Tuesday, October 20, 2009

~Fall Mountain Snow & some Cute Chippy JUNK!~

Me and my Hubby were off to the NC mountains this past weekend to attend a few local Fall festivals there along with seeking out the beautiful Fall colors...well... it did snow as the forcasters promised. I tripped and fell flat (and I do mean flat) on my face in front of a massive crowd of people inside the Old Mast General Store...(if you have never been you have to click on their name and check out this awesome old functioning general store). Can you say embarassed??? It was one of those falls where you don't stumbled, side step, back step... just fall flat on your face...looked like I was tackled by a ghost. Yep.. hubby was across the isle looking for a food mill and as I was on my way over to get him was when I tripped on an old red wagon slid out into the isle. I had my purse on one arm and the other arm packed full of Country Ham and Dog Treats, so there was no stopping this fall.... It was the hardest fall I have ever taken... I am laughing now but it hurt sooo bad at the moment.. The whole place heard and watched, then picked me up, everyone but my hubby... bless his heart he was absorbed 10 feet away in the kitchen section looking for the darn food mill!!! ... I can't tell u how sore I have been , just off of the heating pad last night... So the snow and the fall made it a little difficult to seek out alot of good JUNK, I did come home with the white Chippy little cupboard, I did find a ton of places that I can not wait to get back to visit!

Adorable little Turquoise Cupboard me and my friend Amy stumbled across on Sunday.... pain and all I did make it out for a bit.... you know I was not going to be sassified with just one JUNK find for the weekend!!!

We also came across this old quilt and chippy white mailbox... I think I am having a thing for old mailboxes for the time being!! The old folding ruler was just an extra cutie I found that I had to have!

I was able to grab a few snow pics from the trip on Saturday after my fall. Boy was it ever cold..... 27degrees, wind blowing 40mph plus... windchill... close to 0!!!

Atop Beech Mountain there used to be an old Wizard of Oz theme park. I remember going here when I was young. It closed years and years ago but its remains still are nestled atop the mountain. This is one of our favorite stops when we go up about 10 or so times a year. The views are amazing and starting next month there is snow and ice about everyday... so you better have a 4 wheel drive to climb 5800 feet straight to the top. It is also the local skiers hang out!

Notice how far you CAN'T see.... this is one of the highest points in NC.

I hope everyones week has been wonderful, now I am going to get busy checking everyones blog to see what all you have been up to!! I will be back with more JUNK over the weekend. Blessings and Big Junker Hugs... Janna

Friday, October 16, 2009

~Last Weekends Junk, Jewels & the New Booth!~

What a Week!!! And I am back with alot of pics this go round....My day job has really sucked all the extra life out of me this week. DRAMA...my definition of my job.... So once I caught my breath me and Hubby went and worked on the second booth at the Sleepy Poet last Sunday and of course ... I Junked all day on Saturday! That is becoming my new way to clear the mind and body from the weekly stress at work. The booth is coming along slowly, I forgot how long it actually takes to fill it up and get it just the way you want it. Once this is done this weekend I will begin to gather up all my extra goodies to expand my shelf unit to a full size booth at The Waxhaw Antique Mart on Nov 1st. Just keep me in your prayers, I need the strength and faith to conquer! So on with the pics! 1st pic.... Just a tease of the new booth at The Poet....

One of last Saturdays finds.... Old Chestnut Cupboard... it was covered in enough dirt that it's beauty was hid. I think it is a true beauty from the past! It has already made it's way to one of my booths as you will see in the pics!

ALL of last Saturdays JUNK Goodies!! The Old Tobacco Basket was a country flea market find...and it was also the hardest thing to part with...it too made it to the booth!

I was shopping in a little Antique Mall last Saturday and purchased and old Farmhouse table with Cubby shelf attached to it, I know... no picture... car to packed to fit her in...and I forgot to snap one in the store....another trip next Saturday on my Birthday to pick her up! Pics coming as soon as I get it home!! Anyway the shop owner asked if I had been to that particular dealers house... heck no I replied ... do I need to?? She said Honey... she has about 6-7 sheds packed full of chippy stuff like this....Well my heart started beating fast, she said that she would call but not to get my hopes up that she usually Junks on Saturdays... but oh yeah she was there. And when I arrived it was exactly what she said...JUNK HEAVEN!!! The little Yellow Chippy Mirrored Cabinet above (click on pic to supersize the beauty) was one of my purchases from her... it was the 1st piece I ran to in the building... she was quick to tell me...It was NOT for sale, it was display only.....well I begged for it the entire time I shopped and finally I left with it....Definitely a new Junk spot to shop on a regular basis!! Isn't it adorable?? It's definitely is not as little as the pic makes it look, more on the line of a small cupboard.

Hubby has also been busy hammering away on some New Junk Pendants. JUNK GIRL, on a Rustic link chain and adorned with it's own little Junk charm. $24.95. email me for availabilty. sjbaker@carolina.rr.com ,shipping is $3.50 to almost anywhere in the US or Canada .

