Monday, July 25, 2011

~It's Peely and I am in LOVE~

I had to have is Peely all over, the old dirty color is perfect, the old doors don't quite do what they are supposed to but it just makes me like it better!

  Do you have that favorite piece that you could sit and stare at all day long? Until next time... Hugs, Janna

Friday, July 22, 2011

~I am still out here... Sorta!~

Alot going one.....where does the blog fit in? My heart still skips a beat everytime I see that perfect piece of old JUNK, still gotta have it! I have been away for a while....well here is what I got for you... a Super Duper Peely Paint Special...& she is PEELY!!Just look at her!

 I LOVE online shopping, this cutie came just from that!
Rusty Crusty metal, the booth at The Depot and Sleepy Poet is packed full!

  OOOH and this old fan...

 Chippy old wood and glass...

 Old Lighted porch of my shops at The Depot....

Thanks for stopping in, back to the will be gone before I know it!!