Sunday, November 8, 2009

~Two Weeks Worth of Chippy Goodness & GREEN GRASS!~

What is second best to Chippy, Rusty, Crusty JUNK, Beautiful Green Winter Rye Grass.....Hubby has been working away.... it still has a little more to come in but I love it!! As I snapped the pic I could hear the deer all down in the wodds behind me... Probably thinking YUMMY SNACK... yep they will be over here at dusk tearing it up! Now I just have to get my Pansies going, of course they love those to, right up on the porch they will come to eat them!!

I am back...... with Two weeks worth of good stuff!! Now that we have finally got our winter Rye grass to come in.... I am thinking I may need to start putting out Christmas Decor now for the fear I will get too wrapped up in the JUNK and forget!! Where does it all fit in?? Anyone else havong these problems??? I hit the trail at 7 am yesterday morning and some awesome finds I did make it back with. I also stopped by a new local shop Nails, Thorns and Blessings.... the amount of chippy goods this place had packed inside and out would make any Junker chomp at the bits. I will be heading back over in a few weeks to take my friend Amy and I will be sure to grab some pics! I promise! I know I have been falling alot behind on the posts! 4:45 (UGH!) a.m. will be here again before I know it and I will be in Hospital work world until Friday at 3:30, not to metion the time change... has me and hubby all messed up, we were sleepy and in the bed last night only to realize it was dark but only 6:45!!!

This old white spool cabinet I had to have, not sure if it is a keeper or if it will find it's way to the booths. It is super heavy and about the size of a large end table!!

LOVE , LOVE, LOVE old chippy white chairs!!

This little lined old wood box I fell in love with... it's condition was just fantabulous! It will be making its way to The Sleepy Poet today!

My new love for the Fall.... old quilts... if I can snab them for $20 or under!!
And this pile below was all my JUNK goods from last weekend!! I am sorry... I have been holding out on the pics, actually I have been out of the Get up and Go...if you find it laying around anywhere send it back my way! I honestly can say no spring chicken am I anymore... the Junk job has went from hobby to 2nd full time job....where is the energy!!

Boy did my heart skip a beat when my eyses stopped on this blue chippy little gem! It also has made it's way to The Sleepy Poet, $38.95. I will ship her if any ouyt there fall in love the way I did!! The little old white childs desk was just too adorable to pass by, it even has an old tin bottom made out of what looks to be an old metal street sign!

I love old Medicine Cabinets.... and boy did my friend have tons of them when I arroved. I also snapped up a lime green one exactly like this beauty below!
This last stack was my freebie stack that I gave to my friend Rachel over the The Shepherds Fold if you have not visited her blog hop on over and check her out. I know when I first started out my blog how inspiring it was and still is for me to receive the kind words of encouragement and followers! As well as a true Junker Rachel has a undying heart and love for God you will see that love the second you read into her blogs. And at her young age of only 20.... boy she makes me feel old... I remember those days!!

I hope everyone has had a fabulous weekend!! I really aprreciate all the kinds words of encouragement, it makes the hectic days a little brighter!

HUGS, Janna

~Surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope.~ Jeremiah 29:11


Maison Douce said...

Okay, Janna, you are now officially the Queen of Chippy...!!!!! Great finds!!!! That white chest of drawers would probably be a keeper for me.... Have a great Sunday!

Junk Girl said...

Hey girl! Looks like you've been BUSY! Me too. My guys are deer hunting...they leave at 6:00 a.m. and home by dark. No luck for them yet, but I did manage to paint and re-do (MUCH NEEDED) our 1/2 bath. (Check out our blog!)Still have a few things to buy (like a new mirror - I BROKE the one we had when taking it off the wall (!), and you know what THAT means!) Yikes. I am going to break it into pieces and use it for "ice" in a display in my house for Christmas.

Take care and glad to see your still junkin' - Miss ya - Andrea

simplyiowa said...

The road, and running, gives such therapy.... Finding cool stuff, meeting fun folk...a bonus!
Looks like you had a great run, and found some fun stuff!
Barb C.

donna baker said...

Janna, you did good!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Fbaulous finds! Wish I could come shopping with you and at your booth!

Debra @ Common Ground said...

You've got some great stuff Jana, love the curly wicker chair and the desk and shelf top from last week. Miss you when you don't post. Love your scripture verse. He has "good plans" for us. I hear ya on the "got up and went" energy. Have a great week!

Theresa said...

Oh sweet Janna, you find the best stuff! My favorites are the spool cabinet and the child's desk! Enjoy your Sunday:)

The Shepherds Fold said...

How sweet! Thanks for that! I took a picture of the rocker after I played with it...I thought it turned out cute. I've gotta post it on my blog. Love the new junk finds! Another successful weekend! Blessings...Ra


Love your "chippy goodies" sure find great things and FREE stuff too!!
Happy Sunday!
Deb :)

The Apiary said...

Looks like you got some great stuff.

trash talk said...

I bet your get and go is somewhere back there with my a*% that's dragging!
Girl, you gotta slow're making me tired.
It's hard to stop when you're on a roll though, right?

The Green Pea said...

