Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ok, really fast...Some more booth pics!

 Ok...I have a few minutes to share some YUMMY CHIPPY JUNK Goodies!  The weather is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L here in NC and my pool awaits me!!  I was up at the crack of dawn (UGH) to get my Junk ready to head to The Sleepy Poet!  So here we go, man have I been able to get my paws on some good junk the past few weeks!!!!

          I fell in LOVE with this Chippy Crusty Rusty Darling, isn't she cute???                       
New Old Chippy Chair, Stepstoop, Ironingboard combo....not to mention it's perfect color & right amount of chip!!  

                    And back to that Ironstone....I can't get enough!

     SEE....I told u I am in LOVE..... 


My booth is packed to the max and ready for
JUNK lovers!

Old Cupboards & Cabinets...I can't get enough of these suckers either!

Old Mirrors,  Metal Chair  &'s all there!!

Thanks for stopping in...I wish everyone a safe & happy Memorial Day off to the pool!

Monday, May 23, 2011

HELP....too much on my plate!

Here we go... I have a few pics to share.  I have been an awful
blogger, I apologize....I now admit....I have to much on my plate,
burning the candle at both ends, don't know if I am coming or going, when I wake
in the morning I have to think for a minute on what day I am on!!  I have still been
collecting tons of good JUNK,  I have just ran out of time to post
about it!  HELP!!  I have quickly found out that being in charge and running the largest
Antique Mall in the South (The Depot) is now my life, & I am just trying to squeeze the rest in!  My blogger buddies, hold on I am trying to get better at the balancing!  If you have not been out to visit The Depot, you gotta come....over 88,000 sq feet & 470 plus booths!

My Sleepy Poet Booth
Here is one of my spots at The Depot , my eclectic collection of
good JUNK!

I have certainly had no time for Yard Sales here lately.... Is it just me or
is good JUNK getting harder to come by???

I have wanted this chippy beauty from a dealer friend FOREVER....and I
finally got it!  It is perfect and chippy!

This was my favorite Estate Sale find for the weekend....look at this little sucker.  I have never seen another
like it! 

All the pie pans still in their slots.  I have never seen so many people grabbing
up everything so fast. I swear the buyers must have been tag teaming because I was the 20th person in line and I thought I was going to have to fight for this one piece!  24 minutes later I was putting everything in the car and headed home.  The sale started at 7am and at 7:24 all the good stuff was gone! JUNK vultures
I found myself in the middle of!  Unbelievable!!!

Thanks so much for stopping in  for a peek at my JUNK,  be sure to follow me on
Facebook, sometimes I am better with posting my Junk pics there, it is easier when
you have cell phone camera in hand!  So if you have not visited me on Facebook, come
on over for a visit, I have my link in the sidebar! Until next time I will
be dreaming of good rusty crusty chippy JUNK!