Sunday, March 29, 2009

~Thrifty Goods, Farm Animals and New Blog For Selling!~

Boy has it ever been a long week..... I forgot what it was like to re-learn a new job!!!! When I was handed the 200 page computer systems manual that I had to learn and be tested on I just wanted to go get in the car and come back home!! With all of the work week hoopla I did manage time to finds a few Thrifty Goods on Saturday and was able to pull out my camera today for a few adorable animal shots that I had to put in my blog below. And I almost forgot my new blog for items I have for sale Artsy Fartsy Finds For Sale!! So hop on over and check it out!! I will be adding new things daily and weekly.

Not sure if I will leave the Medical Cabinet as found or repaint it...What ya think?? I grabbed the You Pick Up sign from my friends is my favorite!! The big birdhouses will go great mounted atop some old chippy porch columns that I pulled from my friends burnpile a few months back. And the 1 2 3 4 cannisters were a Goodwill find!!!

We have had a tremendous amount of rain here in NC the past few days. Right down from my house the creek always floods near the horse farm. We had to go take a peek this morning, I could hardly get the camera out fast enough....She was just standing there at the edge of the flooded creek looking into it, the sun and wind were just perfect enough for me to steal this great shot!!

Here she is again, I think I will print these up in Black and White photos...

And then we continued down the road.....My gosh is this not the cutest?? If you ask any of my friends what animal I want the most they all know it is a Goat, don't know why...just love em' ...and yes...I was acting just like I was one of them! Come on little cuties... come a little closer (not sure why the one in the back is chewing his leg!!).
Little cutie there in front was the most curious of all, come on a little closer for the camera ...pleeeease !

And the winner is.... This darling little thing...he/she not sure which was the only one that was brave enough to try to make he just not the cutest?? I swear if my husband would have let me I would have hopped right over the fence and ran around the field with them! It looks like it has a big smile on its face! (You can click on the pics to see them upclose, you gotta do it!!)
I hope you all have a great week, thanks for stopping by to see me! Many Blessings! Janna
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Sunday, March 22, 2009

~I'am Running Behind... This weeks Thrifty Goods!!~

Better late than never... It has been a Wild week! Getting ready to "Transform" as they call it into a new position this week at work. I am sure it will be great, however I am used to working 6-3:30, now it's back to 8-5, not to mention 5 days a week vs 4. It will be a challange to manage all of my shops, ebay, a blog, website, mandatory 9 hour work days and lets not forget the Honey, house, 3 dogs, a cat and rabbit!! I know... Welcome back to Real Life Janna... is the reality!! I have been on the easy train for a while...and it was NICE. I am excited to see how all of this will go!! Now back to the fun stuff... Here's what the week left me to finding, a GREAT load of Crusty, Rusty, Chippy Finds!! And I am liking them all! It is minus a few pieces that have already went to my booths, one was a Great Old Primitive Metal Top Table now at my booth at The Sleepy Poet . It was so cute it had to go ASAP!!! I will try to grab a pic of it for a later post. I loved the Rusty Iron Wall hanging, it was free by barter and trade with a friend!!

Had to have the Chippy Turquoise All Beat up Rusted Flower Tote!! I have also discovered that I am having a thingy for rusted metal cabinets here lately. Not sure if anyone will like them as much as me, if not I am going to be stuck with a collection of them... I did get a box of really cool old hardware to dress them up a little...and as you can't tell how cool they are because I have been too pooped to get the darn things put on!!! That too will be another pic for a future post.

This last picture is a before ..and after, but I forgot to take the before...I told you this has been a rough week! The before was just a old blah old brown ugly tray that no one wanted... I definitely think I would want the after??

As always it's all for sale~~~My husband would be most grateful to anyone who wants this so called "Crap" as he calls it. But he knows us women run the show!! I am still bringing it in and packing it tight in the garage! Notice all the pics had the garage door closed!!! A hot mess, thats the only way to describe the inside!! Thanks to all of you who visit my blog and leave such sweet comments. I try hard to send a little message to all of you that do. Many Blessings for a great week for everyone!! Janna
~ The moment you learn to receive Grace, you will start to Reign in Life~

Saturday, March 14, 2009

~Spring is on the way.....and its headed to my Booth!~

With Spring just around the corner it is now time to start mingling hints of it into my little booths! Even though here in NC it felt nothing close to Spring today...a high of 39 degress and pouring rain ALL day. Here are a few more of last weeks finds that have been transformed a little here and there. The trunk was my spectacular find of the week!! It was already a great creamy white, all I had to do was add a coat of stain, it came out far better than I ever imagined!!

Yes... that is a Chippy Turquoise 57 Chevy Headlight Rim, had to have it ....for $2 bucks who could have resisted???

The metal lamp was a thrift find made over. It was a dull drab dark metal. All it needed was a little white paint and some sand paper along with an Old Vintage shade and look at the transformation...the little basket was done to match. I added a few old jars with some quail eggs along with a few other odds and ends and there you have a little bit of Spring on a cold day !!

Couldn't leave out the Starfish I found lying around .....

I have a few more goodies I am working on completing so check back so you can see their progress, Thanks for stopping by!
~ Encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing. ~
Thessalonians 5:11

Friday, March 13, 2009

~~Friday's Find.... Is this just too Adorable??~~

Is this just not the Cutest??? I ran across this old large framed print while I was out messing around today, the second I saw it I melted. I think it is just the sweetest thing ever!! I do not know much about it but the frame is a heavily carved old wood frame with a great chippy peachy pink color. I am not sure where its final home will be...but I really want to keep it for myself. The frame is just gorgeous!!! I was shocked that there was not even a chip to be found on it.

