Sunday, February 5, 2012

~What in the JUNK has been going on?~

JUNK.....still on the hunt for it....this old sucker describes all of us JUNKERS to a tee.....and NO it ain't mine but it shore is a sight!.....

I am still a packin it come and get it!

I bout lost my marbles over this sucker Saturday.....after drooling, photographing it like I was from a major magazine...I decided I could not leave it behind...actually I did leave it behind...paid for though. It is all mine! And the darn thing still works!~

And this....brown chippy goodness...a little picker brought them to me, all 8 aged to perfection pieces...$20 bucks, I gladly surrendered the dough on over for them!

Sigh for they are my weekness, especially when they are aged to perfection with crispiness!

And back to some more of these, I have the OCD Dish Disease!

Another paid for but left behind treasure....darn little cars...u always find the best crap when u have no way to haul it to the house!

Adorable old clocks....these don't work a lick but it just don't matter....they have the look & that is good enough for me!

Mr Gladdens #'s and did I ever pay the high price for these, but they were so awesomely Gi-normous!

I am still loaded down with a garage full of picks, I will share more with ya'll soon....