Sunday, September 27, 2009

~I am FINALLY back..... with the JUNK!!~

I am back..... I think I took a much needed rest!!! I am now revived and back on the hunt!! My day job has been hectic the past few weeks so all I have been able to do is sleep when I get in. You know those days, even food for dinner did not even catch my attention!! Just Excedrin Migraine and the Bed, my two favorite companions they have been. I hope this week is better for all of us that work there. I was trying to keep up with reading all my favorite blogs but reading was about all I could get done the past week or so. I am soooo glad to be back with all you Junkers in the blog world!!! I did hit the lonesome trail by myself early Saturday morning... I tracked almost across the state in search of New Junk grounds... and boy did I ever find them, I marked them, circled them, highlighted them on my map! Anything to help me get back to them! I think my old faithful junk place is becoming Junked out with too many followers. I had made three trips over the past two weeks there and left empty handed each time.... Well, I got me some new spots!! Not to mention the most exciting news I almost forgot..... I am opening up a second spot at The Sleepy Poet this coming weekend. So I am going to have to hit the ground and run like a goat all week long to get it all accomplished!!

JUNK ...... and it all fit into my Nissan Murrano SUV, can you believe it???? Some of the littles I purchased on Friday but all the big stuff... yep it was all in the back!!! I did not unload last night when I got in because I was about to drop, boy it was Christmas all over again this morning when I popped the hatch... well at least it was for me...... my honey about fainted!! Yes, I got the lecture AGAIN.... did I pay any attention... heck no!

Also just in Jewelry maker husband Scott has TWO more of these just completed..... $25.95 plus $3.50 ship, each come on a rustic link chain with toggle clasp! Contact me for availibility, first come first get!

The little metal creation.... I found this old metal peach cookie sheet and I have not a clue what the metal piece was but they worked perfectly together, a little industrial strength glue and a Rusty Masterpiece was formed!!! Available at The Sleepy Poet $32.95.

New JUNK Jewels Hubby just finished, Blessed & Junk Junkie....$25.95 plus $3.50 to ship, they each come on a rustic link chain with toggle clasp. Just shoot me over an email for availability and to purchase, ~ Blessed & Junk Junkie SOLD~
More on the way...

Boy.... Saturday was Cupboard/Cabinet day!!! I love those days.... and these were exactly what I set out on the path looking for! This one is missing the glass in the doors but I love it just the same with out the glass, what ya think??

This Big Cupboard was a Fabulous find... those old doors are glass!! Just a perfect piece!

And more Cupboards!!! If I told you what it cost you would be in disbelief!!! I LOVE when I find NEW Junk suppliers, even though I may have to drive half way across the state everytime I need to go, but like my Hubby and my friend Nevada said, I should hold this one near and dear to myself only!! For once I am taking their advice..... This one just needs those little metal strips removed and some new hardware and I think it will be ready, Loving the brown and green , perfect for Fall!!

My favorite little rusted Junk box ever, SOLD the very day I took it in!!

Chippy stools and Rusty white Scale...LOVE!

This old metal laundry/wash tub basket was one of my favorite finds, actually I purchased two, one for the booth and one for me!! These are soooo crazy hard to find, I have been on the lookout for a while now!!
Crusty Rusty Old Sapp Buckets, perfect for Fall Pansies that will soon be in bloom!

Adorable old white box that had a cool color underneath, attached an old bike tag and its ready to go to the booth!!

More numbers number numbers, my weekness for sure!! I don't care their color shape or form, gotta have them!!

Thanks to all my Junker buds for stopping by to take a peek at my JUNK!! Hopefully I will not be too long before I get another post up and rolling, I have some really cool makeovers coming this week along with some new booth pics to follow!! Have a Blessed week! Hugs, Janna
~When we are rushed, we miss sacred moments and opportunities for service~
~As he who called you is holy, be holy yourselves in all your conduct.~
1 Peter 1:15

Sunday, September 13, 2009

~New Junk, Before & Afters & Some Sleepy Market Pics~

JUNK is here!!! I have been under the weather this weekend, almost felt like the flu but I think it is just the good old cold! The junk was not as plentiful this Saturday, a few finds but they were some good ones!! Hubby came in Saturday and delt the junk lecture once more to me...... you know the one" You gotta stop, seriously you got to , it has spilt over outside of the garage" then there came those words...."We are beginning to look like White Trash!" my reply, "Beginning too? I thought we already were!" Well... we did haul two loads to the Goodwill, you know the junk you accumulate over time that you never have a place for? So we did get it all back behind closed doors, a little progress..... for now anyway!! I did get alot of big pieces to the booth this weekend. The market has been busy as ever, what a Blessing that is!! New booth pic below of it all blended in together. I grabbed up a few pics of some of the booths and little goodies that caught my eye there today to share with you all. You will soon see why Sue from Junkmarket Style feel in love with this place when she made her visit to Charlotte!

This was another Sleepy Poet find from one of my favorite booths...except I did not even let her get it in there before I yanked it right up off of her cart. Old yellow chippy clock case made into an adorable cabinet!! Would you just die if I told you $30 bucks? I did not have to think twice, LOVE it!!

