Thursday, March 17, 2011

~A little Junk Re-Fluffing & Stuffing going on today!~ I ever pooped!  A day off...really? Is that what it is called??  It was supposed to I headed out early this morning to spend a little moment in my booth at The Sleepy Poet, Re-Stuffin & Re- Fluffin my JUNK!  I can't believe I have it packed this tight! It is all if someone will take it all home with em!  Back to work at The Depot tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be full o sunshine this weekend....good weather brings lots o shoppers.....Back to my Booth... Here we go!

Lots of Hues of Gray & White
Great Springy colors are in Artsy Fartsy's air.......

Had to get this sign....wish I had a little bit of that "Sweet Charity" about now!

A little Rust & Tarnish fills the mood.....

Shades of Spring, it's on it's way!

My little NC Mountian Farmtable sitting patiently waiting on a new home....

My Fav piece of the week ....Chippy Pink Pole, Ha! Thanks to Tammy over at Refunked Junk!

Old little Primitive Salesman Sample Cupboard...LOVE...would make a perfect addition to a bath.

And yes...those Rusty, Crusty Scales...I can't get enough of em'!

And this darn little plate...she is too cute and has been sitting for months now, I refuse to let her go unsold!

Thanks for stopping in to love on my JUNK....boy do I ever have more to come....the garage is still packed and stacked.  Hope everyone has a great weekend and that you score lots of good JUNK!  Blessings, Janna

Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Here we go.... a little Chippy & Rusty!"

Rusty for how I feel after trying to move around this new blog template......Chippy for the goods I bring you to see.....Seriously this post is taking forever. (Over an hour now)!! I want the old template back. Not much for change I ain't!! I need some serious blog help. I will be calling on some of you soon!  I am a little sad that I have no funny stories to tell like usual , I have just been so pressed with time & work all I have to share is good JUNK pics!!! I have been collecting JUNK and compiling pics for the past few weeks....... so here we go with the first load!

My Favorite Green Chippy Chair

Adorable little chippy white cupboard...thinking about making it my new/old island in my kitchen???

This was my Junk collected about 3 weeks ago, little red table received a makeover,  pics to come soon.... is near and dear to my heart.....if it is chippy the better! The darn white Dental table...too cute, too bad I did not notice it was missing it's rear wheels! Kinda like how I feel lately!!! 

My most recent collection of JUNK....

Adorable yellow chippy table, thanks to Christy at The Dry Sink...
added a little Turquoise paint and coat of wax to the
top and she was sent on her way to my booth at The Sleepy Poet.....

Love the new Flea Market Style it ever packed
full of good JUNK goodies....and ideas...I just never get time to do them...I think this is my fav issue yet!

Fresh out of Flea Market 124, got me one of these suckers...
Resting comfy in my spare guestroom (we have never had a guest)!!

And the Junk Jewels... I have created a few here and there in between running The Depot, (plug...plug The Largest Antique Mall in the South)!! JUNKING, taking care of 3 dogs, a cat, a rabbit, husband, and two more booths...yes two more....announcement NEW Shop Alert.... my dear friend Carolyn with Pack Rat Antiques has offered me a room inside her fabulous store in Monroe, NC. So stay tuned for pics to come, in the mean time hop over and pay her a visit. Tell her Janna sent you!  I will have my chippy goods, Buttered Maple Syrup Candles and JUNK Jewels available there soon!

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful comments and support, in this crazy rat race I am running it gives me a little extra steam! Never in a zillion years did I think I would be given the awesome opportunity to do what I love as a full time job...what a ride. Not to mention my wonderful staff and 450 plus vendors!!! I have been truly Blessed! Until next time.....Keep a JUNKIN!!