Friday, February 27, 2009

It was JACKPOT Friday, in my Brokedown Boots and Broke Umbrella!!!!.....

It was JACKPOT Friday!!!....I have to admit our weather was just terrible rain here in NC today. I did not have much hope for any good finds, but boy did the day take a turn for the best and I was Blessed!! I got to my favorite junkin ground today and the bottom fell out, my umberella was broke on booth sides. To say the least I had on my black boots, they are 8 years old... My favorite black boots, yes Beth you know the ones!! She has been begging me to get the heels fixed for a year. They are so old but I must say "still looking good." Anyway ... the bottoms of both the heels have worn slap off so the clomp like a horse. I have even went so far to have my husband cut them back with a hacksaw to even them out. He is sooo embarrased by them and I think me by now. I will post a pic soon for everyone to get a chuckle out of... Therefore.. I stuff tissue in them to stop the noise, but on a rainy day like today you can only imagine that WET tissue falling out eveywhere. But man I love those boots. Sorry I got off track for a minute... In those boots and a broken umbrella I stumbled on some good finds across 3 counties today!! The little chippy drawered cabinets are my favorite for the day. They are the best chippy pale yellow with a hint of blue and the original crystal knobs, I am in love!! The chair was not a today find it was a find a few weeks ago in Asheville but I did come across the perfect cushion for it today. The little chippy white and green wall hooks were a great find, made from an old door. They were chippy and rusty so they had to be mine!!

I am still filled with excitement, it was clock face day !! Never have I found three in a day. I think for a $1 buck. I have been having a run on metal bread boxes lately, run on, I was just loving it!!

I tell you, I never find this many goods in a day!! I have been blessed for sure

My girlfriend got a hold of this stop sign for me. The chippy rusty yellow paint can was from one of my favorite junkin' grounds today!! And as always if you see somthing you can't live without, because I surely could not live without any of it today...let me know, it is always for sale!! Have a Blessed weekend!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This weeks Thrift Store and FREE finds!!!

I have been a little behind this week on posting my thrifty finds. I have been attacked by the flu like virus that has taken a hold to almost everyone I know. Still feeling pretty yucky but I believe I am about over the hump. Anyway here are this weeks finds starting with Saturday! Its been a pretty good week of finds even though with this tough economy all the Markets sales seem to be suffering. It is still hard to pass up a good buy or free find...The wheel barrel was not a find it just happened to be there for the picture! The Heavy wood shelf will be a redo, I am picturing it in a chippy white. The little bird cage was just too cute to pass by for $4 bucks, the chippy tuquoise concrete old column was a steal for $3.00!!!! The old picnic basket I loved and it is an old one!! The old two columns in the back again came out of a friends scrap wood pile!!! Loven those babies!

Free find of the week. Trash pick up is Thursday mornings here in my town... Here is another throw out.. Now who would not want to trash such a great piece??? If its chippy and rusty it's mine! But boy is it HEAVY!!! **BIRDBATH-SOLD**

This little Farm Table has turned out to be my favorite find for Saturday... it has a great old white chippy base. I was not to thrilled about the top so I had my honey sand the top so I could do it in a chippy white, but I loved the finish and have decided to leave it just as it is!! What do ya think??

These were a few finds that I wasn't too excited about but never the less I could not pass them by. I am sure I can work them in one by one in one of my shops... Always can use the old tool crate and drink crates for somthing. The Chippy Turquoise old baby car seat was kinda interesting even though I do not have a clue what I will do with it.

Have a great week, thanks for stopping by, Many Blessings!! Janna

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sundays Pendant Creations... I've been busy at it Again!

Here is a few more of my Vintage Junk Pendants I have created over the weekend. These were all created with vintage junk finds, old keys, old safety pins and yes, the one on the far right is a vintage toy game with a mirror on the back, just too cute!! These are all for sale, please contact me at for pricing and availability. All pendants come with a cord to lenght specified and adorable vintage packaging. I will also be listing on Ebay all this week, just click on the My Ebay link in left hand column. Tootles! (You can click on the picture to enlarge to see details).

