Sunday, June 28, 2009

~My Junk Jewels, Makeovers & Old Pics...Long Blog!~

Well... I did mange to fit in a few makeovers so instead of creating a second post of the weekend I decided to squeeze them into this blog.... I know it has made it a looong post.... No junkin this weekend, it was just Junk Pendant making, makover projects and picture snapping. The heat here in NC has hit us hot and fast. Definitely makes the getting out and junking thing a challange for the heat challanged... that would be me!! I loathe those high temps, the sweat, the sticky icky feeling!! ~Update, #9 SOLD~

Two of my little quickie gotta get stuff to market projects that turned out better than expected. Boy these were last minute this morning finishes!! Now off to the shower and then to the Poet to put it all in! Old Burgundy Column base turned out nice in a pale shabby greeny color. Actually the brush had turquoise paint on it from the cabinet I painted before and I was rushing and stuck it in the white paint and went to town!! The cutie Turquoise cabinet from my friend Beth was once white, a little coat of Turquoise and light sanding... we are ready to go!! ~Update White Chippy Vase Inside Cloche SOLD, Column Base SOLD~

Isn't this old place a beauty??? I bet the walls are talking.....

Now onto my Junk jewels.... with much anticipation here they are... They are all created from about anything and everything I can get my paws on. They all come packaged oh so cute and with a cord in the length of your prefferance. They range in prices. If interested in purchasing just send me over an email and I will get the pricing over to you. I also offer wholesale for shop owners with the purchase of 6 or more. I do accept Paypal....
The Vintage Deputy childs toy badge is a cutie!! There are Old Letter Press Numbers, Old Locks, Old Keys, Old Brass Tags, Rusty Washers..... it's all there!!

Here are a few more of todays creations... My Vintage #116 Key is one of my favorites! ~ Click on pics to supersize for better viewing~

Vintage Button and Rusted Junk Pendants...

Here are a few more of my Vintage Button Pendants that are available...

Me and my hubby took a little ride down the road this past Tuesday evening... well actually I had seen an old house being torn down on Sunday on our way to eat. Of course we came home a different route...That pile of wood was stuck in my head and I just could not let it go until we rode back out there.. .I was convinced there was a hidden treasure in the pile.... NOT, NOTTA, NOTHING was in it once we got there!! So we found a few cool places where I could at least snap a few cool pics! Fill me up...right?? To bad it is Leaded... This old rusty pump was at the neatest old gas station barely left standing in a small town in Unity, SC.

I truly LOVED this old barn, See... I could take pics of it all day from every angle, the haze makes it look like an old dream from the past!!

Oh yeah... I forgot the CHIGGERS & POISON OAK ...oh yeah... they both got a hold of me while I was taking these shots. I have been scratching like a dog all week!!! But the pictures were worth it to me...
Since there was NO junkin' this weekend.... what I still can't believe it myselff!! So you know what that means for the week and weekend ahead!! LOOK OUT!! Thanks for stopping and checking out my junk jewels, Have a great weekend! Many Blessings! Janna

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

~Can someone help me get this to the car... PLEASE??~

You know I was all over this piece today when I saw it sitting there... I am so anal that I had to add a better pic of it to the blog just now... however I did start working on the cute little mirrored drawer tonight that I bought from my friend Beth last year, it has a turquoisey color underneath so I have begun to chippy it a bit.

Well ....I normally don't thrift on Tuesdays....BUT I had to run some things by my booth at The Sleepy Poet after work today, I decided to make a quick pass through the market but it had to be fast I hate to get caught up in the 5 o'clock traffic... and was I ever glad I did!! Lookie at the Chippy White I am in LOVE piece I got !! An Old Farmhouse Cupboard... All I could get out of my mouth was, "Can someone help me get this to the car??" , " I need some help with this!" Sometimes the best finds are the ones you don't have to search high and low for ....they come right to you!! Sorry for the little blur to the pics, it is as hot as blazes outside, I don't know what was worse, me sweating like a goat still in my dress clothes and heels or the lense of the camera constantly fogging up!! Anywho here they are!!

Isn't she a beauty??? And the price was so cheap, I almost stole it, I think it would cost more to fill up my car than the price I paid for it!! I can't believe it... And then I saw the 30% off sign too..... It did not take me 5 seconds to rip that price tag right off and run to the register with it!! I looked like I had won the lottery! All it needs is one board to the back, no biggie, easy fix. This is a perfect piece for anyroom. I can see it nestled in a Cottage Style Bath, in a living room with an old chippy hutch right on top, in the foyer, screened porch, the possibilities are endless with this piece!!

