Wednesday, December 28, 2011

~JUNK Love!~

Us girls love us some good JUNK.......

Happy hunting, can't wait to see everyones new finds!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

~Some New Chip & Rust on the Market!~

 And here we go as extra chit chat here, just some Chip and Rust, the pics are all that count anyways right?? Us girls love us some JUNK!!!  This cupboard.... I just put in my booth at The Depot.....and it is toooo die for, 8 feet tall and chippy!

This old Burlap chair just added....$68.00... pretty darn cheap!

And these Beamis sacks..... a dealer found these at The Depot .....$7 bucks a piece I must add.....what what??? I could have died, how did I miss these???? She was kind enough to let me purchase 1!!! LOL

Would you just look at these, yep she got all 18 of them!!! 

Old Mason jars....just love these old thangs!!

A few new project pieces!

I had to share my Vintage No. tree that lasted all but 30 mins in my booth at The Depot!  Old cash register numbers I had for months found their home!

Thanks for stopping in for a visit.....I am sifting through more junk.... so more pics are headed this way!  Have a Blessed week!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

~Happy Christmas & a COOL Christmas Toy!~

 Wishing everyone a Christmas filled with JOY.....cause the JUNK will be back on tomorrow!!

A few months back I had to have this turbo mini Cooper....which I truly LOVE.....but as you can see there is no room in the trunk for my JUNK ( and believe me I tried, don't want to mess her up) I kept her to play and.....

Discovered this Classic Beauty ......and I had to have!

Can't believe I am sooo in love, she is a classic!  And.... I am dreamin of all the JUNK that she will haul!

The booths are all packed with new treasures found.....stayed tuned lots of rusty crusty peely treausres to come!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

~A few featured pics of my Newest JUNK!~

Here I am once again......months behind in this blog!  But  none the less still have been collecting a great stash of PRIMO JUNK for my booths!  So instead of gabbing on and on let me just roll the pics, that is what we all like anyway, right????

This old plant stand made for the perfect display for a ton of little JUNK!

Had to have this old feedsack pillow for the booth, the old lettering is original, anyone have any clues on what it was??

Artsy Fartsy at The Depot is packed and stacked full of new rusty crusty goodies......

OMG....look at this Old School Paddle....u know it was a must,  I did chase all my staff around the Antique Mall with it before finally surrendering it for sale!

Fantastic Old Water Bag (Depot) find.....

Fantastic Chippy wood and metal cabinets, my new fancy!

I can never have enough of these old things.....or the Ironstone.....

I have tons of JUNK to share so stay tuned!