Saturday, May 30, 2009

~Yard Sale & Estate Sale Saturday!!!~

I had to do it..... a great Yard Sale & Estate Sale I could not pass by!!...Once the chippy crusty rusty junk disease is in you, you just can't stop it!! Here are a few of my favorites things that I could not pass by today. This Old Violin, minus the cords is my favorite thing of the day, I about peed my pants I loved it that much!! I don't know if it is a keeper or if it will go for sale?? Update.... I did put it in my booth at the Sleepy Poet, $34.95. I can at least drool over it there until it sells..... *Violin SOLD*

Estate Sale jewelry perfect for making pendants. A crochet dollie and the cutest glass framed prints!! All for under $5!! *Framed Prints, SOLD*

I came across the old Milk Glass Lamps at the same estate sale this morning. I love the Old Vintage dingy shades, the are so grungy and perfect!!

And here is all the rest of the loot I came home with this morning...some of it will be some makeover projects. The rest I will leave as found. I loved the big old crackeld Ironstone bowl!! I know the Mail box... What was I thinking. Well it is chippy rusty white, I actually got a green one (not a fav color) along with it, I have an idea...But $1 for booth, I had to get em!! The last stop of the morning was to check on one of my booths and of course I ended up buying my friend Beths little while old Cabinet, I couldn't resist it, I am always on the lookout for a display piece for my booths, this will work perfect!

Have a great rest of the weekend, make sure to see my previous post on shabby chippy items going to the Sleepy Poet, Blessings, Janna


Cher said...

I love your violin. On my mantle I display two that belonged to my m-i-l. They aren't in good shape but that makes them all the more adorable.

The Texas Woman

Halliehoop said...

Wish I could go junkin with you. I love the violin. My ode to musical instruments is a skinny clarinet who lends his romance to my dining room.

A Thing for Roses said...

As always, you scored some awesome stuff. Love the violin. Hey, weren't you suppose to be taking a junkin hiatis?



Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

GREAT FAB FINDS!!!! You did great today!

Jacque said...

loved the violin too! great finds

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Fabulous finds! That is a perfect violin and those vintage pins/pendants are so fetching!

Junk Girl said...

Janna...Hi! Sweet Melissa, one of my junk sisters, told me she was following your blog and I can see why! Love all your recent finds. I was also noticing that large metal drawer thing a couple posts back - awesome! Glad you put it in your house even though your hubby didn't think much of it. What do MEN know, anyway?! I get it, that's all that matters - ha! Have a great rest of the weekend! We had our city wide rummage sales this weekend and I found some great stuff and will post soon on our blog. Later, Andrea

trash talk said...

You know, girl, that violin is going to be the first thing to go. That is a great price and don't we always sell right off the bat what we rally don't want to?
Great finds!

delighted heart said...

Cool finds! Saw several old violins at Canton on Friday that were painted wild colors..think hot pink...and embelished with jewels and junk! They were pretty cool but don't quite go with the "white and rusty" theme which I've been doing for the past year. But all these funky colors make me want to change up a room...they're so happy! (I have a tendency to bounce around alot with my decorating!)

donna baker said...

Janna, your junking habit is serious. (As is mine!) I love the violin; down at Round Top I saw old large bass fiddles and cellos etc. I just love the old wood instruments and think your price on the violin should go up.

colbycottage said...

Hi wow you found some fun things, funny that we both found violins. My daughter is trying to convince me to keep mine as she plays violin. The name on the inside label looks to be possibly worth quite a bit,so I should probably try to make some money. Kathy

UPON A HILL said...

Love the violin, you are always finding great stuff.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Wow! Such wonderful treasures! And I would have a hard time parting ways with the violin, too.. it is wonderful.
Beautiful blog- so many gorgeous things to drool over!

Anne Marie said...

did you see Heather Bullards' new website! fantastic!

great finds that you have found!

our little love nest said... had a lucky feather on your side...sweet finds, especially loving those vintage flower broaches...I so want them!!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

oHMIGOSH... i LOVE it here!
Can I please move into your blog? lol
I really want to stay and read awhile, but I'll be back. You've inspired me to head to the salvation army! Ya see; we have the same disease!