Here is another oldie I stumbled across today, had to hit the thrift stores on the way home after leaving the Poet. Very old Japan piece, lots of crazing to it, LOVED IT!! Along with an antique old mirror, old basket and old wood pegged side table ( Poet find...will be cute chippy white with cloche on top), the Glass terrarium was just a had to have extra for $2 bucks!

Well this should be all for this week!! I am going to and from work, no more stops til the weekend!! Now on trash pick up day I will have to search the side streets on the way in to work, but thats for FREE!!! Blessings, Janna

~The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it~

John 1:5

Saturday, June 20, 2009

~This Weeks Makeovers and Junk Finds, GOOD Stuff!~

It has been a busy week with work .....and with a day or two of junk searchin, yard sales, flea markets, estate sales thrown into the mix and I don't know if I am coming, going or there already!! It was definitely too HOT here in North Carolina today to display my junk outside for pics, so I cut the A/C on high in the garage and piled/packed it all on in for you all to see..... Entrance below....

Remember the Brown/Burgundy Cupboard from last weeks post, if not it is the last picture of last weeks post....Well.... my husband suggested Pale Yellow...LOVED it, I think he is developing his decorator eye more than he will ever admit to! I just can't get over the difference. It will be going on sale at my booth at The Sleepy Poet tomorrow. And of you see anything you just gotta have, its always all FOR SALE, just shoot me over an email for a price!

Got these old Tins and Porcelin Pitcher at a yard sale this morning... The little old lady had cleaned out her rented storage building... Tins .50cents each and the OLD Pitcher I grabbed , she said twenty five , I said, "Dollars?" nope...CENTS!! Can you believe it, boy is it old , I don't know much about it, it has a little crazing and is a dingy brown, but it is cute! Of course the pillow was hers to, she said to take it for FREE!! (if anyone knows anything about the pitcher please let me know).

I am thinking this must have been rusty scale week, I sure found my share of them along with an Old Metal Mailbox, Old Glass Jars, Ironstone Gravy Bowl, Rusty Lunchbox, U name it , I found it today...The cute pink little bookcase is adorable but not mine, one of my customers dropped it by last night to have a makeover done on it!

I am not even sure what all is in this box, all I know the little lady said take the entire box for $2, thats all I needed to here.

Coolest chippy red chair!! The Mint Green Old Metal Tool Box, I had to take a swope in for when I saw a man going for it at the Yard Sale this morning!! I saw it first from a far and knew I had to have it...I felt a little bad...only for a second though!!

I am glad I was able to grab all of this up in only 3 stops and $30 bucks!! It definitely was a good sale day today... just too hot to tote any of it to my booths today. Thanks for taking a peek, I love hearing from all of you!! Thanks for inspiring me with your kind words and your awesome blogs!! Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads. Remember to give them a big hug...
...One of my friends unexpectedly lost her 21 year old daughter this week, it was so sad and devastating for everyone, just reminded me that we are all only passing never know what each day will bring, live with no regrets.... live what you love!! Please say a little prayer for my friend.. Blessings, Janna

Saturday, June 13, 2009

~What I was able to Junk Up this Weekend!~

It has been a long stressful week at work... so what's a girl to do, go get some JUNK!!! I went to one of my favorite places Friday, I can tell you it was HOT out huntin' for it all, my clothes felt like they were melted to my body!! No trying to look cute that day! I put an updated pic of the booth on my blog title pic above.
This is my favorite find of the week...Chippy Old Childs Desk...and the best part it needed not one ounce of work...except for one board to the bottom, I had just the perfect old piece and we nailed it right in. The Keep off the Grass sign is adorable, don't know why it was put there but I like it!!!

The Chippy Screen doors FINALLY made it to my booth.....and I hope they find a new home soon! They are too cute to sit around.

Right as I was finishing up and got everything situated the Turquoise Cabinet from the previous post sold!!!! YIPPEE it sold... but YIKES... I was so pooped I has to re-arrange the hole it left. So this was the best I could do for today, I had just nestled it in on top of the old bench... then she was gone!!

I had to take some photos of things that make my heart skip a beat....Old Rusty Scales.....

Chippy Paint Rusted Turnlocks...

Old Rusty Hinges....

