Monday, February 16, 2009

My Modern Day Sanford & Sons Garage, New Finds and Done Over Booth Pictures...

The picture above is my Modern Day Sanford and Sons garage... My husband told me yesterday that I was out of control and needed to stop... Not quite yet... I think I can fit in a few more goodies in there don't ya' think???? What he fails to bring up is that he has a big boat taking up the entire other side!!

Picture above was my only little find on Saturday but I can settle for only one find in a day when its this darn cute!!

This little Slant top writers desk and quilt are two of my favorites!!

This is a cute little chippy secretary I found just the way she sat, I love finding things that need no extra work!!

Have a good night!!


patricia@ReFind Home&Garden said...

Girl Girl Girl, Just let me come up and shop in your garage.Loved it all!!! Hugs, Patricia

SweetMelissa said...

You can fit LOTS more in that garage..get shopping! (cause I said so!)

tardevil said...

My question do you part with the stuff. I'd want to keep it all. My bonus room & garage look very much like your "Sanford & Sons" icky next project! I miss having a 3 car garage! Ok, I'll stop whining!

Janene said...

It seems fair to me...if he can have his boat, then you can have your treasures!
And I see lots of extra room in there for a few more!
Us thrifty girls have to stick together!

Antiques and More Blog said...

Oh! You should see my garage...scarrrrry! Love the buggy..too too cute!!!


trash talk said...

Have you thought about setting up shop in there? Wow!!! Debbie

Artsy Fartsy said...

Debbie you have done hit the nail on the head... you may be on to somthing... hehheehee, my husband would love you for saying that. Keep a check for him on your doorstep, you have us cracking up over here!!

delighted heart said... can fit lots more in that garage! Thenks for stopping by and following my blog. Love your stuff! The deer photos are so sweet. How anyone can hunt them is beyond me. My son took up bow hunting last fall and I said "Oh good at least the deer will have a chance now!" No that wasn't the case. :-( And I absolutely LOVE the ice cream cart! Where did you see it and how much was it? I'll be checking back soon!

Back in the Day said...

I could go shopping in your garage! What cute items you have in there! I love the quilt in your booth too! I drool over it every time I go to the Cat!

Artsy Fartsy said...

Nicole, the light is on and I am now accepting shoppers!!! Heehehe!

funky bag freak said...

I want to go GS with you!

Anonymous said...

i absolutely adore your blog!!! i love your garage. i think it's organized, tidy and very attractive for a junker. my hubby had a boat once and it wasn't nearly as cute as all my junk.
love your style, your booth and your finds. thanks for sharing.