Friday, July 31, 2009

~OMG Cabinet Makeover & More Junk Finds!~

***NEW JUNK FOR SALE added to my Re-Funked Junk blog, you gotta click on the link and check it all out!!*** Ok... before the Junk goods I have to show off an old Medical Cabinet I just finished. Honestly I got this back in the early Spring, it was so crusty when I got it home I almost put it at the road for trash pick up!! Glad I didn't!!! I was having another one of those sleepless nights tonight where the brain is thinking of things I can create or things I need to I gave in and went out to the garage at 2 this morning (Sunday) and started on this sucker, I had sanded on it the day before but was not feeling too inspired by it. Finally at 5:15 WA-LA!! Done. Now if it will just dry by noon so I can take it to the Sleepy Poet along with a few other goodies....before I find a spot for it in my house!!! Sale price $185. I will get some better pics of it once I get in in the shop, I will post them over on my Re-Funked Junk blog , so be sure to head over and check them out there!!

A little Sanding, a Coat of Stain to seal in the wonderful chippiness along with two Big Ole Porcelain Knobs....I love it!! Wanna keep it!!
Nasty inside it was. A little to crusty for even the most extreme junk girl!! I think it had been sitting in that old barn for years when I found it. Before and After!!
Clorox and Paint, can create a miracle!! When my husband went to bed he said there was no hope for it..... well he will be in for a shocker.

Now back to the Junk finds....Well the weekend has came and almost promised here are the rest of the week and Weekends Thrifty Junk finds.... Our local Expo had its Antique event this weekend, I stopped in there first, the weather here is awful today so there wasn't too many vendors because the fear of rain. I picked up that White Base Cupbord while I was there. Nothing else flipped my junk meter while I was there. I think I may have been more excited on the drive there just seeing the things people have sitting in their yards rotting away, doesn't it drive you nuts to see that??? I see a piece of somthing in almost every yard I could use!! After that I decided to head to places and roads I have not traveled, they yielded me some pretty good finds today!!

I had to get this clock... It is chippy and it works like a charm. But... it was full price, the shop owner wasn't budging...not even a $1 !!

Old Chippy Medicine Cabinet, Rusty Egg Basket and Hook Board....

I believe this must be Tarnished Silver week, but thats ok with me, I will never get enough of it! The little leather suitcase was found at NEW Junk spot I found as I was driving around back roads today in little towns!! I love it when new places are discoverd... those places we hold near and dear to the heart!

Fabulous Thrift Store Find... the carving on it is beautiful, stands about 4 feet tall and is a heavy sucker!

Last week while I was away selling at my friends Shopkeeper Sunday this is what my Hubby was up to and I am in L O V E!! With the Vaccum, hehehe!! His company installs these systems. Last October I said that I didn't think I wanted Central Vac... well all it took was going over to take care of his bosses birds while he was away on vacation and taking theirs a test run.... had to have it! It is wonderful!!

Well I have gotta get to work, too many pieces piled in the garage, gotta make some sales and some room, it is almost impassable, if you see anything you got to have just send me over an email and I will get a price right over to you !!
Blessings, Janna

Thursday, July 30, 2009

~Some New Re-Funked Junk Items Added!~

It has been a busy week, some of my thrifty goods have already made their way to the Sleepy Poet today, so I have just snapped a few pics of them for you to peek at. The Junk Scraps cabinet finally made it in, perfect display piece. I am tickled pink with it!! I came across that Old Striped Train Case yesterday. It was too darn cute to pass by and it still has the mirror attached to the lid on the inside as well as the key to work the lock!! Found that little chippy finial w/ hooks...Fit in perfectly to hold all of my Junk Jewels...I actually have Mannequin Betty to display them on but have once again been to darn lazy to get her up there!!

Junkity Clunk Clunk.... gotta love this Old Station Wagon (let me correct myself I have been told it's a Shaggin Waggin!!! You gotta love it!!) print I came across this week!!

