Sunday, April 26, 2009

~Our Saturday Road Trip and we found Nothing!!~

Well me and my hubby headed out early Saturday morning to the NC mountains to deliver a table out of my booth to a buyer in Asheville. He had been on vacation all week and was about to go stir crazy from being home... I had to post this picture first.... we were on our way home in a one stoplight town, (look at the empty street to the left) I had to have him turn around to confirm what I think I saw, it sure was what I thought, we stopped just long enough to snap this picture... they were in full operation.. BEHIND the building but from what I could tell I don't think many men would want to stop to say the least NO car wash for us.!! Consider how the sign looks and that is how the washers looked !!!! I wish I could have got a picture. Just what we all want , An Old Fashioned Hamburger and a Bikini Car Wash...well maybe not!

Oh how I loved this old building.... Isn't it great, notice the Comapny Store 1890 painted on the old bricks. I think it has seen it better days. Of course I wanted to peek inside we headed on up, yep big old rat ran right across the end of my foot (of course open toe shoes on!!) not much was left, would have not dared to go inside for the fear of falling through right to the basement. Just makes me sad to see such a neat place just forgottten.

Finally..... once out of town away from all the pricey Fancy Smanchy shops, I knew I had hit the King Junk of all junk shops well.....

Looks like the perfect junkin spot, right???? Well that was not the case. The sweetest little old country couple met me at the door and asked if I would like for them to unlock the second building as well, I was so excited and all that came out was un huh..... Well a few seconds later my husband pointed out the price on this old trunk $175.oo!!! You know the ones we find all the time for under $10 bucks.... it was then time to get on out of there.

Everyone remember Dirty Dancing?? This is the gorgeous view as you come into the town Lake Lure, NC where it was filmed. It has been years since I have been there. It is still a major tourist spot, one of the cutest towns ever, full of white water rapids, everyone just pulls off the road and hops in and makes a day of it!! I hate I did not take more pics, but me and hubby were yapping away too busy to see what we could get into next. There were a few little Antique shops here but they were closed... imagine that, I guess they took advantage of the beautiful day as well!!

I could not beleive that these things were my only finds for the day !!!! Of course my husband thought it was fabulous!! I think I spent a whooping $35.25!!!

These were some old number stamps I came across....had to have these, I think they will make some cool pendants.

Thanks for stopping by to visit, I hope everyone has a Blessed week, the weather is going to be beautiful.. get outside and have fun..... I have gotten so wrapped up in work and my shops that I had forgotten what it was like to have a day of doing nothing but enjoying the beauty that God has given us, what a great day. Well I am off to dedicate some overdue time to my yard, we have stockpiled up the flowers , pine needles, potting soil, and anything else we have missed. Hopefully I will get some pics out there when we are done!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

~YARD SALE on Ebay this week!!~

Spring is here and it is time to do a little Spring Cleaning....It has been a busy, hectic week with my day job, not much time left in the days to do any junking. I have a load of good finds that I have listed on Ebay this week. I am going to try to add things all this week so hop on over and check it out. I have a My Ebay icon on the right sidebar that will get you directly to my things.

Great Chippy Rusty 1903 Scales

I love this old and I do mean OLD Primitive Medicine Cabinet

Little adorable Cottage Lamps
Thanks for stopping by, Have a great week, Janna

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Some of my Updated Artsy Fartsy Booth Pictures...

Well it has been a while since I have shared any of my updated booth pictures. It is looking a little different these days due to some much needed sales!!! Things seem to be picking up.. I think people are discovering that we are there (we are all the way in the back back back). I love my little Seaside Cloche it is now currently running in first place as one of my favorites! This is priced at $36.95, if interested in purchasing send me an email, I accept paypal on everything!

Well I think I have it packed and stacked, hardly any room for anything else! I was hoping the big white chippy birdgace would have been sold by now...but I am sure with Spring upon us someone will SOON get it for their Summer least I hope they will!!!

Here is the wonderful Chippy Tall Cupboard I was able to bring back with me from the show last weekend, boy would I have loved to kept this baby, I have just the right spot for her at home...

The little Turquoise chest was a great of the neatest things. It is old roll around chest that I believe was used in one of our old former Textile Mills...

This little shelf was a great little find, all she needed was a little grunge and she fit in perfectly. Priced at $38.95.
As always if you see somthing you just can't live without just email me, it is all FOR SALE! Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you all have a wonderful week, back to work tomorrow!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

~Happy Easter from Our Easter Bunny Macy Nibbles!~

I wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter from our little Miniature Bunny Macy Nibbles. The name Nibbles was attached to the name because from time to time he likes to take a nibble on your finger or anything else those little front teeth can get a hold of.... Boy I thought he would never stay still long enough for these pics, I was almost just to go get some rabbit ears and tie them to the dogs for the pictures.. it would have been much easier!! This little peeper won't stay still for one second, he always thinks he has somewhere important to go. I was in the local feed store last year around this time and there was tons of them....I am a sucker for a baby animal...hubby was working and I came right out with him and has been a part of our family since!

This is the picture I kept getting over and over of his cute little behind, he is a little mover...

