and got some stuff out for the Poet, some for the apartment and the rest is heading to the GoodWill! Talk to you later....Ra

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hey Janna, Have fun with the new space, you are a one woman "junkin' machine"! I always just love all your great stuff.
Have a great rest of the weekend. Be sure to take pics of all your goodies!

Lisa Johnson said...

Good luck with your move in. I'm sure whatever you decide will be great as you always find the best stuff.



Unknown said...

You are one of the greatest 'hunters' I've had the pleasure to read. Wish I lived closer...:-)
Tami E.

sassytrash said...

C'mon girl....don't you want to spill the beans on your secret junkin' spots? Just kidding!!
Best of luck in you new booth--I'm sure it will be most fabulous!

Sylvia said...

What great finds, I love the old wooden scored big this Saturday!!!

Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

Great pieces, good luck on the new space. Photo please. Ciao Rita

Prudence said...

cute stuff, also love your junk girl pendants!

decorator to the stars said...


pollyanns said...

Fun stuff!!! Found you through Sister's Garden and I'll be back to look around again!

Faded Charm said...

You always have the cooles "junk". Where do you possibly find it all? It really does seem harder and harder to find these days. Thanks f or sharing all your goodies. I hope you had a nice weekend.


misselaineous said...

What fabulous junk!!! Love all the chippy white goodness! Definitely worth 232 miles...thanks for sharing *elaine*

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Great finds! How fun to discover new places to hunt! Hope your week is going well!
Take care, Laura

Karen said...

love your junk. You have such a good eye. Your booth looks great. chat with you soon.

Simply Iowa said...

Hey Girlie!
Thanks for stoppin' by my blog, and I LOVE your stuff too! I am just cleaning up, after the Fall Harvest Sale, and you know you're buying the right stuff, when you are happy, as you are putting things away that didn't sell!{ and still lovin' it!}
Don't you just LOVE this Stuff!
'til next time,
Barb C.

Recaptured Charm said...

You are a huge inspiration to me. Love your blog. I have passed on the Honest Scrap Award to you. (If you haven't already rec'd
Check out my blog for details.

Junk Girl said...
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Junk Girl said...

Let me try posting a comment again...geesh.

Janna! Love everything in this post! I agree, finding good junk is getting harder and harder, so keep those good sources to yourself!

Keep in touch and I look forward to seeing pictures of your new booth. Andrea

savvycityfarmer said...

I did not mean for this much time to pass be4 stopping in here again ... it feels like my head is going to explode off my body ...I do not wanna be this busy..when a trashy girl like me can't even make it down her own sidebar, that's toooooo busy.

how are ya hon?
missn u

as usual, wonderful junk!!!

Barbara Jean said...

You always find the best things!!!

have a super week.

barbara jean

Twig said...

Lookin REALLY good! I love those wire baskets :D So thanks for following my blog! My name's Jana too so you must be pretty awesome ;) Loving your blog so far!!!

Unknown said...

Awesome find, you seem to have an uncanny knack for being in the right place at the right time!
Congratulations are in order..

Michelle, All Home and Love said...

Amazing junk, I love it all!