Tuesday, October 20, 2009

~Fall Mountain Snow & some Cute Chippy JUNK!~

Me and my Hubby were off to the NC mountains this past weekend to attend a few local Fall festivals there along with seeking out the beautiful Fall colors...well... it did snow as the forcasters promised. I tripped and fell flat (and I do mean flat) on my face in front of a massive crowd of people inside the Old Mast General Store...(if you have never been you have to click on their name and check out this awesome old functioning general store). Can you say embarassed??? It was one of those falls where you don't stumbled, side step, back step... just fall flat on your face...looked like I was tackled by a ghost. Yep.. hubby was across the isle looking for a food mill and as I was on my way over to get him was when I tripped on an old red wagon slid out into the isle. I had my purse on one arm and the other arm packed full of Country Ham and Dog Treats, so there was no stopping this fall.... It was the hardest fall I have ever taken... I am laughing now but it hurt sooo bad at the moment.. The whole place heard and watched, then picked me up, everyone but my hubby... bless his heart he was absorbed 10 feet away in the kitchen section looking for the darn food mill!!! ... I can't tell u how sore I have been , just off of the heating pad last night... So the snow and the fall made it a little difficult to seek out alot of good JUNK, I did come home with the white Chippy little cupboard, I did find a ton of places that I can not wait to get back to visit!

Adorable little Turquoise Cupboard me and my friend Amy stumbled across on Sunday.... pain and all I did make it out for a bit.... you know I was not going to be sassified with just one JUNK find for the weekend!!!

We also came across this old quilt and chippy white mailbox... I think I am having a thing for old mailboxes for the time being!! The old folding ruler was just an extra cutie I found that I had to have!

I was able to grab a few snow pics from the trip on Saturday after my fall. Boy was it ever cold..... 27degrees, wind blowing 40mph plus... windchill... close to 0!!!

Atop Beech Mountain there used to be an old Wizard of Oz theme park. I remember going here when I was young. It closed years and years ago but its remains still are nestled atop the mountain. This is one of our favorite stops when we go up about 10 or so times a year. The views are amazing and starting next month there is snow and ice about everyday... so you better have a 4 wheel drive to climb 5800 feet straight to the top. It is also the local skiers hang out!

Notice how far you CAN'T see.... this is one of the highest points in NC.

I hope everyones week has been wonderful, now I am going to get busy checking everyones blog to see what all you have been up to!! I will be back with more JUNK over the weekend. Blessings and Big Junker Hugs... Janna


Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

oooooooooooooooo... I hope you have no long lasting pain from your fall, and I always get so embarrassed when something like that happens to me! Beautiful colour to the cupboard too, my fave at the moment!
Get back junkin soon and stay warm. Seems funny to say that when all the talk here is about the upcoming fire season!
Irene x

Unknown said...

Sounds like a great trip, with some cool finds, but SO sorry to hear about your tumble. OUCH! That Oz road picture is rEALLY cool. Happy Fall Ya'll from Houston!

The Whistle Stop said...

Sounded like a fun trip...no pun intended! lol It's funny how one find just isn't satisfying enough! Hope the aches and pains are gone soon.
Laurie :)

Unknown said...

Girl, I did the exact same thing smack dab in the middle of Beale St. in Memphis. That's a party street, so I know everybody thought I was hammered. Nope, just clumsy!
LOVE the blue cabinet, can ya mail it to me???

June said...

Hi Janna,
OUCH! I hate that when that happens. Why does it always have to happen in front of people? I'm laughing with you not at you.lol My grandson has a t-shirt he wears that say's 'If a tree falls in the forrest, do the other trees laugh at it?' I love that shirt!
Anyway you still found some good junk!!!

Sheila said...

Yummy... I love the turquoise cabinet. I hope your Friday is a great one, don't trip :)



I'm feeling for you! I hope your not still in any pain! After breaking two ribs this month, I get the 'ol heating pad routine! But boy what a die-hard you are! You managed to still come back with awesome chippy finds..you rock, girl!!
My Best

Theresa said...

Love your finds from the weekend and sorry you fell! Have a blessed day!


How are you feeling...did you get all brused up??? Like a boxing pro?!
You find the BEST JUNK!! I'm a liitle jealous and your booth looks WONDERFUL!! I would so shop there!!
Love the mountian photo and what about the Wizard of Oz thing?! Sounds interesting.
No shoppin for me this weekend..so you have fun for me!
Deb :)

Unknown said...

Oooo I had to wince reading about your terrible fall...I do hope you are feeling better!

Your chippy cabinets are perfection!

:) T

Suzy said...

Oh my!... the snow, the fall, and the beautiful chippy furniture. Lucky and not so lucky all in one post!! Thanks for the great pics... Luv from, Sunny Arizona!

Rachel~Wildflower Photography Studio and Wildflower Creative said...

