Saturday, August 7, 2010

~Re-Opening of a Shop & Some Summer Fun!~

Grand Re-Opening of my little spot at The Waxhaw Antique Mart!! I will dig around for the extra time for this little shop right in my home town!! One of the most charming nostaglic places to visit when you are in town!! Ms Betty the owner, a true gem!! When she came a calling that she had a spot for me I could not resist any longer to head on back. For all of you that are local you have to check out the charm this little place has to offer!

For all my regular customers, I am back...... so head on back in for a visit!!

It is still a work in progress but within the next week it should be exploding at the seems with some great JUNK!!

Lots of little goodies to fill my new little spot!!
This Turquoise Chippy Cabinet too die for ....... it is available in my booth at The Sleepy Poet!
OMG the next project!!! The Yard......this is what has kept me from blogging n a regular basis! We had been a court battle over this house for over 6 LOOONG years, the day we were to pick the Jurors the previous ownwers decided to settle!!! So after 6 years of a yard that has flooded into our foundation and washed half the property away we finally are on the way to fixing her back up!! In the middle of the project we ( really me) decided to have this little project installed...I know the contractors love me!! At some point the pool will be surrounded in stone & beautiful sod grass ( I think I am more excited about pretty grass) to cover the entire front and back of the property!! How redneck does this look?? The Mudd and sand will not keep me from missing the opportunity of a sunny Summer day!! I flip flop it to the edge of the pool to keep the mudd and sand off the toes then hop in. I will post completion pics more than likely to be September!! I have been told that the 2nd worse thing to building a house is having a pool installed..... we have did both and I agree!!!

Thanks for taking a peek, now I am back out to the pool for some more relaxation!! I think I may have found a diversion from Junkin on my day off!! (But only for one day!!) Blessings, Janna