Sunday, December 13, 2009

~Dear Gosh... do I LOVE the Thrift Stores!!~

I do, I do, I do.....LOVE the Thrift store finds!!! I have to tell you my heart is racing with excitement from all of the good goodies I have got my paws into this go round! I know some say NEVER tell where you got your goods or what you paid for it....Heck with that, I am too excited this go round! Everything packed into my cupboard here was a Thrift Store goodie this past week.....Every single last thing!! It can be just gotta be at the right place at the right time. I think everyone around this side of the world must be doing Christmas cleaning and depositing it at every Thrift Store around! There are deals to be had!! Even in this tough economy you can definitely make trash into treasures when the $$ is running low for gift giving! I try to hit a few stops everyday on my way in from work and on and Scott did hit a few this afternoon on our Sunday stroll to the Poet, and I am glad we made the stops! More goodies to come this week... I have loaded all the pics this evening that my heart can stand!
A peek into my Thrift Store Cupboard.....I accidentally deleated the upclose pic of the Turquoise McCoy from this post...CRAP.... the pic above will have to do for now...anywho I think it is going to be a keeper!

Old Yellow ware Bowls, Vintage Linens.......

Frilly, Shabby old Lamps......

Vintage Silver Plates, Glass Domes & Old worn Christmas Balls....

More Ironstone.......too beautiful for words!
Tarnished Silver & old Glass bottles.....I just never get enough of!
Anything old with some crazing I am a sucker for....

Todays Thrift Store finds , Old Ironstone little plates... I was surprised there aren't any chips or cracks, just the old crazing which is perfect...and at $.40 cents each you could not have left those sitting on the shelf!

Last but not least.... Thrift store/Vintage Gift giving for Christmas.... I sure hope they like it. My sister-in-law just had a new little girl. They live out of town and me or my hubby have yet to see her. Just did not know what to give....but we found it. Old Bassinet & Vintage Quilt..... Sleepy Poet under $55 bucks for the both. I actually missed the quilt and Scott came up and said he just found a quilt for $25 response "Good gosh, why did you not pick it up?" So he took me back to where he thought it was ...20 mins later of searching we found it, little did I know it would be a perfect little girls quilt!!
Adorable little Furry Wooly thingy (you can tell we have no kids!) was too adorable...THRIFT STORE $3.25. Old Navy New w/ tags. It is sooooo lamb soft!

Vintage Tarnished Silver Baby Bank...$.80 cents. ADORABLE!

Vintage Tarnished Silver Baby Cup.... with the little Ducky...$3.00!
So let's keep our fingers & toes crossed that she likes it all!!! And good Lord let's hope she doen't take it to the Goodwill if she don't!!

Part II of the Thrift Store goodies to come this week.... I have saved the bigger pieces for last!! Thanks for stopping in for the Thrift Store tour. What all did you find at the Thrift Stores this week???
Blessings and Hugs, Janna

Monday, December 7, 2009

~Some of My Favorite New Finds!~

Well to start off I could just kick myself..... I deleated the Before pic of this little Chimney Cupboard. It has sat in my garage FOREVER, my hubby had moved it to every spot in the garage so I finally decided it was it's time for a makeover. So just imagine UGLY Brown with a Big bunch of fruit painted on the door!!! I really like how it turned out just wish it would not have taken me a year to get to it!!! It is available at The Sleepy Poet. If you are local be sure to scroll down to the previous blog for a Sleepy Poet Coupon. I have taken a zillion pics of my new Junk finds. I have found myself too lazy in trying to get them all grouped together for a pic. Heck, I have not even decorated the Christmas Trees that stand lighted in my home. Nor have I begun Christmas shopping. I sure wish my family LOVED the Junk the way I do... it would make for the easiest shopping ever... no such luck!! Where is the time going so quickly.... can I put the brakes on it??? Ever feel that way?? So without anymore delay here are my new Junk Goodies!!

And this door..... I have been eyeballing this sucker for weeks in my friend Amy's booth at The Sleepy Poet. Finally it is mine to keep! The old blue color is great, the detail is not like any I have ever seen!!!

Just look at the old Gentlemen tag.... Fabulous!!

The cute old chippy dog bed I had for a centerpiece on the old farm table is sold, I have to admit it was one of my favs and I hated to see it leave. Quick replacement turned out to look just as good!
Finally another Tobacco basket.... FOR ME.... I think this may end up over my bed, these things are hard to find and I had regretted selling the 1st one I had.
This little old rusty metal Windmill was the cutest thing ever.... I yanked it right up for the booth.
This Old Chippy Mirror was another rainy Saturday find. I am always a sucker for these. $38.00 *Mirror - SOLD*
Now I was not too sure about this Old Saddle but somthing in it was calling my name... so much that once I left the darn store I had to turn around and go back to get it! Definitely would make a cool display piece!!
This was a find from a few Saturdays back at an Estate Sale.... I have been looking for one of these forever.... and now I have it! It did find it's way to the booth however. $125 *Horse Weathervane- SOLD*

Old HEAVY Cobblers Primitive Bench, was the perfect find for my other booth that has taken on the old Farmhouse feel.
These two old Crackley English Ironstone Pitchers are keepers as well!! The one on the left was a Goodwill $1.99 find, the other I stumbled across in an Antique Mall Saturday.
Loved these Old Quilts.... who wouldn't for $20 bucks each??? I ran across this little Antique shop Saturday out in the middle of no where and walked out the door with these and a ton of other Junk for $50 bucks!!!
Old feedsack backing, I was in love.... this was the thickest quilts ever, definitely keepers. Not a hole one, a quick washing on the gentle cycle and I will be ready to bundle up in both of these suckers!! Perfect for Winter.
Thanks for stopping in to visit!! I am off to hit the shower and to bed. It will be time to head back to work before I know it. Blessings and Hugs!! Janna

Thursday, December 3, 2009

~Chippy Junk Coupon From The Sleepy Poet~

Happy Holidays from the Sleepy Poet!!

Everyone loves a good buy... well here it is.... for all of you that are local just print and bring with you to shop at The Sleepy Poet. There are tons of dealers with some really good sales going on this time of year, so you should be able to rack in on the deals!! Of course don't forget to stop in my booths #4520. You can find me under the Big Red Roof along the back wall & across from the Upholstery Center....Lots of Chippy, Rusty, Shabby goods being brought in several times a week! Happy Shopping!