Sunday, September 12, 2010

~A Few of My Favorite Things~

A few of my Favorite things..... I am loooong overdue for a post. So what to better fill a restless night than to blog about some of my favorite JUNK.....not much rest going on here, the yard renovation is still in progress, 4th month now.....anthing that could have happened...did!! Hopefully I will be able to share some fantastic makeover pics with you all soon! In the meantime back to some of my favorite things!

MY JUNK JEWELS... still love to create them....

A few of my Favorite JUNK Pendants creations....they are all available for purchase, just email me for pricing. They all come on a rustic link chain of your favorite length. (click on pics to enlarge).

Old dingy dollie lamp shade, & old mirrors and findings!

Old chippy, dingy, Ironstone at it's BEST.... it has to be this way to catch my eye!

Love this saying.... How true.....??

Lots of Letters.......

And more letters.......

And heck yeah.... I still love to JUNK it's all in the thrill of the hunt !!

Last but not forgotten.....THIS CHAIR.... SIGH ....Fell in love with it the second I laid my eyes upon it. Old, Old leather stuffed with straw and Horse Hair!! It made it no further than my living room... a keeper for sure.

Thanks for stopping in, most of these items are available at The Depot (except that chair!!). Now that I have finally completed this post I am off to hit the hay!! Stop back in to see me soon! Hugs and Blessing, Janna