Saturday, August 29, 2009

~Bring It... The Junk that is & a TRUE Junk Marketer (HINT) visits Me @ The Poet!~

Back to the Junk.... I am bringing it to you ..... the JUNK!!! The previous pics of the Junkin spot from earlier in the week.... yep all of these goodies came right from there today!!! Never have I got this many good pieces in one haul!! What a cool junk day & I am pooped!! I did find those adorable old wood shutters waiting right on side of the road in a big ole trash pile today!! There were two old chippy doors too for free but they were way to heavy for me to muster up into the back of the packed truck bed....yep junking by myself today. OK... I did get a call from The Sleepy Poet late this afternoon, seems I had a visitor in my booth... Sue from Junk Market Style Magazine!!! Click on Junk Market Style link to read her post about us!!! Totally siked by this....and she was wanting to know who Artsy Fartsy was... well I was in Harris Teeter grocery shopping when they called me, I about peed my pants and squeeled like a pig in the salsa isle!!! She totally was digging my Garage Sale Pendant, so much she wore it out!! A BIG thank you to he for all the purchase, she has truly made my weekend!! I am totally humbled by the compliments from her and her team, I asked them over and over if she had the right Janna??? They said yes, what an awesome day, I feel so very blessed that my stuff was loved!!

Mirror Mirror.... just loved the this old pic I snapped of the Mirror and the Rust!!

Now I had to grab this little childs old piano this week when I was thrifting... I passed it by but then I kept going back, yep caught my eye in a big way, what ya think??? I thought it may make for an interesting display, kinda has that shelf look to it!! The old child print was a Sleepy Poet find!
This is my FAVORITE of the day..... Adorable Pale Turquoise Chippy Farmhouse Cupboard... Available at the Sleepy Poet tomorrow, $175. Too adorable for words and the amount of storage any junker will love!! ~UPDATE CUPBOARD SOLD~
Perfect Yellow inside, no work needed here!!! Just a wipe with a rag and soap!
Lots of Rust on the trail For Sale today......... Old 1890's Mirror was a spectacular find... The age of this glass was to Beautiful!!
Old Little Farmhouse Cupboard..... all it needs is a little cleaning and she will be ready to go.... is that Turquoise Paint I see under the crackles??? I believe it is!! ~UPDATE METAL PIECE, SOLD~

I eyeballed this awesome Chippy Cream Barbers chest last weekend... and look what was waiting for me today!!! Still there and for cheaper!! It was meant to be, right?? The coolest thing it is Pink under the Chippy Cream!! !$165.00 To Be Available at The Sleepy Poet 080209~

Well.... after the pic we tried to get all of the new junk in the garage, not would not all go!!!! It was like I poked the red hot poker into him!!! Nothing like a whining man at to much Junk!! Hehehehehe, but I did promise that alot and I do mean ALOT of it will go straight to The Sleepy Poet first thing tomorrow!! I have so much more I want to say about the day but I am about to fall out asleep.... I will try to add to the post tomorrow, Hubby Scott cooked us up some bacon (turkey)and eggs sandwiches for dinner... now it is time for a nap!! Thanks for the visit, Hugs and Blessings, Janna

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

~Junky Jewels & the JUNKY Junkin Grounds~

OK.... can you just imagine being able to go and dig through acres and acres of this JUNK every weekend????? I always tell you all about the Junkin trips but here are the pics to prove it!! I took these back in the Winter of my favorite Junk's always there waiting and the Junk is every changing. It is the biggest Junk ground that you can imagine...Barn after Barn full...field after field!!! The best junk goodies are usually found laying right on the ground!! This old man has been in business for 30+ years. I would probably be stingy and never share his name with any local dealers.....cause we want it all to ourselves!! I will get some more pics of this monstroscity of junk for your viewing pleasure soon!!!!

Just look at it!!! Go ahead... click on the pics and SUPERSIZE all of that JUNK!!

I am always anticipating the weekends..... now you know why....because that's the only time he is open. I took one of my junk friends with me there for her first time last year and she about had a panic attack when she saw it, I kid you not she about got out of the truck without putting it in park or cutting it off. I had to get a hold of her and get her to calm down before we got out of the truck!! Now she is hooked she goes regurarly for her JUNK fix too!!

