Saturday, February 7, 2009

More Of My Vintage Junk Pendants......

Here are a few more of my Vintage Junk Pendant creations I wanted to share. " Please I beg you if any of my so called friends in my town are checking these out, DON'T COPY, it is very rude... And especially to sell them right next to me!!!!!! But we all know there are leaders and followers, right. It is unbelievable of the things I go through with these pendants. These were all created by myself using old rusty washers, watch faces, old buttons and little silver finds. The one on the bottom left is my favorite. Somthing about me and that Chippy Turquoise color.... anyway, it is an old rusty washer that I dug up, painted, sanded and embellished with an old Vintage Button Find!! These are available for purchase, please contact me for availability, I do accept PAYPAL. Top Left Rusty Faith Heart $18.95, Top Middle Rusty Metal washer w/ Vintage Button $16.95, Vintage Striped Button $14.95. Bottom Row: Rusty Distressed metal w/ Vintage Button Embellishment $15.95, Bottom Right **Sold**

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jdeere1 said...

Janna--Love the one that says Hope!!
We have more calves coming next weekend! I'll be sure to post photos!
I LOVE Mainecoon cats! I had one, ask Beth about Stoffie!! He was beautiful and I miss him terribly!