Well the Chicken Wire Cupbord sold so quickly that I just had to nestle that old Chippy chair on top for the time being, remember that old farm table in the prev pic... that was the find that came right out of this market!! Those are the best finds of all... no extra miles or wasted gas to search them out!
This old Metal Chippy LOVE frame is one of my favorite finds of the week.....

Look at the Pillow.... I had to add to the old Rusty Chair, now it is complete....looks like its ready for the Island...I wish I was there with it !! And adorable Ms. Hat, she was a thrifty find this week as well!!
Crusty Rusty Metal Goods, just came across the Old metal grocers basket and Old white chippy pant stand this week ( good Lord, see I am pooped... a Pant stand!!!) It's Plant... and I know it husband is on his little hand held reading this as I posted
and had to let me know I mispelled it. It got me so darn tickled that I just left it!! I just turned around and Panted at him like an old dog!!
I had to throw another pic of this Love of mine in the blog again. This is one piece I would not mind putting right back in my home forever!!.

And here is all the Junk Re-Junked and back together ready for a SELL!!! A few more big pieces is all it needs, hopefully I can muster up the energy to work on that!! The older I get the mind wants to do it but the body doesn't!! If you see anything that flips your JUNK switch, just email me, I will be glad to make a sale to you!!!!

I will have to get the rest of my Weekly Thrifty goods posted over the weekend... and boy did I get some good ones..... and Oh the tarnished silver I found this week, just wait til you see it all... I have a day off from the day job and was hoping for a good Junkin retreat tomorrow but is looks as if we may have rain all weekend long...... that may not stop me, so keep a check back to see what I can drag or dig up!!
Blessings, Janna

Monday, July 27, 2009

~ Junk Finds & Shopkeepers Sunday!~

Saturdays Junk finds....and look at the table I got my paws on... it is an old pine farm table, HEAVY... but the coolest thing is that color and the the top that lifts right off and on....oh and the price$$$ but I can't tell my secrets!! I was headed to one of my booths and there it was the Big sign...TAG SALE... I could not get stopped fast enough with about getting rear ended!!! Throw in a few Thrift Store goodies and the day was complete!

Shopkeepers Sunday... Come on in and take a peek....

Boy was it ever HOT!!! I set up shop with my Junk Jewels over at Beth's Olde Tyme Marketplace this past Sunday. The asphalt and 97 degree temps were a real treat... But we all made it through, we kept waiting on the shopkeeper to turn the air on out there for all of us peddlers!
Crusty Rusty Dusty Junk Jewels, I had them all there.....there are a few left, if anything flips your Junk meter just send me over an email for prices and availability.
Live with No Regrets...

All of my Love....

Rustic Winged Heart...SOLD

Keep the Faith...

Believe Vintage Key Junk Jewel....

Bless Your Heart... more of my Junk Jewels...

Oh yeaaah .... I had to purchase these Life is one long weekend pillows, don't know if they are keepers or sellers...

Is this chippy display case just not to die for ??

SUMMERTIME PERFECT!! Beth's shop is just simply Gorgeous, don't ya think??

I did get a few more junk treats that I will be posting later on in the week.... I am sure by then I will have added to the collection and will have horrified my husband by packing the garage even tighter. Like I tell him, "Honey if it's empty then I have no inventory." Inventory.... that is a good word to use to make it all sound official!!.... I will have to post you all a pic of what my Hubby did for me while I was away at peddling my Junk! I hate I do not have more pics of it all to share but honestly I did not know what was going to come first, the heatstroke or asthma attack...Beth will be posting a ton of pics over on her blog at Olde Tyme Marketplace so be sure to go on over and tell her I sent you!!
Tootles & Bleesings, Janna

Saturday, July 25, 2009

~More Fresh Junk...& a Booth Re-Do!~

Well... it was a Friday for the record..... I left out for work early & was up at 4:45 am. I did not return to the driveway until 8 pm!! I think I have woke more tired this morning than I was before I went to bed last night!!! I had to head to the booth for a re-do after working all day yesterday, thankfully, a dealer had came the day before and nabbed up alot of my big pieces. So everything is now fresh and new at The Poet thanks to that person!! So here go alot of pics for you all to take a peek at.....Remember that white old Base Cupboard from my previous post... there she is sitting pretty and chippy!

