Friday, August 26, 2011

~A day of Peace & Quiet...and a little JUNK too!

Out early yesterday morning, headed down South for a little JUNK..... 

I pass this little spot everytime, just love it!  Snapped a few black and white pics of it, totally fell in love with how
this pic turned out!  Anything that looks tattered worn and faded captures my heart everytime!  Oh and the JUNK.... I will keep you waiting a little longer!!

 Thanks for stopping by......have a great day,  I am off to work soon......did I meation I run the largest
Antique mall in the South??  The Depot  (plug plug plug)..... If you are close stop in,  if you are far...plan a trip,  it is totally worth it, esp if you love over 88,0000 sq feet of JUNKERS paradiseUntil next time.......

Monday, August 1, 2011

~Dingy Ticking, Rust, Crust & Jewels.....LOVE!~

 Lots going on this week....but...I wanted to share a few of my new finds...Old ticking chaise lounge, its too die for, seriously, one of my favorite finds ever!!! 

New JUNK jewels arrived today, will be in the booths this week~!

Old Ironstone was plentiful on the hunt this time, never tired of this old find!

And Jamestown,has been patiently waiting in my garage for months now for its spot in one of my booths...the wait is almost over!

And this old sucker....a dealer at The Depot had no luck selling it was a freebie, the rust is a must!!!

Gathering of this weekends loot!

Old metal chippy, peely pie safe found its way into my heart!

More JUNK is on the way! Until then, stay on the hunt!