Are you just dying of all the Rusty Crusty Junk you are seeing right before your eyes??? Oh yeah .... I will be back there digging through all of it on Saturday... well.... it was raining this past Saturday when I was there, I did not get my full JUNK fix in!! This is the Beautiful sight you see first thing when you turn into the long gravel drive!! L-O-V-E at first sight!!

Ok on with the Jewels..... Here are the next two Vintage Junk Stamped Pendants that are on the Market.... Walking Trainwreck... just how I feel this week... Gotta have a little Peace with it!! On a Rustic link chain... Us Junk girls don't like the shiney stuff!! $25.95 plus $3.50 to ship.

You know all of us Junkers LOVE the Yardsales/Garage Sales!!! This one I made up nice and JUNKY with an old Yale Key and Vintage Birdie. On a great rustic link chain. ~$27.95 plus $3.50 shipping~

Both of these Junkers are now available here and the Sleepy Poet... Old Key and Lock Vintage Junk Pendants~Both come on a Rustic link chain with toggle clasp ~ $25.95 each & $3.50 to ship.

Lovin their Junky look!! If you would like to purchase just shoot me an email to my link fir availability. I go with who calls it first gets it first!! Paypal is adored but will be glad to grab up checks or Money orders, I will take it how I can get it!!! Hehehe!!

Lookie at the Goodies my friend Irene over in Australia sent me today... you have to hop over to her blog Irenes Re-Vintaged and check her out, tell her Artsy Fartsy Janna sent you !! Boy I would love to get to visit her over in Austraila ..... a dream away!!

Thanks for stopping in to check all the Junk out!! I hope you have liked it all!! I will be visiting with you all later in the week!!
Blessings and Hugs, Janna

Saturday, August 22, 2009

~Saturday JUNK & Wrong Exits!~

Saturday JUNK is here and it's hot....Literally!! I don't know why I had to have the white chippy shovel, I guess because it was $1, hehehe. I traveled near and FAAAAR today. I am pooped to the fullest. On my way home I knew I must have been getting tired because I took the wrong exit off of the Interstate not one time but TWO!!! And.... did not realize I had done it until I was all the way done with it!!! Am I all JUNKED out??? Holy Moly!! It has been a long over the top stressful week with my day job so a day of Junkin by myself may be what a girl needed. I wish you could see the Old White Metal Ship Mirror upclose in the back of the first pic, it was a Super Duper find. I had just paid the old man for the scales I got from him, saw that mirror going out the door...had to have it but I had only $3 bucks left, he just wanted me to take it and pay him for it later... well what a sweetie but I was 60 miles from home had never been to his place don't know when I would make it back to pay him, he reluctantly took a $8 check made to cash, yes $8 bucks I could not believe. Heavy old chippy painted steel!! ~It's all For Sale, Junk Market OPEN for business, if you see anything you are drooling to have just pop me over an email for pricing, , I will ship it to you wherever and I LOVE the Paypal but will take whatever you got... checks or moneyorder!!!!

Old Igloo Cooler and Old Glass Barbers Jar a must have!! Even though I don't have a clue what I will do with the Igloo it sure was darn cute sitting there in the mud looking at me, oh yeah mud, it seemed to pour rain ever place I went today!! My friend at my first Junk stop knew I loved the #'s so he had pulled them out and had them waiting on me!! I love it when they know what you like and sit it aside for you!!!!

Lots of good chippy finds today. The old white mirror almost too hazed to gaze into anymore... I think a great transfer with an Inspirational thought will look great!! Architectural pieces were a plenty today!! ~Columns-SOLD~

This is my Favorite find of the day.... Look at the Crusty Old Box... The Name plate has the best old metal letters ever!! Never thought I would have to travel over 100 miles from home to find this sucker... all I can say is LOVE whoever L J Hash is!!

Old American CHIPPY Scales with a hint od Red and Turquoise and Rust.....

I got a hold of the Old Mini Wood Bowling Trophys this week..... I have never seen any of these in my days of Junkin!! ~All Pins SOLD~

Are these litte thingys not the cutest?? $5.95 each. I have 7 of them...