Friday, February 20, 2009

Fridays Thrifty Junk Finds......

ALL THRIFY JUNK FINDS FOR SALE.. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A PARTICULAR ITEM PLEASE EMAIL ME I accept paypal or checks, will ship almost anywhere... Thanks
I have not posted my Thrifty Friday finds in a while so here are this weeks and todays collections and finds!! I did manage an old farm table but that baby is still in the back of the car for the night so it is absent from the photo... BABY-SOLD

I loved this doll... even though I do not know where its arms or legs are??? My friend Beth was with me junkin' today and I think it was freaking her out a little, she could not believe I was getting it, I thought it was a grand Find!! And the Chippy Turquoise Chair I had to have earlier in the week. If it's chippy and its turquoise I will fight you for it!! The blackboard is not my style, but it will be a makeover project to become my style and colors.
I did manage another quilt today, I am told and often reminded that you can never have too many quilts. And my oh my... I loved the old Sephia baby picture and metal clotheslines.

These lamps are probably my favorite find of the day. They are the cutest milk glass with colorful Folk Art looking paper shades, but there is that Turquoise Color again, had to have them!!!
My last little finds, I fell in love with the little checked red and white metal bowl and I believe we found the door knobs laying in the mudd. My little rusty turquoise tin was my Friday Freebie!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sue Cow..........and Horse!!!

Well.... I didn't have any new thrift store finds today so I wanted to share some more of my animals pictures that I love. Below is Blackie, he is one of my friends biggest babies. He was ever so patient with me to let me steal a few upclose shots....

This is my favorite one of him so far, I have framed this one ocer and over again for about everyone I know!!
Another in the pasture of the neighborhood where I live.

The funniest cow picture ever. I shot this in Midland NC. These are some of my favorites cows. Anytime I am headed that way I always take the shortcut road cause' I know they will be there waiting. They are always just filthy dirty and have old knobby knees! But who would have thought that day I would have captured this!!

And heres the little peeker....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

OPENING of Our New Shop....

I can't hold back the excitement any longer....... Me and my Dear Friend Beth over at Olde Tyme Marketplace have just opened a new and exciting shop at the The Sleepy Poet over in Charlotte NC this week. Beth came up with our crazy wonderful name, The Junkin' Escapades, since searching for junk finds is what we seem to do every Friday and Saturday. We end up in unimaginable places near and far high and low searching for unique finds! So this shop is our collection of as she says...Rusty, Crusty, Chippy, Shabby, Chic finds!! The photos below are just a little hint of what we have to come, we hope everyone who is in our area will come out and visit out little spot! Beth is so creative and has already helped me so much along the way to develope my eye for junk. I am so excited for our new little junkin journey and thankful for our friendship!! We are currently working on a new little blog just for our shop so stay tuned for details! Make sure you hop over to her blog and let her know you saw her new shop on the blog.

This birdcage is the perfect addition to the Cottage green shabby Table and Chairs.

I think we have both already become addicted to Glass Cloches. Look at this little number Beth put together!!

My chicken coupe is one of my favorite things that I almost did not want to sell....

Chippy white Metal cabinet, perfect little Ebay find!

This is the total package all together and ready to SELL, SELL ,SELL!!

And look at this little Cupboard, Beth had the find of the day on this one!!!!We hope you have enjoyed our mini tour as much as we enjoyed putting this little shop together!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Modern Day Sanford & Sons Garage, New Finds and Done Over Booth Pictures...

The picture above is my Modern Day Sanford and Sons garage... My husband told me yesterday that I was out of control and needed to stop... Not quite yet... I think I can fit in a few more goodies in there don't ya' think???? What he fails to bring up is that he has a big boat taking up the entire other side!!

Picture above was my only little find on Saturday but I can settle for only one find in a day when its this darn cute!!

This little Slant top writers desk and quilt are two of my favorites!!