Mmmm....you definitely found some lovelies! Great snow pics too!


vintagesue said...

i can't stop laughing. i'm sorry. i am laughing out of compassion. really. that and the way you described the incident...funny i must say. i'm getting a visual of you falling over a wagon and having everyone in the store look at you. poor thing.
i tripped down a flight of stairs years ago at my workplace and i remember everyone laughing and staring at me....i had to go to the hospital for a possible concussion.
it's painful when you fall and it can really mess you up!! hope you are feeling better soon so you can get back to those cutie things you brought home with you!!!
the mountains are beautiful. hope you had fun in spite of the fall....feel better soon

The Texas Woman said...

Sorry you literally fell into fall this year. Hope you're better. Never fear - no one in their right mind was laughing at you. They were too busy being happy that it didn't happen to them!

Great pictures.


The Shepherds Fold said...

girl you have GOT to get that "oz road" picture framed! I love love love it! The turqouise cupboard looks adorable in your booth :)

VS said...

Love the Great Junk you got & I wish I could go to Wizard of Oz Land!!!
I left an award for you on my blog. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Junk Girl said...

Janna! First I want to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"...I know it was yesterday..so sorry these wishes are belated!

OMG YOU FELL?! You poor thing! You surely needed a girlfriend by your side...dang it. Hope you are doing better and the bruises aren't too bad!

We went junking this weekend and got some good stuff. Will email ya tomorrow from work. Yes, from my job - I am still trying to get fired-ha!!


karlascottage.typepad.com said...

I think the world needs a Wizard of Oz theme park! I wish there was one to go to now.

summersundays-jw said...

Hope you've recovered from your fall. Somehow I missed this entry so I'm a little late. I had noticed you hadn't blogged for awhile but had failed to ck. on you. Your mountains are gorgeous. No. Carolina has always been one of my favorite states. If you're in to mailboxes, ck. with me tomorrow. If it didn't sell this weekend, I'll post a picture of this incredible mailbox in the shop. Have a good week. Jan

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

I'm swooooning over that turquoise cabinet - it is soooo me! Just love it! p.s. hope you're all better now, Janna.

savvycityfarmer said...

you porrrrr baby ... stay calm, breathe, and get well!!!

Signs and Salvage said...

I fall ALL the time!!! My mom says it is because I am always looking at stuff and not watching where I am going:) I am so sorry to hear about your mishap. You got some awesome treasures...that aqua cupboard is 2DIE4!!!!

Down Home DIY said...

To a fellow NC Girl,
In celebration of a great blog and in the spirit of Halloween, you have officially been Boo'd! Check out my blog!

The Cottage said...

Oh poor baby, falling is an aquried talent that I have mastered as well. Love that aqua cupboard!! Hope you are feeling better,

A Wild Thing said...

So sorry, hope your owies are over with...but hey, you got some good stuff and a great day with your best friend....Great stuff!!!!

Tutti Chic said...

Love your blog & LOVE those finds! :) chris

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

I'm so sorry you took a bad spill. I know how sore you must have been,you poor baby.I hope you are on the mend.
I do love the junk you found.Cando alot with that chippy cupboard and the mailbox,I would never ever go on a Ski lift or one of thoses high anythings...LOL Scared of hights really bad. But your pictures are breath taking.
Take care,no more falls...XXOO Marie Antionette


God love ya! I have tripped so many times it is just expected from me. Your trip was amazing and the photos are beautiful!

Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

Hi Janna,
sorry about the fall!!! Love the color of the cabinet, maybe green/blue or robin egg blue. The snow looks amazing, my boys would love it, me....I am not to happy in the cold. Take care Rita

Rebecca said...

Hi Janna
Hope you are doing well and stay warm.

Mary said...

OMG!! I NEED that turquoise cabinet! Can you ship it??...yes, I am serious! ;o) ~mary~

Tamis Marks said...

I am cold just looking at those pictures!

Love your "junk"!

delighted heart said...

Hey girl! Thanks for remembering me! So sorry about your fall. Wow great junk and great photos...oohhhh it looks really cold out there! When you are feeling better drag the p90x out of the attic and bring it!! It's working for me slowly but it is working! got only about 5 more weeks till the wedding...I won't be skinny but I will be toned! Good to hear from you...
blessings and hugs!

Its So Very Cheri said...

So sorry to hear about your fall-it makes me hurt just reading it. This could be a joke--like you know you have been married X number of years when you fall flat on your face and everyone but your husband helps you up. Love the chippy and turquo0ise piece and the mail box too.


Unknown said...

love the Oz Road pic, that lamp is gorgeous!

Burlap Luxe said...

Ooooh!! yes, this truely is a wonderful site thank you for sharing the "Antique Mall" The mall is the kind I love...You inspire all.

Unknown said...

Great finds you have there! I hope you stumble upon vintage model ships. Keep going!