Ok, here are the Thrify Friday junk goods... All found in 3 little stops on the way home from the market.....First came that White Chippy Rocker, I swear I was so excited and I did not want anyone to get it so ....I drug it behind me through the entire store while I shopped!!! I was not even leaving that sucker at the register.... It needs no work at all, just a price tag!! I love those types of finds!

More of the Thrift store Good Goodies.... the New big Clock was an exceptional find for the $$. Had to grab the Rusty Garden Orb thing???
Ok, this Old Crystal bowl, I need help, I know it's old... Maybe Carnival Glass? When you look at the bottom, the little circle in the center is mirrored, The little old lady checking out in front of me said "Honey, hold onto that one." Anyone know anything about this piece??
Old Porcelain Piece, the best Tarnished Silver Platter with 4 cute little feet to the bottom along with a very Thrifty Suitcase, could not decide if I wanted or not but for $1.91 I can trash it if I decide on a No for for the booth. What ya think??

OOH la la- New Junk Pendants, Very Vintage...Junker Girl, Live What you Love, Live with No Regrets, Blessed are the Cracked for They let in the Light. All $34.95, if interested in purchase just send me over an email, Paypal is always accepted. I do have 2 of the Junker Girl available! More close up picsw of them over at my Re-Funked Junk blog, head over to check them out! Or click on pic to enlarge... *Junker Girl, Both SOLD*
Old Red Cracked Chair. Was a planter in the seat when I found her, a little wood to cover the hole added Pottery Barn Cushion and we were ready!
Chicken Wire Message Board Cupboard and Loved Chippy Farm Table, which was a new Junk find I forgot to share this week, came right out of that same market!! *Chicken Wire Cupboard SOLD*
Hodge Podge of Junk....and yes the Sign stands true there in the box...Somtimes she shopped at Garage Sales! This probably describes most of us Junk Girls, Trash Can Divers, & Road Side Junk Junkies right??
Old Metal Mailbox and Crusted Lunchbox.... Parking Sign so old that it has faded to a cool Pink!!
Crusty Rusty Old Chair.....

Tons of Metal, Chippy Wood, Crust and Rust fill my spot!!
Thanks for taking a look at the Junk of the Weekend. Me and my hubby may head out to a new Antique market today, if we make it, I will try to sneak a few pics for you all, if anything you see that you gotta have here in the post, know it's all FOR SALE, FOR CHAEP, hehehee. Just shoot me over an email for pricing. Thanks to all who have stopped in to visit, I read every single last comment. It is so appreciated and I LOVE the inspiration we all draw in from one another!! Have a great weekend, I will be checking in to see what JUNK you come up with!! Blessings and Hugs, Janna

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

~Junk Goods on a Tuesday!~

Tuesday has came and went, had to make a quick stop by the booth to do a once over after work.... I should know better, I always come out with an arm load of purchases!!! NEVER LOOK, thats the rule I tell myself...I didn't listen...Well this was the first find, Old Crusty Rusty metal cage, it is old and I love it!! I did get really excited on my way home today, I did a drive by of a dumpster...there lay an old Hoosier top, but it was a mess it had laid there on its belly, gosh knows how long and was rotten all the way through!! I couldn't believe it, well I had to have somthing from it besides a big bug bite I got from the grass... so I ripped those metal shelves right out, they are right in the pic below. I had to have proof it was there!! Besides they were rusty and chippy white, had to get those! I figure I can repurpose them for something, any ideas!!
Junk Stlye... Great book, it was waiting in the mailbox, I love finding these suckers for the booth, great seller!!
Junk treats today!! Old Heavy drawer w/ metal pull $4. Old chippy white door knobs $10, chippy architectural pieces $8 for the lot, Crusty Rusty Tuesday finds!!