~Last but not least...This Weeks Thrifty Junk Finds~
Found this old white cutie at a thrift store this week... already painted so all that is left for me to do is chippy it up and add some new hardware!! Old Birdhouses, had to get those!! They need me to chippy them up a bit , a little to Blah for my taste. The feedsacks, tons of potential there!! *Update White Dresser SOLD*

I have to admit this was quickie picture because it is just too stinkin hot outside... more makeovers. The Brown Cupboard.. I noticed when I rinsed it with the Hosepipe, yep you heard me right, everyone makes fun of me for saying it... but coming from a Southern girl, waterhose, gardenhose what have you sounds to strange for me!! My husband tells me there is no pipe attahched to it anywhere..anywho it is white underneath, maybe possibly chippy white, we'll see how it turns out.
And that Brown Old bench, well it has SOLD and it is going to be beautiful chippy yellow and turquoise when it is picked up. I can't wait to get done and let you see the afters, I think I may have a few more makeovers in addtion to these in the works so keep a check they will be done soon or at least I hope the will!! Thank you for stopping by, I love hearing from each and ever one of you all. And not to mention the inspiration I get from all of my blogger friends blogs! Have a great rest of the weekend, Blessings, Janna

Sunday, June 7, 2009

~Ahh... Makeovers, Lookie at the Cabinet Now~

~LOTS OF NEW ITEMS ON THEIR WAY TO THE SLEEPY POET AT THE END OF THIS WEEK... I have had a busy week with my 9-5 day job and have fallen a little behind , I promise lots more GREAT CHIPPY SHABBY goods are on the way!!!~
Well I have been busy as a wild goose this past weekend.... Remember the turquoise Cupboard from my previous post, the one caked in paint?? Well look at her now, she came out perfect...All I had to do was a little sanding and look at the beauty that was underneath!!! I was so excited this morning that I was out sanding in my pajamas!! *Update, Turquoise Cabinet Sold, Yellow Pedestal Sold, Pink Winder Box Sold* .*Breadboxes SOLD*

I had a hard time today even trying to get it together.... I am so pooped from working all week and then junking all day yesterday, now I spent all afternoon at my booth, the day is gone, the weekend is day is back tomorrow.... I was only able to get a few things done and in the Sleepy Poet today...and you know it.....right when it was all done and priced I had a wonderful dealer from out of state pass through and clean out all the little things I just brought in!! I was so excited she stopped in, she was so sweet and kind so of course gave her a discount for a large purchase, gotta do that!!! So I will be heading back sometime this week with more of my junk, because alot of this pic is gone!!
Remember the chippy table makeover last week, it found its spot smack dab in the middle, perfect for my pendants!

Here are a few upclose pics of my Vintage Junk Pendants, I try to keep it fun and funky when I create these up!

I am guessing this is an old Pharmacy Shop Sign, I picked this up in Asheville a while back on one of my junkin trips.....I thought it was unique.

I had this ugly old brown bowl sitting in the Garage, you know the ones I am talking about, the ugly ones from the 1970's, oh yeah, the ones that are ewwwwh..thats the word I think of!! Well a little paint and chippying up and it turned out perfect!! I think I may should have did a coat of stain on it, I might have to nab it out and do that? ~Update, Glass cloche and base, SOLD~

Hopefully I will be able to get some more makeovers done this week, sometimes some sanding and painting is a good stress relief from a wild day at work!! So don't forget to check back in...Oh I almost forgot..... Of course I had to stop at the Thrift store on my way to my booth today...well I got a fabulous find!! I will post it sometime later this week for ya to see!! I really appreciate all the kind words and emails from everyone, it makes my day and gives me new inspiration!! Thanks a million. Have a great week, Now I am gonna go eat dinner that my patient hubby has cooked for me. He has been sooooo great by helping me out with all the little things the past few weeks, you know little things mean the most!! Blessings, Janna
~Pursue peace with everyone....See to it...that no root of bitterness springs up and causes trouble.~
-Hebrews 12:14-15

Saturday, June 6, 2009

~Too Much Junk I Found For My Trunk!!~

I set out on my junkin' journey early this morning... I had $248 bucks on me, that was my limit, was not going over it...and 11 hours later I came home with all of this and $12 dollars in the pocket!! This little turquoise cabinet is my favorite thingy of the day. The man I got it from said it was just the old natural wood when he got it and he knew no one would want it that way, so take a look at his paint job.... lucky me I don't think anyone could get passed his paint job to see the potential!! It will need a little makeover but I think it will turn out fabulous!! I will hopefully get most of these things to The Sleepy Poet this week. ~As always if you see anything that cathches your eye and won't let go, email me , it is all FOR SALE, I accept paypal and will ship almost anywhere!!~
*White Metal Rack, SOLD, Chippy Window Box, SOLD*

Of course I came across another old wicker chair first thing, you know I had to get it. The little grey chippy box is a cutie, it works fabulous as a bench with a little storage area underneath. The little Primitive dresser was the one thing I could not decide yes or no on but I just went ahead and grabbed it up is a little stinky so I gotta get it in the sunshine tomorrow and air it out!! Might be perfect chippied up a little more then maybe used as a jewelry box!

