Sunday, May 10, 2009

~Workin a little in the Booth Today~

Well it's Sunday and that is about the only free day I have to mess around in my booth after working long days during the week on my day job, so I headed on over to the Poet this morning to do just that. Here a few of my booth re-arrange pics and some of the market too. Sales seem to be picking up a little, with the economy we never know what it holds from one day to the next. I have finally taken my husbands advice, but I will never tell him, to sell what I have in the markets and packed in the garage. Boy, Junkin can drain a girls bank account right on down, I am in conservation overdrive now!! Not even one piece of junk have I purchased in 3 weeks!!! Oh no.... I think I am in withdrawel, I feel a junkin hay day coming soon!!!

I can not believe I still have these two chippy two drawer chests, I would have thought they would have been gone by now...but that's ok, those are two things I will gladly work right into my bedroom, I can vision them now!!
Just a few of my odd and ends.

Well , I FINALLY sold the very rustic farm table from the center of my booth, now it is time to brighten and whiten it up a little for Summer.

Chippy Blue, I Love it!!!

A great mix of many different styles, definitely somthing for everyone, this little booth is one of my favorite stops.

Anybody for some windows, old mantles or chippy shutters, this booth has them for sure....

Thanks to all for stopping in. Again, I wish all the Mom's a Happy Mothers Day!! Have a great week, Blessings, Janna


The Green Pea said...

If I lived in NC, I would own the chippy drawers!!! You could visit them at my house anytime... Sandi

Maison Douce said...

Lovely tour... You space is fabulous!!

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Oh, I would love to go shopping there! My kind of place! Fun, fun.

donna baker said...

Thanks for the shopping trip today.

Joan: but actually pronounced Jo Ann said...

Yes, business can be unsure in this economy, but I say that a turnaround is right around the corner! Women may be conserving their cash, but they can't go without a fix too's in their dna. Thanks for becoming a follower to my blog. I'm new to the blogging world, but old to the antiquing world...40 years at it and counting. I've seen it all! xo Joan

OldeAnnie said...

Oh my...that looks like my kind of place! Not a narry piece of "junk" in there. Only lots of wonderful treasures! ~~Annie

Jacque said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by the farmhouse to visit today. I added a link to your blog on mine. I LOVE everything I see in your space. THAT is my kind of "stuff". KUDOS

Junk Girl said... your pictures and your blog. I had to laugh at your comment of not buying any junk until the garage is cleaned's a difficult thing, isn't it?!! The second I say I am done buying, some great find presents itself! Oh well, it makes us HAPPY, right?! Thanks for stopping by our blog; it's just great fun! Andrea

One Vintage Hag said...

i now know i must take a trip to charlotte to visit family... and shop at the poet~! i've heard great things about the store you are in and now know there is a super fabulous junk (thats a real good thing) i must spend some time shopping in.
~one vintage hag

SRA said...

You have an incredibly romantic and sentimental eye and your heart must be that of a romantic sage! Just reading your blog makes me want to jump up from behind this "boring" desk at the office jump in my car and head to NC so I can visit your "Space" and snatch up some fabulous romantic trinkets to fill my life with! Thanks so much for the kind words you left on my blog, and for helping remind me that if I don't surround myself with "romance" who will?! Have an incredibly delightful day! L.Schulte, Cincinnati, OH (AKA: Serial Room Arranger)