I found these adorable metal #'s in a Thrift store today, they were part of an old calander, I knew instantly they would be perfect for creating Junk Jewels!! Trashed the rest of the calendar!!

Well I have had my dinner and a shower, of course I am a Southern Redneck Girl so I have to go watch the race with my Hubby!!!! Blessings to all for a fabulous weekend, I will be out in blogland tomorrow seeing what all kinds of junk you all have captured this weekend!! Tootles and Hugs! Janna

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

~Tarnished Junk Bag, Tartersauce & Free Stuff ??~

I made one little stop this afternoon and look at this old Tarnished Silver Jewel encrusted bag I came home with.... I snapped this thing up fast like it was worth some $$$...actually it may be. I have to do a little research on it. It is OMG cute!! All the little jewels are intact and it has just the right amount of tarnish to the metal. If anyone knows anything about it's history let me know!!

Isn't she adorable??

Cute little metal latch on top and handle...
The inside smells old, it is tagged Bergdorf Goodman Italy, which I think is a dept store, on the other side it says Rodo?? I know this little thing has some history. Of course it will be on the market For Sale at The Sleepy Poet as soon as I get some history of it's value.
Well.... See this picture below??? I was out junking a few weeks back, yapping on the cell phone with my junk friend Beth when I passed this and what I thought was a sign that said Free Stuff.... I told her to hold on while I spun my car around to go back...I got all excited.....well when I got there I could have just died, turned in the drive and the sign said "Hay For Sale"! Now look at all that stuff you can see why I got all excited!! There might have even been a tomato or two for sale there also!!
I was just embarrased for myself... am I that bad that I am imagining free junk??? Free Stuff and Hay For Sale do no remotely have ANYTHING in common nor do they sound alike!!!! Not like my husband who argued the Taco Bell lady down at the drive thru that he did not need Tartersauce... See our Taco Bell is also Long John Silvers, so he was screaming out the window into the speaker that he did not get fish, he did not need tartersauce....I had to step up to the plate and tell him she was not saying tartersauce she was asking him if he wanted Hard or Soft?? (Tacos that is) see Hard or Soft, Tartersauce, kinda sound alike!!!! I will get a pic of him on my next post so you all can put a face together with the Tartersauce!!
Ok, now that I have embarrassed myself I am going to bed for the night!! Tootles, I knew I could not stay away from a mid week post!! Be careful at those Fast Food drive thru windows!!
Blessings & Hugs, Janna

Sunday, August 16, 2009

~Sunday Junk & Booth Re-Do Pics!~

Finally I have a few Sleepy Poet booth re-dos.... I headed up today to put in a few new things...well good thing I had already taken these photos on Saturday because the Market had a terrible flood from a heavy rainstorm. I went in to find the back of the market, my booth included under about 2 inches of water!!! So I moved it all to higher ground, Servpro was pulling in as I pulled out so I am sure it will be back up and ready for shoppers Monday morning.
Here are a few of my favorite things I snapped some pics of for you... and it's all FOR SALE, if you see somthing you like, just shoot me over an email for pricing, is my link.
Old Tarnished Silver base with Glass Cloche w/ an adorable knob on top!! ~SOLD~

Sunday JUNK finds... all except the Rusty table, it was found a few weeks back!!

Old Chippy Spools and Big Ole' Dice.... ~SOLD~

Lots of Old Silver to be had today, I especially am in love with the Daily Bread Platter, never seen one like this. The old Silver Bowl is an old Golfing Trophy from a Georgia College!! ~Trophy Bowl, SOLD~

Porcelain Lotto #'s , they were a great find!!! ~SOLD~

What the heck is that....scroll to next pic to see!!! All I can say is I am in love with it!!

Holy Moley, I tore a little of the rubber seat loose in the store and just knew it was all good underneath and boy was it ever!!!! The best old BIG Spool, Chippy White w/ a hint of Turquoise and Peach...I hardly ever tell what I paid but this freakin thing was only $.80 cents!!!!