He is just as cute as a button all half pound of him.... !

Have a Happy and Blessed Easter from our family to yours! The Bakers

~My new Salvaged Junk Pendant Creations!!~

Well whata ya do when you wake up at 5:30 on a Saturday morning???? Believe it or not that is when my thoughts get going and I create some of my junk pendants. Of course I woke and could not remember where in the word the old rusty screen was I had gotten for after digging through the mounds of junk in the garage, waking the house and all the animals, there it was right where I left it!! These are a few I have came up with...What ya think?? I have some old Vintage Ribbon and Lace for the cording, I just haven't got that far, I think I feel the sleepy bug coming back on. I have also added New Pics of my shop to my Website, be sure to look at my slideshow... Artsy Fartsy Finds

This time around I had old rusty screen, old pearl buckles, keyholes.. the big red metal flower I found at the Antique Market last weekend, it was an old curtain pinback, perfect for a pendant!! And I could not leave out the Believe & Dove Cross... I love Crosses!!

This little Love Bird I made from an big old rusty washer & a piece of rusty screen!! Of course the camera went dead after this one shot... I will get more of them upclose and put them on my sale blog Artsy Fartsy Finds For Sale as soon as it recharges!! In the mean time if you see one that you gotta have shoot me an email. The prices range from $16-$24. They will also be available at my shop inside The Sleepy Poet over the weekend! Mothers Day is just around the corner, every mom needs a little Vintage Junk to make her life complete!!

Thanks for stopping by, I wish all my Blogger friends a Happy & Blessed Easter, Many Blessings!! Janna

Thursday, April 9, 2009

~Going to the Shop & The Antique Show Part #2~

I have finally got a few other pics together of the rest of the Antique Expo for you all to see!! I got lazy and hot by the end of the day and forgot to snab up many more pics, so here is what I got! It was such a blast, I have never seen so many people come out for an event in a while!!
And look at this cutie.....My favorite little put together of the week!!! This Old Column Base fit perfectly with this White Little Birdcage...found laying in a junk field while I was out junking!! You know I want to keep it!! ~SOLD~ The Bird Cage is at The Curious Cat for $39.95.

These are some little finds and re-dos that I piled together... off to the shop to sale this weekend!

Everything was Chippy and White this year...

I LOVED this Big Bunny....isn't is great?? I just could not force myself to look at the tag, I knew it had to be pricey! The seller told me it was an English piece??? With an English accent!! I almost embarrased myself with my Southern accent to tell her, "That I have a real bunny at home!!" but I got a hold of myself and stopped it right before it came off the tip of my tounge!!!

Anything shabby or chippy was just around the corner...I did not know where to go next!!

Thank you all for stopping by!! Have a great Easter to everyone! Many Blessings, Janna
~When you do the right thing with the right motives, there's no limit to what God will do in your life!~

Saturday, April 4, 2009

~Part #1 Metrolina Antique Extravaganza!!~

What a BLAST of a Day!!! Over in Charlotte The Metrolina Expo held its annual Antiques Extravaganza...Thats exactly what it was!!! I met so many of the most kind and gracious dealers ever!! Thanks to all of them. It was a haul... so much of one that I have to go back tomorrow to pick up the second load!!!! And that I will do with a big smile on my face!! I can't wait to get more pics for you all for future posts...below is from the first round, I hope you enjoy!! The top picture is my AFTER pic from the blah blah boring white shelf in the picture below of todays finds, all it needed was about 5 minutes of sanding and a little distressing and it is good as junkin' new!! ~NEW ITEM ADDED TO MY SELLERS BLOG Artsy Fartsy Finds For Sale so hop on over and check it all out!!~ If you see anything below as always its ALL for sale!! Birdcage-SOLD

Now being I am from the South I was loving the Neese's Country Sausage Box that I came across...Not sure where this will end up, a Southern girl likes her sausage!!

I think the Turquoise Old Cabinet Screen Doors are one of my favorites... I was only going to get one...but what the heck when I went back to pay I just got em both!!

Meet Penny with The Tarnished Penny... this is where my wallet took the biggest hit of the day.... The Fabulous Turquoise Screens she has there... those are in my finds above...had to have them!!

Now take notice at the White and Tan Tall Cupboard there on the Left... U know I had to grab it up!!! I am in Love!!! Another great find from Penny....

I loved loved loved this Primitive Kitchen Base and Hutch she had!!! It was perfect but I had already spent my last dollar on that Cupboard and those Screen Doors!! For those of you that are local need to head on down to Lincolnton and check her shop out!! Ol Tique Antiques, Lincolton NC 704.735.8499... I think she even said they were open 7 days a week!!!

I then met up with two of the most energetic gals Tammi and Staci of REFUNKED JUNK' (don't ya love the name??) they were running around their spot like mad women, selling everything in sight!! Infact almost everything I touched was sold!!! I did manage to grab up a shelf.... QUICKLY!!

More of Tammi and Staci's REFUNKED JUNK'.......

As far as the eye can see junk, more junk...even better JUNK !!!!!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by, I will have more pics soon.... Many Blessings, Janna

~God never performs His greatest feats in your yesterdays~