Sunday, January 31, 2010

~Gibson Mill OPEN... It's worth a trip, Fabulous Finds!~

I am back......and The Depot is OPEN!! I have posted a ton of pics for everyone to see! This place is fantastic!!! 44,000 sq feet of Antique Heaven! If you are near or far it is definitely worth a trip, heck many trips! I think I have already spent my entire paycheck there the first week! We have just a few booths left and we are already filling up the list for the next 44,000 sq feet that will be open by Spring. So... if you have not been to visit you have to come! Make sure to stop by the desk and tell us what you think! We will be there Mon-Sat 9am to 9pm and Sundays 11am-6pm. Click on the Depot link above or in my sidebar for directions.

A Peek inside The Depot

Hope to see everyone there~~ Thanks for stopping by my blog to visit!
More of The Depot at Gibson Mill and all my Junk finds coming soon!
Blessings, Janna

Saturday, January 23, 2010

~The Depot at Gibson Mill Part II... You gotta see this!!~

Well you just gotts see this.... The Depot at Gibson Mill.... Ms Bettie Ann Morgan is all set up and ready! It is too die for. With less than 40 spots remaining the booths are beginning to take shape! Only $1 a foot, get a spot before they are all gone! Phase III and the Design center are scheduled for March. If you are local stop by and visit today for a tour. We will all be on staff today and tomorrow until 7 pm!! Once we are up and running Feb 1st our hours of operation will be M-Sat 9-9, Sundays 11-6. I heard a little secret floating around the Mill yesterday that we will be having Antique Auctions a few times monthly coming this Spring!! If you don't have your spot this is the place to be. Look for features on the Mill in all the local Newspapers and TV stations soon! Booth inquirie can be made at 704.787.9351 or just stop in for a visit!

HOLD ON there could be a Part III on the way!! Thanks for stopping by, I am on my way to the Mill, hope to see some of you there today... Remember less than 40 spots remaining! Make sure to scroll down and see Part I. Blessings, Janna

Thursday, January 21, 2010

~NEW Antique Mall...The Depot at Gibson Mill~

The Depot at Gibson Mill..... thats where I have been spending all my time.... I have been away from the blog for a while but I am back with exciting news!! This going to be one of the largest Antique Malls around our area... I am so excited about it that I have quit my job to work here full time!!! The Depot Gibson Mill is set to open it's doors Feb 1st! You can read all bout the Mill and one of it's owners Gary Pigg on Charlotte The charm & character this old mill has to offer is spectacular not to mention it's 88,000 possible sq feet is amazing! We will be opening up with around 45,000 and expanding to full capacity by early Spring to include a full scale Design Center!! Spaces are still available for rent at $1.00 a sq foot, yep that's right $1. With no rental contract!! We have dealers renting as far away as New York. We do offer booth design and booth management for dealers that may not be able to make it into the market on a regular basis. This is offered at a very reasonable rate. The Depot will also have onsite storage and workspace available from $1.00-$2.00 a ft to all dealers. Mall Central will be provided to all dealers at no charge so they can log onto their computer to check their sales daily! And of course we have not left out Coffee and Ice Cream... Cabarrus Creamery will have an ice cream shop onsite, just like the good ole days in Concord along with S&D Coffees! Hours of operation will be Monday-Saturday 9-9 and Sunday 11-6! Rental inquires can be answered at 704.787.9351 & 704.280.4278. We are located at 325 McGill Ave in Concord NC, just 10 minutes from the Charlotte Motor Speedway. If you come in via Interstate I-85 you will not miss the 3 Monster Billboards directing you in from all areas! Hop over the website for more details , I hope to see everyone there!! I have snapped a few pics last week of some of the booths that were in the beginning stages of being set up, more pics to come so please check back!

Make sure to check back tomorrow for Part II of The Depot at Gibson Mill....I will post pics of the fabulous old wood floors, old chippy white brick walls along with some new vendor pics! The bones of this old building will fill any Antique junkie with excitement!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

~Some New Junk Goods for the Sleepy Poet Booths!~

Finally pics of some new good JUNK!! It has taken me forever to get this post completed!! I hope you all had a fantastic New Year and are now ready to get back to the JUNK????? I have been so out of the loop that I forget to snap pics of it all when I haul it in, so here are a few pics of the new JUNK in the booth! I did manage to grab a few pics out in the garage of a few pieces I have just brought in....Unbelievable....that almost All the Farmtable have sold, I had been guarding this old greeen chippy table in the gargae. It had been in one of the old General stores in Waxhaw NC back years ago. I hated to send it to the booth but you can see it went.... it has been the best workspace ever, I will miss it!! And with a removable top too! Now available at the Sleepy Poet, $425.

More new Goodies made their way into the the Poet yesterday....

Packed full and ready for buisness!!!

This find was my day after Christmas JUNKIN surprise!! Is it the best or what?? It needs a little TLC but it is going to be fabulous soon!

I always will have a soft spot for old frames, window paynes and chippy shutters. The glass panel I had my eye on for 6 months, finally the price was right!! It took long enough to bargain them down on it!!

OMG, the Old Transitor Radio..... was a Friday Yard Sale find!!! Perfect display piece, just the right patina to it, check out it's old Dial. $15 bucks!! I about peed my pants!!!

I ended up trading this out with my friend Rachel yesterday. Too die for chippy!! And the back of it ... Chippy Turquoise, Thanks Rachel!! It will be perfect in the new Venue ...The shops at Gibson Mill in a few weeks!!

This cutie I know is rough... but I could see the potential, can you?? This is another I had been eyeballing for months! My friend Wendy over at Southern Comforts in Concord NC made me a deal that I could not resist. If you are local to the area you have to check them out, Southern Comforts located on Church St in Concord. Once you visit you will be addicted to their cool chippy rusty JUNK!! OMG....NOTICE how close to the door that piece is..... I have the gargae packed tight, I think I may be looking just plain TRASHY up in there!!

I wish you could see the pale green on this old HEAVY Farmbench, another great after Christmas find from my friend Carolyn of Decor and More, another fab shop in Concord!!!
Now ...back to the booth pics... That old desk was a prior Sleepy Poet find months back, It was a stark heavy white! I could see the potential and the old alligator crackling paint underneath...Once I started sanding to my surprise was an old dark turquoise paint shining through. It turned out better than I could have ever imagined!!

I am in love, it turned out Spectacular!!

The old chippy glass panel did makes it's way in to the Poets booth yeaterday as well, perfect piece for hanging! $58.95. *Oops, just checked online sales, it has SOLD*

The Old Chestnut Cupboard is perfect to display those old No. Cannisters!

Oh how I still love all the Tarnished Chippy Silverplate and old metal rusty file boxes!
This adorable Grey Primitive table was yet another goodie from Southern Comforts in Concord!!

Yet still more Old Tarnished silver, chippy cream paint and crackled Ironstone!
Believe it or not I still did not get all of the new pieces in this blog. I am going to keep you in suspense a little while longer! Definitely more cool JUNK to come. Thank you all for stopping in to visit! Thank to all my blogger buds for your comments, I read each and everyone, you all are my source from inspiration, esp when I have those days that I want to throw in the towel! I know you all must have them too!! Thank you all for inspring me!! Blessings and BIG JUNKER Hugs, Janna