Sunday, May 17, 2009

~A Peek Inside The Curious Cat Market~

I wanted to give everyone a peek into The Curious Cat Market. This is another of the places I have a booth at. If you have never been and you are local you've gotta get down and check it out. With a little over 22,000 sq feet, it is packed full of just about anything old you are looking for. Whatever your antique taste you will be sure to find it here. Also starting June 13th, they will have Yard Sale Saturdays!! The parking lot will be packed full of Saturday morning yard I know all junk girls like a good yard sale!! So if you are interested in yard selling your goods, all you need to do is contact Berita @ The Cat for the details. The first pic is one of my little shop inside, this booth is a tad more rustic than my other ones, but a little change is always good!

If you stop the market, don't forget to stop into the new cafe, Kat's Keations. She offers fresh coffee, breakfast, lunch, and delicous baked goods! She is just getting it up and rolling she would love for you stop by.

This is Ms Carols booth, she is in the back half behind me, she has done a great job, I love her mantle and awning!!

Beth over at Olde Tyme Marketplace has a perfect little spot, Very rustic Americana!

Isn't that the best old chippy white door??
Rachel over at The Shepherds Fold Designs, has an adorable booth, she has the knack of putting everything into its perfect place, you would never know this is the booth of a 20 year old!! Looks like someone who has been doing this forever.
Does anyone recognize my Lamb print from my previous post?

More of Rachels booth, love that chippy white dresser!!

Isn't the rustic tin roof over the checkout area adorable!!

My little white chippy table and birdhouse, perfect for the summer porch!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a tour of the Market, if you are local make sure to stop in and give us a visit. The hours are Tuesday-Saturday 10-5, Closed Sunday & Monday. for directions. I hope everyone has a great week, make sure to scroll down to my previous post and check out the Friday Junkin Finds! Blessings for a great week, Janna


The Green Pea said...

Wow! Janna, that is one great store. I like your little white chippy table too. I wish I could stroll around the store and look at everything. I also like the Saturday yard sale out on the parking lot. Is that for vendors of the store? Sandi

Constance said...

If I get out and about this summer I definately plan to stop by. I love your booth and I could spend hours browsing in this shop. You have some beautiful things.

A Bit of Colour said...

Oh Janna,

When we get back down there living again, I hope to make it to that part of the Carolinas & check you out. I loved your booth in Waxhaw!

Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

Oh how I love these booths and all the great things. Keep it coming!Places like this are far and few between here in Melbourne. Not easy to find. (Sad face) I am still a hunter/gatherer at Garage sales and Op shops but to see all these things so beautifully arranged and in one place.....(big sigh)

delighted heart said...

WOW! Wish I lived closer...what great stuff. Love your booth! Great job of display! Just my kind of place!

donna baker said...

So you decided to part with the lamb print. Oh well, makes room for some more stuff. Love the idea of the Sat. sale outside; I think that shows they're thinking of the dealers and how to bring in more business. Love the stuff and wish I could dig through it all.

Jacque said...

WOW, what a great place!! I especially LOVE your artsy fartsy signage in that old window--TOO CUTE!! Thanks for sharing

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Hi Janna! What a fun store full of wonderful treasures...we'd love to visit but you guys are too far away...not fair!!!!!!
Clara & Marcela
Nice & Easy Antiques

Pam said...

Thanks for finding my blog and adding me to your favorites. I have now found you and added you to my favorites too! I love your name "Artsy Fartsy"! I have to admit, here in South Central Illinois I have for many many months called a certain style "Artsy Fartsy"! A combination of country, shabby, vintage, deco and everyting in between--so now there is true meaning to "Artsy Fartsy"! LOL
I'll keep watching. Your blog is awesome!

Three Shabby Chicks said...

Thanks so much Janna for your kind words about my Mother in Law. It is much appreciated. I just love your blog and your stuff. Fabulous! thanks for keeping touch. Robin with Three Shabby chicks

Barking Dogs Flea Market Style said...

I love your blog and find myself drooling every time I scroll down!

I have an award for you over at my blog...


Stephanie said...

Hi Janna! I enjoyed your bit on the Curious Cat market. I haven't visited there - but now I want to. I am also looking for a place to sell my own goodies. I make handmade jewelry and cards. Do you think that the Curious Cat would be a good place for that - or are they just primarily antiques and vintage finds? Also, are their rates reasonable? I wanted a little bit of information before I contacted them directly.


visit me at

Unknown said...

I'm a general merchandise wholesaler. I'd like to display items that are unique like yours.