Saturday, April 17, 2010

~JUNK, Kymora Body Shapers & Speeding Tickets!!~

.....OK, the week was a mess... I can look back and laugh a little about it... now... Tuesday on my way to work me and my BFF (had to call her that, sounds so high school) were yapping on the phone. Of course I am PMS'ing and feeling fat, could not leave that out! We were talking about the Kymora Body Shapers, you have all seen the info know the ones make you look 3 sizes smaller, we'll running late I wheeled into the Walgreens, Kymora in hand to the register I go (it just sounds trashy, (Walgreens/Bodyshaper in a sentence) anyway I was going to get it, slip to the bathroom at The Depot and slam that sucker on! Ok, on my way to work from Walgreens, running late thanks to Kymora.... Blue lights.... yep 65 in a 45!!!!! I did not even make him pull out to get me, I just pulled in beside him rolled down the window and handed my license over, big fat ticket, to mad to cry to try to get out of it... he did not cut it not even 1 mph, gave me the entire 65 in a 45, THANK YOU SIR he seemed to enjoy it! ....ok back to Kymora. Te- total mad as the devil I still go to the bathroom to put her own. The info-mercial says slides right on.... it didn't infact once I got it on I thought I was going to have to go and get the owner of The Depot, Gary (OMG) to cut it off me. NEVER in my life have I struggled to get somthing on then scared to death that the darn thing was not coming off. It squashed my tata's together so it looked like one big one in the middle! I was sweating, hot and mad!!!! Now.... Kymora rides in my floorboard until I take her to Walgreens for a $32 refund, I think returning it will be more embarrassing than purchasing it, but I do want my $32 bucks back! I did pay $355 to my attorney so the ticket will go away!! $355 of JUNKIN money lost!!!! So here is what I could salvage from the week to share! I think I will SLOW DOWN and enjoy life a little w/OUT the Kymora!! I love these hanging scales..... mostly because their beauty in Red!! I have never seen another like them! Thanks to my firend Lisa Norris for bringing these cuties into her booth at the Depot!!

This I did score today at The Depot, Christmas shopping already, won't say which family member it will be going to incase they read my blog! Thanks to Ms Susan Gibson... she has one of the best booths inside The Depot, if you are in please give her booth a peek!

Another fabulous Depot find, I heard Debbie yelling the other night that she found somthing for me, here she came around the corner with this cutie! See you all have to get to The Depot!! This was a great purchase from Mr Jim Jerris's booth otherwise know as New York! I think you all can see where my entire paycheck is spent!

Mr Mannequin, compliments of a wonderful dealer friend of mine who just wanted me to have him as a gift!! Thanks Coach! Right now he is just standing there in my bedroom corner looking boring... somthing will come of this man yet!

This huge cage was a fabulous Ebay find!! I just happened to find this and won this sucker on the luck of the draw. Ebay is definitely not in my time schedule!! I saw it, placed a $.12 cent bid forgot about it and won! That almost NEVER happens!

Well I am off to the sack, work will be calling at 11am sharp Sunday. Blessings, Janna

Thursday, April 15, 2010

~Thursday = JUNKday!!!~

Well a day off = JUNK Day!! I met up with my new found friend Amy over at Nanbrook Farm today. I wanted to take her to one of my favorite places I go to junk. Once I met Amy I knew I had to take her......yes, she was and still probably is in JUNK heaven!! We had a really fun day, not to mention she had me digging under the beds of 18-wheeler trailers for junk that had probably been under there for 20 years! It had to be a sight!! Here is what all I hauled back, I only hope she post picks of her packed trailor of all her new goodies over on her blog soon! And for the record I am still NOT tired of the BIG red #'s just yet!

Everything dingy and crusty!

Yep.... N's, don't know what to associate them with just yet but my friend Amy was finding them left and right for me! We are new friends, hope she doesn't think I am Nanna instead of Janna, LOL!! I will find a place for them I am sure, they are awful cute right there in the chair.....

I have to admit I did not get this from my junk trip today... I was working the other night... or should I say snooping out good pieces in booths right before we closed at The Depot and I came across this cute heavy old tool box, of course in Amy's booth from Nanbrook Farms, I had to have it for my new jewelry box for my dresser... LOVE it! Thanks Amy!

I had to pick up the oar for my hubby, we'll I think I may have taken it out of my friends hand!
3 sets of old Rusty Scales... I was in heaven!!
I found enough old bottles to satisfy my old bottle fancy for a while!
OK blog world... I am off to bed before I collapse right here at the keyboard!! Blessings, Janna

Monday, April 12, 2010

~I'am back into the JUNK...!~

OK..... here is the JUNK......

I am doing my best to bring the JUNK that pleases all of us Junkers! I decided to start my day off by blogging some cool new found JUNK. I am loving the pieces I have came across at The Depot.... hopefully after you see these goodies you will get on up there for a visit!

Check out the to die for Old Feedsack pillows, one of my dealer friends, Sandy Luther brought these cuties in yesterday and I snapped them up before she made it to her booth!
MORE... Old Ironstone... I am sorry, I am obsessed!

Another Dealer friend, Coach, brought me in this beauty for keeps, still in it's original box! My best bud Rachel over at The Shepherd Fold Designs also got a beautiful on as well. A fabulous perk working in an Antique Mall day in day out, the Wonderful Dealers, man they are good to us both!

My friend Tammy at The Depot took time to make these up, absolutely ADORABLE JUNK Pendants!! Somthing about them struck my fancy.... and I since have less and less time these days to create I bought some loose ones from her to sell... so here they are check them out!! each are $16.95 plus $2.50 shipping and handling! They come on a super cute rustic link chain. As always Paypal and Money Orders or Checks accepted. Just contact me for availability!

Cute don't ya think?

Because we all have a little JUNK DIVA in us!

Friendship is a Special Kind of Love! true!

They way to be Happy is to make Other so..... LOVE IT!

I will be back soon with more, I am headed to do some booth work now over at The Poet, then back home to do some Spring Cleaning! The day will be done before I know it!! Blessings to all Junk Girls, Hugs, Janna

Friday, April 9, 2010

~New JUNK Finds for The Poet & Gibson Mill!~

Well another hectic week has almost passed. I wanted to get this post completed before I hit the trail to work at The Depot......if not it will be another week before I realize that I did not get it done. Boy did I ever pack in the JUNK at my booth in The Sleepy Poet yesterday! I have never seen so many pieces in one spot but I got em in there! I have collected alot of new JUNK goods the past few weeks. Here is a sampling of some of it all. I will hopefully have a few pics of The Depot booths soon.

This little crusted white childs chair has seen it's days for sure but I had to have it for the booth!

More of my favorite chippy finds. Old mirrors do tell the stories of days gone by!
Is this not the best Chippy Cupboard ??? Thanks to my friend Zena it has found it's home in my booth at The Sleepy Poet!
The key to my heart.....old Yellow Ironstone! I think Ironstone is my single most favorite old item ever!
Old worn Mannequins!
Old White Cabinets and Candles!
Old Chippy Whited Rusted Cages, I just put this cutie in the booth!
Old Roosting Boxes...... LOVE! Available at The Sleepy Poet
Is this the cutest old chippy cabinet or what?? Me and Hubby took a trip to the mountains last week and this is the prize I came home with. Now available at The Depot $128.95.
Old Chippy Columns..... a MUST have!!
A few of the weeks JUNK finds, most have already made their way to The Sleepy Poet or The Depot! The Old Yellow and Turquoise cabinet really made me junp for joy!

Thanks for stopping by, I am off to work for the day!! Hugs and Blessings, Janna