Old Glass Decanters and Tarnished Silver were a Saturday find but standing at the register at the thrift shop today I looked down and there it lay the Intimate Home book, GREAT BOOK!!! Had to get it along with the other goodies!! ~Ultimate Home Book,SOLD~

Fabulous Thrifty Good, was stark White, all it needed was a little tweeking and coat of stain...I bet it will take a week to dry...It is S&S....Stinky and Sticky it is!! ~SOLD~

Too die for Black & White Cow Tag necklace I made up this morning... $28.95.

Remember the old Medical Cabinet?? Well I finally got it in there. On the first trip the darn thing locked the doors on it's own, everyone in the market had a go at it, no luck!! Had to bring it back home, drill out the locks, attach some old crown medallions to cover the holes...then back to the Poet!! ~Black Iron Stand , SOLD~ ~MEDICAL CABINET- SOLD~

A peek inside the Old Medical cabinet....

Rusty Old Plant stand makes a perfect seat for the Old Ironstone Bowl to take a rest in.... ~Archtertural Pieces SOLD~

Old Tarnished Silverplate make a fabulous Cloche Base...... A little Sea Grass a few Eggs and it's ready for the market!! ~PINK DOLL CHEST-SOLD~

Little Thrifty Table and Lamp made it into the booth. Love it's look!! ~CHIPPY SCREENS SOLD~

Chippy, Crusty & Rusty.... ~Antique Mirror in chair -SOLD~

Well I apologize for the looooong post... I had alot to show ya!! Probably will be my only post for the week due to my CRAZY day job schedule and stress!! So I will be on the lookout to see what all kinds of junk you all come up with, Blessings for a great week!! Janna

Friday, August 14, 2009

~HOLD ON.....I gots more JUNK!!~

~NEW ITEMS TAKEN TO THE SLEEPY POET 08-15-09, BE SURE TO STOP IN AND TAKE A PEEK IF YOU ARE LOCAL!!~ I have a ton of new booth pics... that is where I spent my Saturday, I will hopefully have them posted Sunday sp be sure to check back! Ok ... back to Friday... Well.... I finally made it home for the evening, I was out of work this morning at 11:30 am sharp!! And the Junk Journey began. With an hour side track to have the Junkmobiles oil changed.... I was 3000 miles overdue!! I can never seem to slow down to take care of the important things, believe me it tore me up to have to sit there for an hour while my car was serviced!! Thanks to a cell phone call from Joy the Savvy City Farmer (you gotta check her blog out if you haven't already) she kept me at least talking about the junk while I waited!! Look at the finds today.... I was on a tight budget today. Lots of good chippy finds!!! All will be available soon at The Sleepy Poet or you can email me if there is somthing you gotta have, I will ship and I do accept The Paypal!!!

Lots of GOOD Goodies today, I fell in Love with the Chippy wood Tool Box!! Old Tarnished silver frame encrusted with Rhinestones a MUST.... Not to forget the Rusty White Metal table!! The Chippy White wood table above is a fabulous-o find, it it has three glass pieces that sit on the wood on each shelf and the best thing was it was ON SALE and it was already priced to go w/o the sale!!

Got my hands on this little chippy dream Cupboard, needs a little work... I figure a chicken wire door that can serve as a note holder along with a new handle and it will be ready to go!!

Found this great old set of Letter Blocks and adorable rusty file basket!!

Old Chippy Tin Cream Frame....
Thrift Shop Goodie, this was the last stop of the day.... I about had an asthma attack when I found it and saw the price...I for real pushed and dragged it around the store with me, I did not even get a buggy when I went in because I really did not think I would find much in this place, NOT, I DID!! Then I thought she did not ring it up but it was half the price tag!!!!! Holly Moley!!! It was practically FREE because the door would not open, I had to have it....just look at the original Chippy Cream paint!!

Perfect Turquoise Patina on the Old Rusty Handle..... Hubby already grinded on the latch a little and the door now opens and closes perfectly, just needed about 5 mins of work!!

Well..... I think ( a junker never stops looking) I am done for the weekend, I have enough junk to last me for a while, now I have and to get ready for the booths, unless I run across any Saturday Yard Sales!! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, get out and JUNK!!! Blessings, Janna