This is a cute little chippy secretary I found just the way she sat, I love finding things that need no extra work!!

Have a good night!!

**Online Items For Sale Now Available**

Well it has taken me forever but I finally have been able to get some of my items for sale on my website Go to column on left click onto Online Items For Sale. I will be adding more this evening. I am going to try my best to have new items weekly. Have a Great Monday !!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I felt like I was a Deer for a Day!!

I love taking pictures of animals.....Me and my hubby went up to Morrow Mtn State Park in Albemarle NC last year for these shots. My girlfriend had went and told me about the deer that come to feed off of what the campers leave behind. She had told me how upclose you could get to them and that they seemed not to be too awfully shy of people .... so I had to go see for myself. What I saw amazed me, they weren't too shy of the camera either. The pictures below are some of the few shots I captured, they are my favorites out of a hundred or so I took that day. I hope you enjoy them. Have a great day !!!

It was a cold morning, notice the breath I caught coming from her below!!

Probably my favorite picture of them all, this was a little one!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Look at This Market, UNBELIEVABLE!!

Look at this Market me and my friend Beth visited today. This one made me break out the good camera!! The Ice Cream cart was my friends favorite, I can't believe she didn't just ride it right out the door and put it in the truck!! Probably because of the price, I won't even go there!! But it was too adorable.....Ladies hold on to you pants the pictures below are going to be an exciting journey!! I have asthma and I got myself so worked up I had to take several puffs while I was just trying to take it all in!!

Is this just not the best???

Turquoise , Tuquoise Turquoise... I was in color Heaven, as Beth said all day" We are in Chippy overload!" Yes we were and loving every minute of it!

Just look at that amusment park Old Merry-Go-Round Ride!!! I wanted it but the Pocket Book did not have enough left in it.

This next booth, I did find quite a few treasures out of.

Theres that wonderful color again and again and again!!

This booth just made me want to pull up a chair and have a drink..... and another puff of my breather!

It was such a great trip and this was truly the best place I have ever in my life seen!!! Wish you all could have been there. I will try to post a pic of all my finds tomorrow. I am pooped, we had too many hours in this day! Have a nice night!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

You're not going to Believe THIS was in the Trash!!!


Anyway, there she lay on her stomach piled in trash, someone had busted her back out but thats ok I got all her pieces. I have never put it in reverse so fast, popped the hatch, laid the seats down and slung it in like I was a Man Woman!!! I did not care if the leather on my seats ripped, it just did not matter at this point, she was going in!!!!! Sweating like a Goat I got her in and to a good home. The old cheese cloth was still attahced to the back. Can you feel how excited I am over this, Good Gracious I am a mess. The pics are not that great but I was just too excited I could harly hold the camera still to take the pictures. Off to try to calm down.... Have a good night!!!

Some of my Favorite Finds ( I can't live without)!!!

This is my favorite Cupboard ever... When I saw him, he was mine... forever!!! The Rusty Bird feeder on top was sitting at my friends house in the TRASH pile... I went right in after it!!! Who could ever throw somthing like that away?? I even left all the vines that had grown in it through the years right there in place! I think after she saw it sitting here so pretty she regretted putting it out for trash, oh well.... guess who is not getting it back??? Make sure to click on the photo so you can see it in better detail, not the best picture I choose.

I found this old Roll Top Desk Top for $20 bucks, what a perfect match to my kitchen, did not have to do a thing to this baby but sit it on the counter and pile junk in it!!

My little treats and thrift store treasures that make my cupboard happy inside!

And this desk...... It Turquoise, its chippy, its mine!! I think this has been every dealer in towns at some point or another, it was even my friend Beths years ago over at Oldetymemarketplace but it is now at its final resting place. The old chippy column I dug right out of my friends dump pile also!! Now how can you take somthing to the dump like that??? More to come so check back tomorrow! I still have yet to post the Modern Day Sanford and Sons garage that I have created at my house. I will be off for yet another junkin' trip tomorrow in the NC Mountians. I will wait to post that picture until I have packed more in........