This old desk was practically a steal for $5!! And the person that had it already did the hard job and stripped it, now I just have to decide on the Color it will end up and do a little distressing....Any sugestions??

These are a few of this weeks thrifty finds that I gathered up to post for ya to see.

This little thing I have had my eye on for a while now and at the Antique Show today I just went ahead and got it!! ** Cabinet SOLD**
My Yard Sale Old China, just has started to have a little crazing, perfect for $3.00 for all of it!!
*Update, Green Primitive SOLD * I loved this little Old Cupboard when I saw it today, so I had to get it!! It was my last purchase of the day. It does have more of a rustic feel to it, but I think it goes well in this particular booth I have at The Curious Cat. It is so hard having several booths with different themes, this particular market tends to cater more to the Rustic Darker Primitives, so it can become challanging.....And of course I had to take it right to my booth today, the garage is packed, I knew when my honey gets home from work he is going to flip when he opens the garage!! One less piece inside the better!!

Now I gotta get myself and the sander in gear, I have so many redos to get done, Thanks for stopping by to check my junk out!! Let me know if you have came across any good junk this weekend!! Blessings, Janna

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

~Our Baker Household Farm!!~

~NEW items coming to The Sleepy Poet this week!! I also have alot of new Thrifty finds and makeovers to get completed and posted, so keep your eyes peeled to my blog this week!!~
I am always posting on my junk I wanted to introduce you all to what else fills my house, yard, garage...and front porch!! All my little monkeys...
This little cutie is my Scooter, "Boo" for short, hehe, don't know where we got that one but it has stuck for years now!! Lets see he is about 10 years now and still wild as a little goose. I love love love him to pieces, hubby does too. We could not sleep at night if he was not slap dab in the middle of us taking up the entire bed....and can he ever get himself into a situation..... scroll to the next pic if you doubt me!!

I guess in the South we like our Krispy Kremes... and Boo does too. All that has to happen is for his Daddy to rattle the doughnut bag and it is on!!

Have you ever seen such?? He will lick that bag until sunrise!! I guess you can say we had a major sugar high in this little one after this episode... my gosh and he loves Cheerwine Soda!!

And next we have Gracie or what she goes best by "G", I don't know where we get all the name short cuts!! And is she ever the typical HIGH energy Boxer Sweetie Pateetie (names I just make up when talking t or about my babies). Just an absolute terror...As you can tell she has ruined her beautiful black nose from rooting around non stop!! And yes.. I have been known to take Waterproof Black Mascara to cover it back lasts a day or so!! hehehe!!

Well what can I say about this one and those yellow shoes.... Her name is Bailey. "B" for short or Aunt B on the days she is moving slower, she is going on 10 years old and she still has more energy than most some days!! But on the others you will catch her asleep 3 feet underneath the birdfeeders while they are eating away. She was a rescue as well.... And of course, the garage is heated and air conditioned for both of them. If it's to hot they stay inside, to cold they stay inside. And if the water isn't with ice, they won't drink it!! ROTTEN they are!

Last but not least is Shabby Cat.. he is not very kind to the camera, so I just get the one shot of him and go with it!! He was a stray that came up sick from a fight months ago, he had a terrible infection to his ear, our neighbor who rescues cats was kind enough to take him for medical care and keep him ( I am terribly allergic) until he was able to live outside ....on my front porch again, named Shabby Cat because he was a Shabby mess when he arrived! And he does not like our girls, they have both had a swipe and a bleeding face from him!! But they will still get after him everytime!!
Thanks for stopping by to see our little babies. We do not have "real" kids but I do call this a house and yard full. For those of you that missed the Rabbit...yes we have a rabbit too, Macy Nibbles, make sure to go to my Easter post for his adorable pics! Hint hint, if I could fit a baby goat in the yard somewhere without totally freaking out my hubby my farm would be complete...and maybe a donkey!! Blessings , Janna