Thursday, February 17, 2011

~I have Returned to the JUNK!~

I am trying to return back ..... a little at a time....trying to re-discover, re-purpose, re-JUNK myself!! Swamped, buried, coming up for air from my job at The Depot! I have had a zillion customers come through reminding me that I have gotten slack on my blog posts! I forgot my Blog account password, then it took me a day in itself to remember how to manuver around and get all the Christmas pics and music removed! Speaking og MUSIC...New music alert on my blog..... The Avett Brothers... yes they are awesome and from NC! You may have seen them play with Bob Dylan on the Grammys....I won't mention one of their favorite places to shop around Concord.... to those of you who have seen them out and about, we are honored! the JUNK... a peek inside my pantry...lots of new Chippy, Crusty, Stained Ironstone and Saltwear...what should a girl do...keep or sell???

My favorite OLD mountain antique shop find.....tattered & worn they are! And for $15 bucks...just had to get em. They fit like an old glove!
I am still into making old re-purposed jewels... my friend Bonnie brought these in stamped up and ready for my shop! I just love their rustic not perfect look! If it looks perfect like it came off the showroom floor.... it is not for me! Me and Hubby used to do these but after doing a few together I figured the marriage was more important!!! Bonnie entered our marriage just at the right time!
Here she all her dirty next project...hope it does not take me as long to finish her as it did to get back to blogging!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her colors found underneath her old cream paint! She is a work in progress after pics will follow, date of release to be announced...LOL!!
For those of you that did not see this beauty over on my Facebook page (Janna Jordan Baker) here it is...well I got my hands on 4 of these.... 1800 circa Old Rennaissance Revival Chairs... Eastlake... They are fantastically the best! Some have the old horse hair stuffing hanging out all over, those are my fav! One is available now in my booth at The Sleepy Poet, $105.
A big Thank you to everyone for still following me even though I have been MIA! I will have some great JUNK & booth pics on the way soon. And if you have not visited The Depots website, please check us out. We are definitely one of the Biggest & Best on the east coast, I am not just saying it because I run the place.... it truly is packed full of the best chippy, crusty, rusty finds around.... a pickers paradise....that is where I find 95% of my goodies! I will see everyone soon! JUNKER HUGS, Janna

Monday, February 7, 2011

~ I am on my way back to Blogland SOON!~

I promise I am on my way back....OMG is has been too long I forgot my darn password to my Blog account and not to mention the Christmas pics on my Blog!!!! I have been caught up in the hustle and bustle of running The Depot and with the Holidays I lost sight of everything. I have still been Re-Purposing & Re-Living the JUNK!!!! All I need now is to get the memory stick cleaned out on my camera and get to snapping those wonderful pics of my rusty, crusty, chippy finds that are piling up in my garage! So stay tuned ....I am working on cleaning this page up a bit! Hugs and Blessings, Janna