Friday, May 29, 2009

~A Few New Goodies ready for The Sleepy Poet~

Thanks to all of my customers at The Sleepy Poet this week for shopping my booth!! I have had numerous email request for pics of what I will be adding this weekend. I have a few pics of the goodies I will be adding below, so if you are local make sure you stop in and check it all out! There will be alot more of good junk finds than just what is posted, so I'll see ya there, I have been up since 5:00 this morning (still have to work that full time day job M-F) so this is all I could gather for the night, gotta get to bed for some needed sleep before I head out on my junk hunt tomorrow!!!

Old Chippy Turquoise and Tan chair, I totally forgot I had this pushed back in the corner, it still has its original caster wheels in perfect working order!
Here is another table makeover I just finished. I know this beauty sat in my garage for a year or so just gathering dust. Every piece has its place in due time. It was a solid turquoise pastel from it's previous owner. All it needed was a good roughing up, a coat or two of stain... nice and distressed ready to go!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend... Get out there and find some good Junk!! Blessings, Janna


The Whistle Stop said...

I love the chair and the table! Does the table have drop leaves? If I were closer I would come shopping!
Enjoy the hunt tomorrow!

donna baker said...

Janna, you have the energy of thousands. It makes me tired to think of all you do. I tend to always love pastels; blues, pinks, greens and yellows. Wish you could come shop in my garage and barn. If I could just have some of your energy, I'd get on it and start selling all my junque.

Sue said...

Janna, I want to come visit your little shop! You have good junk, girl. The only time I get to NC is when I go to the High Point furniture market- and that will be in the fall. Are you anywhere close by? I will have to find a map to check out where you live. Take care. Sue

Crow's Nest Primitive Shoppe said...

Thanks for the follow Janna!
I LOVE your Junk!! Makes me want to hit the road and hunt for some myself :)

I'm looking forward to seeing all your "treasures" posts!

Diana Cohen said...

Gorgious table!!!! You go junk girl! Love your blog.


Lorilee said...

Your junk is awesome! I am on the lookout for an old birdcage to use in my garden! Of course, I don't want to spend much money since I don't really NEED it!