Thursday, November 26, 2009

~LOTS of New Junk & Jewels for Holiday Viewing!~

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!!!! I started this post yesterday but after the Turkey I was to full to finish!!! Here is some new Junk and Jewels for your holiday viewing. Finally a few new things added to the booths! To the local shoppers of the The Sleepy Poet Black Friday, Saturday & Sunday all items in booths #4520 will be on SALE 15% off!!!

Just in time for Christmas..... Junk Jewels. Vintage Rhinestone brooch made into an adorable neck piece!!! $24.95 plus $3 ship. Paypal is accepted as well as money orders or checks. Just email me for availability . All Pendants come on a rustic silver link chain with a toggle clasp.

Bless Your Heart (in center) Stamped pewter piece, $21.95 plus $3 ship.

Journey.... One of my favorites creations an Old Tight Top button from the past. $26.95 plus $3 ship.

Old Vintage Bright Red old button with a little Peace, adorned with .925 wax casted peace sign. $18.95, $3 ship.
Old Chippy White Vintage Watch Face adorned with some little found goodies, $24.95, $3 ship.

Really cool Vintage Golden Watch Face, I loved the Patina this piece displayed and decided to leave it just as found! $21.95, $3 ship.
Vintage Key adorned with the Cutest Rhinestone Crown, $18.95 plus $3 ship. All in Rustic Silver metals.
Awesome .925 Wax Casted Silver Tags... $24.95 each plus $3 ship.
My friend Karen over at Kool Yukie Stuff made me this feedsack bag!! ADORABLE. She left no stone unturned on this awesome Tote! Complete with pockets on the oustside as well as the inside. Even the straps are in the same feedsack material. Hop over to her blog for a visit, these make a perfect gift for the Holidays!!
Ok... back to some more of my booth pics.... Old chippy everything!

This is my 2nd booth inside the SleepyPoet I opened a few months back, it has more of an old Farmhouse feel.

Old chippy metal drawers.... LOVE them!

Old trunks and boxes.......
Thanks to all for stopping by! Now I am off for some Black Friday deals!!! Blessings, Janna

Saturday, November 14, 2009

~More of my Vintage Junked Out Jewels~

How about a beautiful blue sky day here in NC and I am still in my Pj's working on my Junk Jewels!!! The lazy house bug has a hold of me and will not let me loose. So this is my JUNK for the day!! Here are a few that I have completed along with hubby too. These make perfect Christmas gifts.... I can't believe it is almost upon us!! If you see one or two that catches your eye just shoot me an email over for availability. I accept Paypal, Money Order or Personal Checks! These will also be available in my booth The Sleepy Poet for those who are local.

These little keys are to die for.... Old Vintage Crusty Keys adorned with old coins and Inspirational attachments. Franklin Grill #216 Key, $21.95...*Wish Upon A Star Key, $18.95 SOLD*, Success , Love , Joy , Faith Key $18.95~SOLD~. All come on a Rustic Silver link chain, except for Wish Upon a Star, it is a Rustic Brass link chain. $3 to ship. ~Be Sure to click on all the pics for an upclose view ~

Hubby has been hammering away and they are finally complete, all come on a Silver Rustic link chain with toggle clasp (as shown) These are very Rustic and Cool, no two alike!! ~$22.95 each plus $3 ship~ *JUNK GYPSY SOLD*

Old Vintage Junk Buttons adorned with .925 wax casted Silver Goodies! Both come a Silver Rustic link chain with toggle clasp. ~$17.95 plus $3 ship~

Blessed are the Cracked..... My favorite saying of all!! ~$22.95 plus $3 ship~
'Somtimes She Shopped at Garage Sales'.... cause you know use Junk Girls can't pass one by! Hand Hammered to last forever!! ~$22.95 plus $3 shipping~
Adore..... Old Vintage Celluloid Button with .925 Wax Casted heart and 'Adore', ~$22.95 plus $3 to ship~
This old Chippy Watch face is my favorite of all, attahced is a 1942 Mercury Dime. ~$24.95 plus $3 shipping~ SOLD~
This little badge I came across at one of our local antique markets. I removed the pin from the back attached a old brass # tag and it is complete. How funky and cute is this little thing? ~$23.95 plus $3 shipping~ SOLD~
Thanks so much for popping in to visit, Have a great rest of the weekend! I am going to try to get out and enjoy it! Blessings and Hugs, Janna

Sunday, November 8, 2009

~Two Weeks Worth of Chippy Goodness & GREEN GRASS!~

What is second best to Chippy, Rusty, Crusty JUNK, Beautiful Green Winter Rye Grass.....Hubby has been working away.... it still has a little more to come in but I love it!! As I snapped the pic I could hear the deer all down in the wodds behind me... Probably thinking YUMMY SNACK... yep they will be over here at dusk tearing it up! Now I just have to get my Pansies going, of course they love those to, right up on the porch they will come to eat them!!

I am back...... with Two weeks worth of good stuff!! Now that we have finally got our winter Rye grass to come in.... I am thinking I may need to start putting out Christmas Decor now for the fear I will get too wrapped up in the JUNK and forget!! Where does it all fit in?? Anyone else havong these problems??? I hit the trail at 7 am yesterday morning and some awesome finds I did make it back with. I also stopped by a new local shop Nails, Thorns and Blessings.... the amount of chippy goods this place had packed inside and out would make any Junker chomp at the bits. I will be heading back over in a few weeks to take my friend Amy and I will be sure to grab some pics! I promise! I know I have been falling alot behind on the posts! 4:45 (UGH!) a.m. will be here again before I know it and I will be in Hospital work world until Friday at 3:30, not to metion the time change... has me and hubby all messed up, we were sleepy and in the bed last night only to realize it was dark but only 6:45!!!

This old white spool cabinet I had to have, not sure if it is a keeper or if it will find it's way to the booths. It is super heavy and about the size of a large end table!!

LOVE , LOVE, LOVE old chippy white chairs!!

This little lined old wood box I fell in love with... it's condition was just fantabulous! It will be making its way to The Sleepy Poet today!

My new love for the Fall.... old quilts... if I can snab them for $20 or under!!
And this pile below was all my JUNK goods from last weekend!! I am sorry... I have been holding out on the pics, actually I have been out of the Get up and Go...if you find it laying around anywhere send it back my way! I honestly can say no spring chicken am I anymore... the Junk job has went from hobby to 2nd full time job....where is the energy!!

Boy did my heart skip a beat when my eyses stopped on this blue chippy little gem! It also has made it's way to The Sleepy Poet, $38.95. I will ship her if any ouyt there fall in love the way I did!! The little old white childs desk was just too adorable to pass by, it even has an old tin bottom made out of what looks to be an old metal street sign!

I love old Medicine Cabinets.... and boy did my friend have tons of them when I arroved. I also snapped up a lime green one exactly like this beauty below!
This last stack was my freebie stack that I gave to my friend Rachel over the The Shepherds Fold if you have not visited her blog hop on over and check her out. I know when I first started out my blog how inspiring it was and still is for me to receive the kind words of encouragement and followers! As well as a true Junker Rachel has a undying heart and love for God you will see that love the second you read into her blogs. And at her young age of only 20.... boy she makes me feel old... I remember those days!!

I hope everyone has had a fabulous weekend!! I really aprreciate all the kinds words of encouragement, it makes the hectic days a little brighter!

HUGS, Janna

~Surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope.~ Jeremiah 29:11