Tuesday, September 13, 2011

~Chippy Peely Cubby Holes.....in LOVE!~

Would you just look at this......I had an owners weekend away & when I arrived back to work at The Depot this morning look what I found......is it too darn die for or what????  It came in yesterday & I can not believe it has not been ganked up yet!!  ANNNDD it is only $150 bucks.... do you hear me, that is darn cheap!  Believe me if I did not already have too much junk crap I would have added it to my stash of junk crap! And the color...perfect Turquoise!

Thanks for stopping in for a peek at this gorgeous thing!  More JUNK to come, Hugs! Janna

Sunday, September 11, 2011

~LOVE these little suckers, Adorable!~

Lovin these little Vintage bracelet finds, Duct Tape & Denim..... they are on their way to me..can't wait for their arrival!  Will be in my booths soon!

Hope everyone has a great week full of good JUNK finds!  Hugs & Blessings! Janna

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Shades of  GREEN JUNK...have ya ever noticed when u find one thing of a particular color there are always like a GA-Zillion more that follow in that same color...aka my booth at The Sleepy Poet ,  and that green table ....too adorable & I am passing it along super cheap cuz I got it super cheap! Get it before it is gone only $43 buckos!  And that chippy green rocker to go w/ it only $17! Yep..... I am a cheap girl!  Al these goodies I dropped by at the roosters crow this morning to the booth!

 And these Chippy Crusted Peely Scales are a keeper for my kitchen.....at least for a while anyway! 

Are these old porcelain numbers not the cutest??  Trying to decide ...To sell or keep for projects???

Now these old lookin' feedsack style dish towels....I read Teresa's blog over at Time Worn Interiors about these "dolls" ( I watch too much of Keeping up w/ the Kardasians, their fav saying!) When I found them I bought all that was available from the surrounding two counties, ha! Aren't they adorable???  I was doing a happy dance all over em'!

This old small leather suitcase was one of my fav ETSY purchases, there is some good Vintage JUNK on their site, best of all I cando it right from the bed!  LOL!  That sounds lazy, and I am some days!!!!

These adorable metal drawered cases are my newest love!  I cant seem to get enough of em'.......this one was described as WONKY???

.....And my 3 FAVORITE Junk finds of the week...a BIG OL THANKS to my friend Shellee at The Silver Lining!  The cabinet is absolutely too die for....and is going somewhere in my house! 

......Remember that green table from the beginning of post???  Well she went on in this trunk, she (the car) may be a keeper afterall!

Until the next Junkin expedition, Hugs, Janna

Monday, September 5, 2011

~Some new JUNK & a Thank You to Flea Market Style Magazine!~

Okay here we go....This Blogpost is going to be all over the place.....so buckle up, I gotta alot to share!!  And yes some cool JUNK is the best part of  it!   Let's start with a few new booth pics....I LOVE my new HTC 3D EVO camera, it has allowed me to take some great shots, the new Vintage feature works like a charm!!

 This old white cabinet sat in my garage for two years??? What was I thinkin???

My Friend Beth's Chippy Peely door made a perfect backdrop for my booth, now just sitting here thinkin, I think it was gone this morning!!!  Guess everyone else thought the same and that sucker flew out the door!  The Dept of Motor Vehicles sign was a quick sell as well!  I loved that sucker, it had rust in all the right places!

And these boots......they are made for walkin', hubbys new Sleepy Poet score!  I love these beauties!

And let me introduce you to my new Cooper Turbo Mini.....no more haulin wide big junk loads for me.....I do love her though...and she is fast!

I told u this post was all over the place......look at this gorgeous sucker I ran across while Junking....hold on...it was $370 bucks, had to leave this behind...plus I dont think it would have fit into the Mini! Is it great or what????

Ha!  & back to my booth and another find that I loved but it went fast, did I tell u I love old birdcages???

And the best news yet.....First off I was super excited to learn that the Antique Mall I  manage and am part of the ownership of was mentioned as one of the top 80 Antique Malls to visit in the US....The Depot at Gibson Mill,  if you have not heard of it or shopped here, you gotta get here! We are now over 515 booths, I don't mean crappy booths but Primo Rusty Crusty Chippy Peely Junk booths!  Then almost two days later one of my dealers asked me why I did not tell her my blog was mentioned as a creative blog to read in their issue????  What?? Lights flung on at almost 1 am, pg 33, yep there it is!  I know most will say it is just a little blurb about me, but I am really thankful and honored to be mentioned!  And I have to say this is the best Flea Market Style issue ever. They have went back to the roots of chippy crusty rusty JUNK and I love it!  Now after being mentioned I am going to have to do a little bit better of a job keeping my posts current!

Ha!  Here we go again, another one of my booth pics crammed right in the middle of no where!

And here is another one of my finds that I  LOOOOOVE, still  trying to decide what I am going to do with these adorable suckers!

 And these little number boxes were a hit, CUTE sold as soon as they hit the booth, well...there might be one left!

And more of the fun funky JUNK pendants, still working it with these dolls!

My latest additions that will be hitting the booths this week!

Well thats about all I have for now!  Thanks for stopping in and continuing to follow me even though I have not been the best blogger here lately, I am working on improvement, LOL, until next time! Janna