Friday, February 20, 2009

Fridays Thrifty Junk Finds......

ALL THRIFY JUNK FINDS FOR SALE.. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A PARTICULAR ITEM PLEASE EMAIL ME I accept paypal or checks, will ship almost anywhere... Thanks
I have not posted my Thrifty Friday finds in a while so here are this weeks and todays collections and finds!! I did manage an old farm table but that baby is still in the back of the car for the night so it is absent from the photo... BABY-SOLD

I loved this doll... even though I do not know where its arms or legs are??? My friend Beth was with me junkin' today and I think it was freaking her out a little, she could not believe I was getting it, I thought it was a grand Find!! And the Chippy Turquoise Chair I had to have earlier in the week. If it's chippy and its turquoise I will fight you for it!! The blackboard is not my style, but it will be a makeover project to become my style and colors.
I did manage another quilt today, I am told and often reminded that you can never have too many quilts. And my oh my... I loved the old Sephia baby picture and metal clotheslines.

These lamps are probably my favorite find of the day. They are the cutest milk glass with colorful Folk Art looking paper shades, but there is that Turquoise Color again, had to have them!!!
My last little finds, I fell in love with the little checked red and white metal bowl and I believe we found the door knobs laying in the mudd. My little rusty turquoise tin was my Friday Freebie!


cityfarmer said...

I love anything sepia!!!!

The doll, it's kinda scary...

the chair...well tooooooooo cute.

I could go on and on!!!!
I LOVE all of your enthusiasm!!

let's get together, yeah, yeah, yeah

Janene said...

You did absolutely fantastic finding such wonderful items!
I'll go thrift shopping with you any day!

misselaineous said...

OOHHH!!! I want to go junkin' with you, girl! Great finds...all the stuff...even the legless, armless doll! I haven't seen a good haul like that in a while. The sales around here have not been great lately...hopefully that'll change soon!! I NEED a really good sale!! *elaine*

Maison Douce said...

Wow, what great finds!!! I love the little handicapped doll and that chair is adorable!!

time-worn interiors said...

Are you going to sell any of this stuff? If so, how much is the baby with no arms and legs? And how much is the statue and what is it made of? My e-mail
Thanks Theresa

The Junkin' Yaya said...

Hey sweet pea!

Thanks for dropping by and leaving your (always) sweet comments!

Looks like you had some really good "SCORE"s this week! I would have to fight you for anything turquoise or sepia...and since I am your "elder" :) I get to always win....LOL

Have a beautiful weekend...xo...deb

miss mary said...

Looks like you had some really good finds.
I like that doll and the chair.
Have a blessed day.

Mary said...

Love all your finds!! I need to get out more..:) Thanks for following my blog!

SweetAnnee said...

I LOVE your finds..and that doll is ABSOLUTELY
my fave..on her chippy chair.

Fondly, Deena