JUNKER BLISS & JUNK JUNKIE..... $24.95, Paypal always accepted!!

Finally my favorite... this describes me to a tee this week Walking Trainwreck!! Also $24.95 plus $3.50 to ship, on a Rustic Link chain.

I was able to add a few new goodies to the old booth at the Poet, here is a peek at the updates!

The Chestnut Cupboard found it's new home, Available at The Sleepy Poet, $105.

This little cheesebox drawer set I found a few weeks back. I have never seen a piece like it, definitely looks to have been handmade...the little knobs are to die for...it SOLD today while I was at the Market!

Some more of my booths new goodies......

And here is the NEW booth...it is going to take a little time but it is coming along. It is definitely a challange with it being on the corner isle! This booth has taken on more of a Rustic Farmhouse style. I have mingled in some darker pieces. The 7.5ft Farmtable is one of my favorite pieces. I think me and Scott had nightmares of moving this 250lb sucker to the Poet.... it is there and will stay until SOLD!!!

Old Chippy Pale Yellow Dog bed... I found this piece a year or so ago and it finally has a spot....Perfect table centerpice, tons of possibilites!

Well this is all the pics I have for now.... I will add more as I fill it up! It still has a long way to go. If anyone has any ideas for my new space send them over!!! I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for stopping by. Me and hubby Scott are heading up to the NC mountains bright and early in the morning for the Valle Crucis Fall Country Fair... we go every year. Country Bluegrass music, Homemade Apple Butter, Grilled Corn, BBQ, Brunswick Stew...it's all there... and this is the first time that they are actually calling for SNOW .... I can't wait. Snow in October at the Fall Festival..it will be a beautiful sight if it comes as they are predicting... so be sure to check back later in the weekend for pics!! Have a great & safe weekend! Hugs and Blessings, Janna

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

~It's Chippy, It's White and it was for FREE!!~

Well .....I had to do a Tuesday post on this sucker..... It was FREE Tuesday!!! I have eyeballed this sucker for weeks on my way home from the Sleepy Poet. Just sitting there on the front porch of an abandoned house. I even stopped a time or two for a peek, got bit up by bugs each time... but today there was a truck, I about wrecked my car to get off the road to ask... I was pointed in the direction of the people who owned the property.... knocked.... asked and received for FREE!! I was waiting in the drive for hubby tonight... of course he did not get in until late... always works that way... I just prayed the whole way there that someone did not beat me back to it!! We just got back with it. It is missing a door but I think I can make it work. I think an old Cream water bowl and pitcher would look fabulous sitting in the open space below... With or without door is fine with me!!

Beautiful Chippy White Paint.... I am in love all over again!! Yes we looked trashy with it hanging out the rear of my Murrano.... the hatch flapping in the breeze...the darn thing is so tall it just would not fit! But we got it to the house safe and sound.

Well I am off to bed, I have had all the excitement for the night that I can handle... I bet I dream about the darn Beautiful thing!! I did survive the second booth move in....I will have pics of it soon..... I am headed back out of town this weekend to my new junk spot in search of a few treasures to fill it the rest of the way up!! Hugs and Blessings, Janna

Saturday, October 3, 2009

~Saturday's Thrifty Chippy Goodness!~

Well I set out early this morning on my search for some good Junk.... I am opening up a second booth inside The Sleepy Poet tomorrow. I am still undecided on the the type of booth I am going to design up for this spot.... but I am thinking maybe more dark colors tied in with a little white. We will see tomorrow I guess....I never know until the last minute. I have not really even decided on the pieces I am going to take..... Boy I am flying by the seat of my pants on this one! Anywho I did cone across a few good treasures on my hunt today. My rear is definitely numb from driving! Odometer reading 232 miles when I pulled back in the drive a little bit ago! However, I did come across a new Antique Mall and it was awesome... packed full of vendors and super cheap prices... that will be another secret spot that I share only with myself!! Good Junk is getting harder and harder to come by, I am finding that straying a little farther from home reaps good STUFF!!

Lots of chippy white on the path today.... the old Farm Table was a great find... not dinner table sized.... so I am thinking a great piece for the Bed or Bath room.... The old little wire mail baskets were one of my favorite finds! Kathy, this table may be one you are looking for!!

The most adorable ever chippy child's rocker..... Normally I don't buy these but this one was too cute to leave behind!!
Awesome big old tool box... Amazing condition, the old saw tucked inside is in perfect condition. Even complete with it's on little removal tool tray!
I hope everyone has had a great Saturday.. the drive today was beautiful... Fall was in the air today for sure!! My Hubby works every Saturday so my Junk trips I usually make alone... but....a good country drive clears the mind! Glad you stopped by to peek at my Saturday Yummy goods!! If I survive the booth move in tomorrow I will be sure to post some pics for everyone to take a peek at. I have a few goodies that I junked up on Friday but they have already made their way over to the booth, I will grab a pic or two!! Blessings and Hugs, Janna