Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This weeks Thrift Store and FREE finds!!!

I have been a little behind this week on posting my thrifty finds. I have been attacked by the flu like virus that has taken a hold to almost everyone I know. Still feeling pretty yucky but I believe I am about over the hump. Anyway here are this weeks finds starting with Saturday! Its been a pretty good week of finds even though with this tough economy all the Markets sales seem to be suffering. It is still hard to pass up a good buy or free find...The wheel barrel was not a find it just happened to be there for the picture! The Heavy wood shelf will be a redo, I am picturing it in a chippy white. The little bird cage was just too cute to pass by for $4 bucks, the chippy tuquoise concrete old column was a steal for $3.00!!!! The old picnic basket I loved and it is an old one!! The old two columns in the back again came out of a friends scrap wood pile!!! Loven those babies!

Free find of the week. Trash pick up is Thursday mornings here in my town... Here is another throw out.. Now who would not want to trash such a great piece??? If its chippy and rusty it's mine! But boy is it HEAVY!!! **BIRDBATH-SOLD**

This little Farm Table has turned out to be my favorite find for Saturday... it has a great old white chippy base. I was not to thrilled about the top so I had my honey sand the top so I could do it in a chippy white, but I loved the finish and have decided to leave it just as it is!! What do ya think??

These were a few finds that I wasn't too excited about but never the less I could not pass them by. I am sure I can work them in one by one in one of my shops... Always can use the old tool crate and drink crates for somthing. The Chippy Turquoise old baby car seat was kinda interesting even though I do not have a clue what I will do with it.

Have a great week, thanks for stopping by, Many Blessings!! Janna


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

What a haul. Love the birdbath and farm table. Can you ship them to Texas, ha ha!! Maybe we could meet halfway?

Back in the Day said...

What great finds! I am constantly checking out the roadsides for someones trash!
Love how the table turned out! Hope you feel better soon!

Susan said...

You did good! I'm lovin' the farm table.

delighted heart said... made off with the goods! Love the farm table, the columns, birdcage, picket fence, basket...oh well i just love it all!

andsewon said...

Oh my goodness! What treasures you find! I am going to have to head to NC for lookin I reckon!!! Here in Hampton Roads VA getting hard to find anything like what you have!!

Maison Douce said...

I love your finds! And I can't believe you found that bird bath for free!!

Constance said...

I love the farm table and the birdbath is just wonderful. You've got a good eye. I hope you feel better soon.

Anne Marie said...

Man! I gotta get out more!

Look at all that I'm missin :)

tardevil said...

The rabbit molds are cute! Think I need to come to Waxhaw for trash day! :O)