Thursday, June 10, 2010

~Ahhh...New JUNK to the Poet, Finally!~

Finally... a stale booth rejuventated!!! It's about time that I got myself into gear and fixed this booth back. I think incredibly small and boy do I mean small check I received this month put me back into booth mood. I have pretty much took all the littles out, deposoited them to the trash and started over. The gorgeous chippy Turquoise table was a quick little find on Wednesday... right to the booth she went!
Old really chippy basket tray...LOVE...

More creations by Heather Wynn.

A peek inside my cabinet... *Kiss often lips, SOLD*

The little Scottir tray and Basket were Depot finds!

Scales , scales and more scales... I can never get enough of them...*Red Scales SOLD*

I did manage to come across a few chippy treats today...I have wanted this bucket from The Poet for months now, today it was 50% off!!! Yippee!

Another Poet find today, when my friend Karen surfaced with this chippy goodie, I knew it had to leave with me!
Ok... the old cabinet not that great in it's natural wood but this will be a makeover project for sure!

Thanks for stopping in, I am sure to be back soon with some makeovers! Bleassings and Hugs, Janna

Sunday, June 6, 2010

~Great Finds at The Depot Part I!!~

Ok, here we go as promised in my last post...... The Depot at Gibson Mill tour...if you haven't made a visit yet, you've gotta get here soon. We are one of the the largest in the state and on the East Coast. We are located at 325 McGill Ave in Concord NC 28025 for all of you GPS'ers!! We are nestled right next to the train tracks. Once you come you are guaranteed to be addicted to this old mill and the contents that fill the isles!! This is where I spend most of my days working away to make sure everything is always running on track, but I do love it!! Over 88,000 sq feet, over 470 booths, you could get lost for days!
Here we go..... I had to post Mr Gladden's sign first off, I can just imagine this rusty piece of goodness as a headboard to a bed or should I say my bed, maybe soon!!

Here's a peek into one of my JUNK booths. As you can well see I still have the love for old chippy Junk running in my blood.

I still have the JUNK jewelry, look at the stamped beauties, a new line I have started carrying by artist Heather Millican, the old Junk tag is is part of my line.

Betti Ann, boy does she sure have the too die for chippy pieces. I drool over this one everyday!

Just look at the fantastic packed isles!!

My friend Beth from over at Olde Tyme Marketplace.......

These are my favorite pics ever, Christy's booths aim to please!

Be sure to come back for The Depot Part II in the near future....or come on out for a visit soon. It is well worth the drive, you will not leave empty handed GUARANTEED!! There is more to see down these isles. We are open 7 days a week, Mon-Sat 10-7 and on Sundays 1-6. Be sure to visit our site for directions and more photos.
Tell everyone Artsy Fartsy sent you!!
Thanks for stopping in to take a peek, Blessings, Janna

Thursday, June 3, 2010

~I Found My Way Back with Some JUNK!~

I am so lost from the blog world that I could hardly find my way back!! I am so out of breathe I can hardly type. Sinse my last post I went from manager of the Depot to being promoted to being over the entire operations. A dream job come true, I know I am truly blessed but I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. In the midst of typing this post I am worrying if the sales were what they should be for the day, if we had a good traffic flow into the mall, if I am meeting all of our dealers expectations.... My brain never seems to never rest these days...... I have missed posting my weekly blogs and reading about all of the excitement of the next Junk discovery that excites all! I have managed to still continue the hunt of good junk but I hardly ever get it to pictures!! Cross your fingers and toes I think I am on my way back!!! Here are a few of my recent junk treasures!!

Now what do we have here..... is that... say it ain't so..... the Kymora is still riding shotgun in my car (for those of you who read my previous post)!! I have not musterd up myself to return that thing. Do you return underwear??? I think it may have been too long!

I can't believe I am sharing this picture!!!! I promise the inside of the house does not look this way. On a Saturday morning if I open the garage I am embarassed to say that at least one car will slow down thinking it is a yard sale!!! I know ( I hope) most Junkers garages look this way!!! I can't even remember what I have lost in here!!!
Back to the post......I am still loving the #'s. I never seem to change....

Rusty Old Wagon has made it's way to the top of my kitchen cabinets for a rest!

I saw this beauty while making a quick pass through the Sleepy Poet to check in on my booth. I have been soo tired lately but this sucker did get me a little excited, if it would have been a million bucks I would have figured a way to get it.... It was one of those things you just had to have. I have been carrying it for a few months now, I ain't tired of it a bit!

Is this the best old mirror or what?? Another Depot find!
More Junk for the Garage collection!!!

Thanks for hanging in with me. I promise to bring back more pictures this week of JUNK that will please all! The Depot is slam packed full of JUNK goodies these days, it is definitely worth a weekend trip to those of you Junkers in need od a road trip. Don't come equipped without a U Haul!! Until next time, Blessings, Janna