It has been one of those weeks where everything that could go wrong has, you know those weeks ??? I have more finds to share but I was too pooped to get them posted, I will try to post more pics of them later in the weekend. Thanks for stopping by !!
~The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it~ John 1:5~

Sunday, March 8, 2009

~~Spring is in the air, and it brought some Thrifty Goods and Booth Fillers!~~!

I decided to take a much needed break from shopping this weekend.... but as you can tell once a junker always a junker.... it did not work as well as I thought it would!!! I knew I would give in to myself!!! So I just had to put myself on a $75 budget for the weekend. I still did well for the little I had to work with!! As always it is For Sale, just email me for prices and details!!! The clock case is one of my favorites, thought it would look darling painted and chippied up with a topiary peering through the hole... I will hopefully be adding new things to MY EBAY this week so be sure to give them a peek!! I just had to have the Official NC Inspection Station sign, could not leave w/o it, for $2 bucks who could ???
My Rooster had already sold and left the Roosting Box by the time I got to the market on Saturday so I had move Mr Kitty to his spot, but it worked out fine he can keep an eye on Beth's birdcage next door!! I was able to get my Vintage Junk pendants up to the table in a cute little Kraft Cheese Vintage Box. I snapped up the cute little feedsacks at another market on Friday. They had that Turquoise color so I had to have them!!

I finally got everything in last week and this weekend it was time to start filling it in with the little odds and ends... I think it has definitley made a transformation since the previous posts from earlier in the week, what ya' think?? Any tips please let me know, I'd love the hear from you!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope everyone had a Wonderful and Blessed weekend!!
*Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth.
Colossians 3:2*

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

~With Much Excitement here is more of Our New Booths ... ~

After a few weeks and MANY trips, Snow, Ice and Rain I have finally got it together!!! If it crusty, rusty, dusty, chippy, dumpy, or somthing others walk by 100 times and never think twice about ever wanting then chances are... me or my friend Beth, oldetymemarketplace will have to have it to go in our Junkin' Escapades booths!! Here are the pictures of our new spaces inside The Sleepy Poet Antique Mall . We basically have a big booth we have divided in half and then blended it together to look like one Big Honkin Junkin Gotta have Everything in it Booth!!!! What do ya think?? The first picture is one of my side, it has taken me forever to get it all in, with working a full time job during the week I am about dead but it is finally done, well I should not say done, we have to add some lights and twigs across the top of the roof this weekend, and I am sure we will pack it even more full of junk treats! If you see anything you have to have let us know, as always it is all for sale and we will be glad to ship it right on out to you!!
This is one of my favorite little shelves!! It turned out great, nested right atop an old Farm Table...
Here are the little Chippy Cabinets from my previous blog post, they fit perfectly on the little white cottage table. The shutters are another of our favorite finds. Never seen many with the perfect amount of chippy.

This is a look from Beths side, she worked her rear off in there this past weekend in the rain and snow to get it just looking sooo perfect, she is a master!! Isn't it GREAT?? And look at the window house her Honey, Russ made up!! Gotta have one of those!!

Below is just a great shot of all our little finds, aren't they adorable!!

There is the Ole' Hen Nester Box complete with the vintage concrete Rooster and the Old Wicker Chair, perfect for a back porch!! Theres that Chippy Turquoise color again that I love soooo much!!
Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out all our stuff, I hope we have inspired some of you and maybe given you some ideas. I know I am inspired by all of you creative bloggers out there and I appreciate all of the kindness and kind words you have sent my way!! I am trying my best to respond to ever post that is left!! My bestfriend Nicole gave me a card today and inside she wrote the sweetest note, I thought it was worthy of a post so here goes the shout out to her, "The will of God will never lead you where the Grace of God could not keep you. Be confident where ever you are is where you should be, shine and be Thankful and be wonderful you!!" She is the best and it brightened my day, I hope it does yours, Many Blessings!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Snow, NO Power, Trashed Pie Safe and todays Finds....

Well we had our 'Snow Storm' all of about 4-6 inches last night. Can't believe this miniature storm has taken out the power up until an hour ago. So with having no power in my home today I finally decided when the roads cleared late this evening to head up to one of my new spots at The Sleepy Poet Antique Mall and mess around in my booth. I could not be housed up any longer... Of course you junkers know you can never take a car trip without purchasing... so here it is from Sunday and today. The only thing that is not for sale is the Turquoise tray, I snabbed it up from my friends booth. It's chippy and Turquoise, had to have it!!! All the rest as always is for sale, just shoot me an email,

The clock was too cute, not sure of its age, but it plugs in and still works, rusty hands and all!!

If you have followed my previous posts this is the Gorgeous Beauty of a pie safe that someone had put out in the trash, she was broken up pretty badly but with the help of my husband and a neighbor she has made it back to normal and found a great home right in my Living room. I am in love.. it is white and chippy and now has a permanent home.... make sure to click on the picture so you can see how beautiful she is up close!!! I sound like a proud parent, and I don't even have kids!!!

Here is our snow, doesn't look like it could have taken the power down for sooo long today?? But none the less it was just beautiful!! We just do not get snow here in NC like we did years ago.

A small Winter wonderland... I am so envious of all my blogger friends up North that rake it in on the big snows!!

To all of my blogger friends that have found me through Time Worn-Interiors wonderful post that she mentioned me in today, Thanks for stopping by to see me and my junk!! She is just an awesome lady that I have met through blogging, she inspires me with her junkin' finds and blog!! So all of you who haven't stopped by and visited Theresa and her cool shabby chippy finds , you gotta get on over there!! I am getting caught up on all my messages from being w/o my computer all day, I will respond to everyone asap... Many Blessings, Thanks for stopping by!!