Saturday Junk find....Loved this old Cupboard the second I laid my eyes on it, I can invision it back to its old Chippy White self one day soon....This is my next makeover project. I hate that someone had already stripped it of its chippy white beauty! Little hints of the old white were left throughout.

Look at the little old cubby holes inside, too die for adorable!! I hope someone else loves them as much as I did when I saw it sitting there on the dirt floor of the old barn.

One of my fav booths in the Market, isn't it just dreamy??

This was one of my Friday purchases... best thing it required NO work, straight from the dealer to the booth. It is a huge piece, probably my biggest yet, boy I hope it sells!! Too die for yellow chippy paint, I am guessing a sideboard cupboard from the past.

Another great Saturday find.... Old Metal Medical Cabinet, in the best shape I have ever seen. This I had to get for the booth.... and yes it made it in there today.

These are a few littles Junk goodies from Saturdays Sparse hunt!! Well, the old camera case never made it to the booth, it came in the door and on of my best cutomers sent it right to the register!! Adorable little heavy rusty metal stool, was a cutie, it also SOLD by day end!

This little white old Farmhouse Cupboard below is my makeover for the week. Found a few weeks back it was in need of some help....BEFORE...Old dirty drab boring white cabinet, but a beauty in disguise it was....

AFTER.....I hit it with the sander this morning early the lead paint was a flying....and underneath were the old shades of White, Cream, Teal and a Limey Green color... I sealed in the chippys with a litght coat of almost clear stain. I love the new transformation as you can see it made it's way to the booth this morning at The Sleepy Poet, $124.95!!

My friends Karen over at Koolyukiestuff had made up these to die for feedsacks pillows for her booth!! I just had a fit right there in her booth over them! Hop over to her blog and check out her Kool Yukie Stuff!

These little glass rings are the cutest ever, yeat another great Vintage Funky booth at The Sleepy Poet, my friend Krissy over at Kitsch-y-Cool Vintage makes these up. Sue from Junkmarket Style loved her light up mannequin display, you will have to hop over to her blog and Junkmarket Style to check it out. Her blog is awesome, you gotta head over and check her out!!

This is one of my favorite little booths and the dealer is just a gem, she is truly one of the sweetest ladies ever! She is the one I nabbed up the adorable clock case cabinet from!! See the chippy green shelf laying there in the pic, I wish you could see it in its die for, perfect chippy paint, it is huge, big rusty green hoooks, $95!! Super deal!!

Boy I loved this..... It is just so perfect sitting there!

I bet every Junker could find somthing in the adorable booth!!

Thanks for stopping in for the tour... I will have more market pics on the way soon, with 55,000 sq feet it's kinda hard to get them all in one post. Be sure to take a peek into Karen and Chrissy's blogs, tell them Janna sent you over to say hi!! I hope everyone has a great week full of good JUNK!! Hugs and Blessings, Janna

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

~OK....I was holding out ...on the JUNK!~

Holding out on the JUNK......... Here is a peek into some of this weeks JUNK finds! We had been planning on hitting Hillsville Va this past Monday for their big antique show.... however the Zoo sounded like alot of fun, besides me and hubby decided to get a little break in.... yeah right.... never works out that way. We did go to the Zoo but..... had to make about a zillion junk stops on the way home! How about I scored 4 more of those chippy yellow screens. And they were just as cheap as the first load I found!! Loved the chippy white metal baby scales... they were on SALE 40% off, had to have them!!

Ok this is me and my hubbys two trash pulls for this past Monday, he is learning the ropes well... he whipped the truck right around when he saw the pile, not sure what we will do with them, but there is some great Turquoise paint under the white door along with some pretty cool old hinges.
My friend Karen over at Kool Yukie Stuff made me this fabulous JUNK GIRL sign on that great old chippy beadboard!! If you gotta have one click on the link above she will be glad to make you one and ship it out to ya!

I bet this old thing has seen many of places, this has found a spot in my living room!
Ok.... had to have this door, we were on our way to the Zoo Monday and my heart just stopped when I saw it leaning on the old barn next to the road, I immediatelty had a fit to TURN Around... knocked on the door and asked could I have it and the old lady said to load it up! Only thing when we got to my friends shop it was determined that she has termites... still not giving up on it, just too beautiful, it is going to be treated and she will be good as new!! LOVE!
New Junk Jewels, Blessed compliments of Hubby, he has been in the garage cutting, hammering... the works, he is getting pretty good at this stuff!! Blessed $24.95 on Rustic link chain, Follow your Bliss on Vintage key. Also on Rustic Link Chain. $3.50 to ship. ~BLESSED- SOLD ~ more on the way, email me for special order!
These were some of the cutest old rusty little tags I found at our local antique sale this past Saturday. They will be perfect for old boxes, cabinet doors etc.... $1 buck a piece!! LOVE the old brass tags, I buy those little suckers up whenever I come across them!
Check these out....more Junk Girl Pendants compliments of Hubby Scott!! He has done a fab job. $27.95 on Rustic Link Chain, $3.50 shipping. ~Both Sold~ More are on the way! Vintage Stamped Angel Key on Rustic Link $18.95.
I loved the old mailboxes, had to have them, don't know what caught my eye about them but I sure like em!
Gorgeous Old Chippy Pink Farmhouse cabinet!! Just too cute for words, just needs a back and she will be ready for my booth at The Sleepy Poet!
As always it is all for sale, More JUNK Jewels coming!! Thanks for stopping by to check out all my JUNK!! Hugs and Blessings, Janna

~God.... works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose~
Philippians 2:13

Saturday, September 5, 2009

~The JUNK......& the JEWELS are in!!~.