This was a Thrift store goodie I grabbed on the way home. Old tarnished Brass The Lords Prayer wall hanging, LOVE... $.80 cents!!

Old NC Seal stamper, the stamp still inside. Old Rusty Junk Jewel Washers, FREE...

I ran across these old Vintage Coins $12, Olds Keys $4 and Sparkley jeweled buttons, $1... at the Market today too, they will come in handy in the Junk Jewel dept!

Could not pass these old Dominos by...Not sure what I like the most the Dominos or the cute Crusty red box??

I hope you all are having a great week and finding alot of good junk!! I can't wait to see what all you got, I will be by to check ya out ! Now ... I need more energy after the day job to get some of the junk in the garage worked up and to the Poet!! It all does look super cute in the garage but it doesn't sell very well out there unless I open up a Junk Inn right there in the garage (the neighbors would just die!). My husband still thinks that not being in the city limits means I can open up shop, I keep telling him the two key things that make that a NO is the sign that says Restricted lots For Sale when you turn into the (keyword here) Neighborhood, if I could I would and it would be great!! I bet every junker girl has had that thought more than once roll around upstairs, to open up shop right out of her garage!! Blessings , Janna

Saturday, July 18, 2009

~New JUNK... Some came from the Curb!~

Well... I had to come back and add this Old Chicken wire Cupboard to the blog before I start with the Saturday Junk Finds. Me and my hubby just got this done up tonight. I am tickled with how it has turned out. I got this from one of my girlfriends on a trade. It was minus a broken door which has now been fixed. Chicken wire in place of the busted out glass and lastly a Heavy Iron brown gate pull. Just a coat of stain is needed and it is ready to go to the Sleepy Poet FOR SALE!!!
Now back to the Junk....Saturday was here and the Junk was GOOOOD!! This Creamy White crazed Pitcher and Water bowl is my LOVE of the day! I just wish you could see the colors and the little cracks!!

I came across this old framed print, dated Fall 1890, I don't have a clue about it but I got it, it's a cutie!

Here is the load all together looking oh so pretty!! 1st stop of the day was at one of my favorite junk shops, shhh I will never tell!! Then it was onto Yard Sales, Thrift Stores and last but not least The Side of the Road!! The road side trash side pick ups made the trip worth wild!!

Oh how we love our JUNK!

Little Barbers Cabinet, I really liked the colors. Neat glass over wood top, just gotta get some glass knobs and it will be complete, oh yeah maybe a little wash job!
Stairway, Open Room , Weave Room anyone??? Little metal signs I just love them! Old wood tool box and spice cabinet looking like some good makeover candidates.

I will tell you the stuff I found that people put out for trash today about sent me into excitement overload..... Old Screen Door- TRASH, Two Chippy Old Windows-TRASH, what is the world thinking?? That old screen door really got me excited... all I could think was, "We'll I gotta get this." I was so excited, I know I even said that out loud, I guess to confirm it to myself. And I had to fit all 8 feet of it into my Murrano.... it was going in the car one way or the went from the front windshield to the rear glass, it slapped the side of my face the entire trip home. But I got it home and that's all that matters. The stuff I left behind there would make your mouth water!!

Oh yeah this was another freebie waiting right on the curb, Old concrete Cherub two piece old chippy planter..... LOVE... heavy as sin. How could someone trash such a treasure??
Scraps... I found alot of them today, including this little two drawer cabinet, which I dropped the name plates in, a little more work and it will be done!

Ms Concrete Shabby Head, loved her too!

Thanks for taking a look at my New Fresh Junk, for more peeks of todays goods head on over to my other Junkin Sale blog . There are a few more pieces of eye candy over there too. Now, I gotta get to work on tweaking some of my finds. Blessings for a great Junkin weekend! I can't wait to see all the finds from all you Junkers weekend hunts!! I am waiting for all the posts to begin!!