Hello Janna, you are so great at finding the coolest treasures. My favorite is the spool chest. sandi

junkgarden said...

Wow Janna, you did it again. I love it all! I wish you lived closer and could come be my good luck charm. I may find something great maybe 3 or 4 times a year. I really want that spool cabinet.

summersundays-jw said...

I wondered where you had been. Maybe it's not that you've lost your get-up=and-go but maybe that you're asking too much of yourself. Looks to me like you've been one busy girl. What great finds. Take a little time off & put your feet up and then get busy & get that Christmas out. we're all waiting. Is that pressure or what..... Jan

Angie @ Free Rein said...

You have such a great eye and great luck! Have a fabulous week. Sending energy thoughts your way!

red.neck chic said...

Oh wow...that spool cabinet is THE BEST!!! Gorgeousness!!!

Thanks for visiting me! I'm just glad Tony didn't run out of gas like all the other ones...LOLOL Did you SEE that?!!?

;-) Have a great week!!! Looks like you're going to be busy busy!!! Deep breathe...the fantabulous junk you found was worth it!!!


Anne~fiona and twig said...

You never, ever disappoint! I fall in love with each and every item you bring home. Henceforth, you are officially my junkin' twin!
Love ya, sis!

Tattered Goods said...

First of all... I love the blog header very nice indeed. I also love all your new junk finds delicious...
I hope you have a wonderful week.


Welcome to Yaya Chique! said...

Hey girlfriend!

LOVE those cabinets...they would go puuuurfect in my studio!

Lovin' the house and that front porch---defintely looks like the one at my granny's home in Alabama (of course she had a much, much older home...but, the style of the porch is the same.)


Lea said...

Once again...
wreeeeeeeeet wreeeeeeeeeew!
I love it all Janna!
Love the spool cabinet bestest!

AND can I come run barefoot through your grass?? I would if I could!
Once again; GREAT FINDS!
Love your scripture at the bottom too! ;)

holykisses xoxo

Cassie said...

Jackpot! You're like a magnet to good junk! Glad you're back in junkin' action!

June said...

Oh Yeah Janna, this is what I call great junk!!! Did you have fun or what???
Boy your place is amazing and so sweet of you to feed those

Gypsy Brocante said...

Whew! ... I just got all caught up to speed w/ your junk! Fabulous finds ... do they make everything chippy and rusty and perfect in NC?? Probably not ... it's that terrific eye you have!

great job!


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I am loving that green thing under the quilts. Is it a bench? A chest on legs? Great color! And then last weeks finds with the cubby thing? Divine! You are a heck of a hunter. I'm sure the stuff isn't just laying around waiting for you. Good job! ~Mindy

UPON A HILL said...

Cool stuff as usual!!! You definitely have the eye for it!

Vanessa said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty! Lovely Blog and amazing finds you have! I just came to say "hello" from Mary - Across the Pond. Hopefully I'll get to visit the shop soon! Blessings, Vanessa

Mary said...

Hi Janna - I see my dear friend Vanessa got to visit you first after seeing my blog this morning! I was bowled over when I saw your booths at the Poet this past weekend - you definitely have what it takes to draw in treasure hunters! I talked a lot with Karen while there - wish you had been around. I was directed to you by the gals up here in Raleigh at SuzAnna's Antiques.

I've posted today on your stuff so be sure to check it out - think you'll enjoy seeing my images of your fabulous finds! Hope to get back to Charlotte again soon.....and bring friends to your booths at the Poet!


*Ulrike* said...

Fabulous finds!! I saw all the things from Mary's post and had to come over to your blog. You are not too far from us, about 3 hours, so that will make a nice weekend venture!!
Have a wonderful day!

Anne Marie said...

how much for the blue shelf and that white drawer thing.........

you are somethin' else! the things you find!!

ReminisceHeirlooms said...

Oh I want to shop with you! Fabulous finds! :)

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Hi, I just happened on your blog from Cheri's, and have enjoyed my visit here! Your home is beautiful, especially with the lush green rye grass!

Great finds! You have better junk than we do here on the coast of NC! LOL! I {heart} junk!!! I stumble upon some cool finds every so often, but none like you are finding. ~Rhonda :)

The Vintage Modern Girl said...

hey janna! thanks for stopping by and leaving the sweet comment...and for becoming a follower of my blog! how have i not found your blog before now?! it is fabulous!!! i also love your jewelry! you are so talented!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Hi Janna, yes, I got them both and they are fantastic!

Rebecca said...

Hi Janna
Great finds! I have not gone out junking or to a flea market in a month... too busy doing Christmas stuff and that's the way it will be here until after my open house the first week in Dec. It's too hard to do both!

Fawn Hamilton said...

Hi Janna,
Love the new junk! You're amazing! I am interested in the blue chippy shelf. Can you give me the measurements if you still have it? Do you have any idea what shipping would run for 78260 zip?
You find the neatest stuff!

LillySue said...

You are truly a"Junk Whisperer"!
I just popped in to see what you have been up to.
Happy Thanksgiving!

pollyanns said...

Sweet finds, Janna!!! Ever think of coming to Iowa on a junkin' trip? Have a happy turkey day!!!