Sunday, February 15, 2009

I felt like I was a Deer for a Day!!

I love taking pictures of animals.....Me and my hubby went up to Morrow Mtn State Park in Albemarle NC last year for these shots. My girlfriend had went and told me about the deer that come to feed off of what the campers leave behind. She had told me how upclose you could get to them and that they seemed not to be too awfully shy of people .... so I had to go see for myself. What I saw amazed me, they weren't too shy of the camera either. The pictures below are some of the few shots I captured, they are my favorites out of a hundred or so I took that day. I hope you enjoy them. Have a great day !!!

It was a cold morning, notice the breath I caught coming from her below!!

Probably my favorite picture of them all, this was a little one!!


SweetMelissa said...

These are sweet shots. Looks like you had a great time! With a very harsh winter, I have an entire herd coming and going through my yard...they're so fun to watch that for a short time I forgive them for eating my flowers and young trees. :)

The Junkin' Yaya said...

Beautiful pics...but, these precious animals can also be pretty fierce when they feel spooked! :)

I got all my treasures! They are even more beautiful in person and LOVE the presentation! I know my ladies at the studio will LOVE them.

Have a beautiful & creative week!

Back in the Day said...

Great shots! I can't believe you were able to get that close! The hubby wants to go camping there this year.

Simplicity Cottage said...

Stopped by to see if you had posted a pic of your Boxer. Love the pics of the deer. Their faces are so sweet! Cannot believe they let you get so close...that's awesome!

I'll be back...looking for Ms. Gracie!

Have a great week!

trash talk said...

Those are just beautiful animals. Their eyes are unbelievable! Debbie

craftychick said...

OH WHAT GORGEOUS PICS!! love em all!! what a beauty~~Isn't is heavenly to see them in the wild like this!! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR BLOG and will be a follower now!!LOL

lorhen82 said...

These photos are just so precious! I love deer! ~Lori