My goodness this has been a weekend and we are only half the way through!!! I think I would have lost myself today if I blinked for a split second....let's see, I lost the keys before I got out the door this morning, lost an entire new book of checks..... still not found...then the last stop of the day McDonalds for some fries, my friend Amys little one was in the back seat, you know the age where they are always playing jokes, well she said , " Ms Janna I am going to throw up" I said yeah right, she was acting just normal as could be, guess what she was for real... not one but two times!!! We got it all up, she had just got a little to hot out in the JUNK with us, all I had was a little zip lock bag in the car for the emergency bag for the rest of the trip... always some excitement... and YES I learned my lesson ... I will heed to those words if EVER spoken again...HINT HINT Amy ... you thought she was not for real too....but all in all we had a great day... I finally had a buddie with me, heck I could drive in the HOV lane on the interstate (lane if more than two peps are in the car, supposed to be faster) I was so excited to be in the lane that we almost mixed the exit!! Now on with the NEW JUNK... first up Gargae Sale Pendants just in..... Make sure to hop over to my Re-Funked Junk For Sale blog for more Junkin Jewels!! Also everything you see on any blog of mine is always for sale, just email me for availability .

I think I have two of the beauties left at the shop, first come first get..... $28.95 on a Rustic Link chain.... All pendants available here or if you are local you can pick one up at The Sleepy Poet, and yes they are OPEN Labor day!!

Adorable old Old Primitive Chippy white shelf, this one was an oldie.. $38.95

My FAV of the weekend, this was a Sleepy Poet find... see you all have to get out there if you live close!!! I grabbed this up as the dealer rolled it through the door... Not a thing to do to it but put it in in the booth... and that is where it landed Saturday night right before closing! I knew it was coming...~UPDATE BEAUTIFUL Chippy Dresser, SOLD, it is being picked up and loaded up tomorrow, It was a beauty while it was there, but I know the home it is ging to and it will be loved!! Thanks Cathy and Summer... my two best Sleepy Poet customers!
Some Saturday Junk... loved the Old Black frame....a little chicken wire and a memo board will be complete... hopefully hubby will get on this project and it will be available at The Poet soon!! Had to have the old iron wagon wheel just because it was so darn cute!!
Super Duper Chippy find of the day..... Is this the best Chippy White Old Trunk or what??? I just don't know what else to say!! L-O-V-E- Available soon at The Poet.
Little white Chippy Farmhouse side cupboard, new little find!
I just got in the Large Old Base Cupboard.... and it Sold today...
More Vintage Junk I just completed, I love the old big pocketwatch...Hubby says it looks like Flav-o-Flav, Pleeeease tell me he is so wrong for that!!! And pleeease tell me it does not look like that!! He has been running around the market tonight chanting Flav-O-Flav...can u just hear it??? I heard it along with the other shoppers, I could just die!! Available $36.95 on long Rustic large link brass chain. $3.50 to ship.
This is sooo me today, the brain was lost, I swear I wanted to sit and cry on mone than one ocassion, if I was a dog I would have chewed my tail all day today!! Sometimes there was a storm in her brain. $28.95 on Rustic Link Silver Link Chain. Email me for availability. Paypal or money order accepted. ~SOLD~
My favorite Junk Scraps File Cabinet Sold, the one I had priced high because I had so much love for it to stay...well I guess someone else loved it as much today!! I was so sad to see it gone. Big old chippy spool found its new place in the old spot! Doesn't look quite the same!! ~Glass Cloche W/ Silver Base- SOLD~
Old Chippy crazed bowl and pitcher.... straight to my heart!!

This is what I need to find...... SERENE!!! My friend Karen over at Kool Yukie Stuff made this up and I had to have it today!! This is the best old chippy white and Turquoise wood from the walls of her old farmhouse, isn't it great?? She makes these up in any saying you can think up. Hop over to her blog if you need a few for your shops...HINT.... I think she is doing some Junk Girl ones now.... You know I have gotta have one of those!! Nothing beats this cool old chippy wood she is making these out of, looks fabs on the wall, just like true JUNK should, thanks Karen!!
Thanks for stopping by to check out ALL the pics, I know it was alot of em, but Deb over at Talking Trash told me the last time the more pics the better, so if any complaints get on over to her blog and give her some sass, she loves to hear every last word, Love ya Deb, you always make me laugh!! Got you a shout out on over to you!! I hope everyone has a safe and Blessed holiday weekend, more JUNK is to come!! Blessings and Hugs, Janna